World of Warships- Don’t Be This Guy 6

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Literally, they were offended on the behalf of your team. I love when they are salty about an enemy “throwing” a game.

  2. 8:50
    a usuful wow player: just do what he just have to do.
    the enemy: pleSE rePORt HIm…

  3. World of Warship has had an increase in toxicity , it is what it is 🥱

    • I started playing t4 games and most of the time the chat is quiet… Until I became the last ship on my team and people started nitpicking my every move.

    • Matters Of Opinion

      @lazibayer I get that one quite a lot, it’s kind of frustrating. They have the advantage of being able to 20/20 your game from a birds eye view, while you are stuck trying to actually play it, we all make mistakes or get out played, in a team game one team has to win one team has to lose.

    • Florentius Hochmeister

      @Matters Of Opinion if the guy bird’s eyeing for you is actually good then it’s worth listening to. Since it’s low tier however then it’s unlikely you meet someone good except for the enemy seal clubber

    • Matters Of Opinion

      @Florentius Hochmeister For sure some players can be helpful, generally though it’s the player who got fragged in the first 5 mins who then sits back and plays armchair general.

    • Florentius Hochmeister

      @Matters Of Opinion it’s usually a kaiser player lol

  4. I bet the enemy team wouldn’t have complained at all if it had been their CV focusing you down. Always delightful to see FDRs getting a little taste of their own medicine 😀

    • Yea, I think it’s pretty funny that even a CV will die, if the enemy CV goes for him!😅
      However, I’m afraid it actually was a poor play by SLM, because he used 13 minutes of the game going for the enemy CV, and he only got to use less than 6 minutes to spot and attack enemy surface ships. This means that (if the FDR was’nt stupid and attacked SLM with no result) he would have more than twice as much time as SLM attacking and spotting for his team, even if he died.
      Still, I have no idea why the enemy got offended by that, and I don’t support that toxic behavour.😊

    • @Tobias Time Good analysis except you forgot the mention he used the 13 MOST important minutes and only got to use less than 6 minutes at which point the game was already decided regardless of what he does.

      Opposing team got offended because of the inherent nature of what SLM did. He ignored his team fully for caps, destroyers and so on. So the opposing team had a form of empathy in the same way you’d feel bad for the other team if their DD torped a friendly… Because you wouldn’t want that on YOUR team.

  5. 13:30 “You lost a subscriber because enemy CV player made me angry at you”
    What a child, he’s gone for the best haha
    And of course the enemy CV is an angry redditor hahahaha

  6. Arnold Af Apelkärna

    The Minotaurs name was literally “KarenUnleashed” and he surely acted like one.

  7. “im gonna post this game on reddit” lmaooooo said it all

  8. What is more funny, is that the those players in the enemy team were complaining about you throwing the game which means they were benefiting from that and they were COMPLAINING about someone who’s “not playing well” and helping the enemy team (them) by playing poorly. They should have complimented you.

    • @dzello did you and your alt account like your comments?

    • @President Obunga Nope, some peeps just agree.

    • @Ibnu Nah, youre wrong again. FDR planes are slow so its long in FDR as well because the carrier runs and you have to travel the entire map. FDR also gets fucked in carrier AA.

      So youre wrong again. But hey if you wanna do it, go for it, just make sure youre on the other team so I have a higher chance of winning.

      Actually, the best way to know this strat is stupid is this:

      Carriers have existed for a while. If going for the carrier as a carrier was a valid strategy, it would have already become meta since it doesnt require thinking… But it hasnt. And thsts because it doesnt work. So yep, voila.

    • @dzello hm somehow my comment wont show up. I once again say I will not hold you if you care more about farming damage than actual strategical gameplay. Have a good day.

    • @Ibnu I care about winning. This strategy loses. Its that simple. This is gamepkay you do when you are bad.

  9. well i subscribed tonight so you didnt lose anything from that jerk

  10. This low key is one of the only acceptable games to end with a “gg ez”

  11. Imagine being a CV and being offended that a CV is attacking you.

  12. “He’s still sending planes to our carrier!!!!” How dare u

  13. You killed an FDR. You get a +1 from me.

  14. Enemy BB attacking you in CV = nah i will just move back a little bit
    Enemy cruisers attacking you in a CV = meh just a cruiser i can just angle
    Enemy CV attacking you in a CV = Ok you wants it ??? fine i’ll come

    true for me, once CV provoke me in a CV, i will gladly accept and try to ignore other ships lmao

  15. A carrier should always go after his counterpart first, as that would be the most immediate threat.

  16. FDR guy has nearly 800 games in Enterprise, lol. “It’s not a broken class it just fits my play style hurr durrr.”

  17. Mountbatten: openly admits being a terrible CV player
    Everyone else: “YoUr A tErRiBlE cV pLaYeR”

    • they’ll say that to cv players in general because the meme says so. it’s getting pretty old and people are overblowing it for the sake of keeping the meme alive. anyone who thinks cvs now are 150k damage kraken machines never played it before the rework and seen 2 midway squadrons cross torp battleships and blap them

    • @infernalone666 but at least before the rework you have to be careful of your planes being shred to pieces, otherwise you will be in-game spectator for the rest of the match, no?

    • @Ibnu to be sure, yeah tho I don’t remember having been in that situation with the old cvs.

      and it’s not like cvs are hard to fix. I have many ideas that could help the playerbase

      -bring back the cooldown for squadrons when they return the the cv to eliminate spam from the same type of planes

      -detonations. think of the cooldown after returning to the cv as refueling the planes. historically, this is when cvs were most vulnerable, so allow fires from enemy shots to destroy large amounts of planes. this will encourage players to protect their carriers more.

      -bring a good way of moving the cv independently. the autopilot is garbage

      -between the aircraft restoration of the rework and the lose planes = spectator of the old system, there should be a way to find the middleground between them. buff the hangar space while nerfing the restoration time.

      -bring back buffing aa range and mid-range flak.

      -be able to reposition fighters like in the old system. once you plop a fighter down, it stays in that range. I still laugh when cvs try to counter me at the beginning of fights by placing fighters right on me because I’ll just speed up and leave their range before they arrive and then avoid them until they leave. if you can move the fighters around, that can make them more useful and encourage strategy.

  18. “You just lost a sub”
    And he gained many more for being a good YouTuber and showing a good example of not talking back

  19. this entire video was basically the FDR crying “waaaaagh you not letting me bully your teammates with a totally balanced CV REEEEEEEEE D:<“

  20. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    As I stated in the video, please DO NOT harass any players involved in the match here. Countering toxicity with toxicity will get us no where as a community and just breed more toxicity. The very point of this series is to NOT BE THAT GUY, so please: DONT BE THAT GUY.

    • I was playing in a division with some clan mates a few weeks ago, and as soon as the match started, someone on the enemy team put a $1,000.00 doubloon bounty on us. He even was trying to get our team to do teamkill. We all had a laugh about it. The guy died in the beginning of the match. We still laugh about it.

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