World of Warships: Yubari – Thank You Mr. Jingles

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the videos you’ve been putting out, dude! Keep it up. Glad I

  2. Congratulations. In my opinion no one puts more useful information in their
    reviews/videos than you. Well deserved.
    I’d say you should have gotten a Sims, but then again I AM one of your
    subscribers. A little biased perhaps.

  3. Hm… it would seem that it’s very similar to the Kuma, with a greater
    emphasis on the guns, rather than the torpedoes…
    Don’t know about that torp firing arc though… you need to flash an aweful
    lot of side to get those firing. Ergo, you need to play it more like an
    american destroyer, and use island cover, like you did in the video.

    Again, congrats again for winning that contest! : )

  4. Hey Paul, great video once again. And yes, I think you showed the strength
    and weaknes of the Yubari very well. I have one in my port as well, since
    the closes Beta… but that time, being a complete noob, I didn’t get warm
    with her. Now, that you explained how to use her correctly, I for sure will
    take her out of the port more often in the future and take her as a
    “Captain trainer”. Which captain’s skills and perks do you use on your
    ships If I may ask? And why? What skills are – in your oppinion – rubbish?
    Oh and yes, congrats for winning this ship 🙂 Thanks to Mr. Jingles I found
    this channel and I enjoy watching your WoWs videos a lot while having
    dinner. Anyway. cheers and see you at your next video :)

  5. Thank you great video…

  6. Great vid man, i came across your channel thanks to jiggles compitition and
    im very glad i did.

  7. Fine Torp dodge

  8. Very nicely done Paul, you did put on a very good (if not Lucky) show. Hope
    to see the great videos continuing.

  9. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen

    Broadside to a battleship? that is a paddling!

    You have a rather good AP to HE damage in this game:

    Avg AP dmg per round fired: 290
    Avg AP dmg per round hit: 393

    Avg HE dmg per round fired: 207
    Avg HE dmg per round hit: 286

    Even so I think you could have gotten a bit more out of the ship by
    predicting which kind of round will be most efficient for the next shot
    rather than only doing round changes once or so per ship engagement.

    other than that awesome match! and again congratulation on your win and
    prize, you rock dude.

  10. about time you got yourself a Japanese cruiser Paul :P

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