World of Warships – Don’t Try This At Home

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It even still said “WOT intro by…” I’m new at this YouTube thing, bear with me.

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  1. Happy new year jingles ❤️

  2. Notification Miners, assemble! *THEN GET BACK TO WORK!*

  3. UndyingSkelabra /Flo

    Somebody has to wake up Jingles. xD

  4. 16:32 “there’s a ferocious gunfight going on up there to the north…”

    *checks minimap* uh Jingles, that’s the…the south.

  5. Lightning is a t7 DD Jingles? U sure bout that?

    • Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

      it’s the jingles effect…

      you know he’ll mess up the IFF on these games… XD

    • he may have gotten confused with the polish tier 7 DD blyskawica, which translates to lightning lol

    • +Matthew Piper Considering the amount of fks he’s given about other language i don’t think that’s the case lol. Though it’s a british-made ship so she can be an exception

    • This is a Jingles video, it can’t go onto this channel without at least one significant ship misname, mistier, or mistype, usually more than one.

  6. “WAKE UP THE OLD MAN!!!” -Flambass, 2018

  7. Jingles you screwup you could have made this video 20:19 Long… For obvious reasons ?

  8. I will like to say that it has been a whole year since your last video Jingles 😉

    oh btw Jingles you are not old you are just high level 😀

  9. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Monarch has 15 inch guns jingles. As a former Royal Navy sailor you disgrace Her Majesty. XD

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Dominic Buckley actually is a project prior to KGV, not after it The KGV would have used the 15inch and in the end they went for 14inch The follow up would be the Lion class

    • oh I’m sure somewhere along the line of the case studies for the ship someone proposed a 16” gun version.

    • What would a Jingles WOWS video be without a Jingles moment or two? Not as much fun that’s what!

    • +x. su yes churchill argued for them to be armed with 16 inch guns, with 20 20 hindsight probably would have been better (but then Bismark would probably have had 16 inch guns too).

    • you forgot to say “actually, Jingles”…

  10. *Jingles* – I watched it from start to finish.
    Flambass’s unexpected nail biting finish cost me a pillow —– yes —– I ate it in my excitement.

  11. why go through the middle once when you can do it twice…. typical Flambass

  12. “I don’t know what to make of it that flambass shouts Jingles when he is cumming, but whatever, I will take it. ” Jingles – first video of 2019 and already walking out of the closet 😀

  13. I swear I didn’t want to go through the middle this time…but you also know what the chat wanted xD

    Ah come on…it was Christmas, I had to do it, consider it a gift 😉
    Tnx Jingles for a fun vid as always;)

    Old man <3

  14. 19:35 Jingles best commentary moment (perhaps of all time!): *”I don’t quite know what to think about the fact that Flambass shouts ‘Jingles!’ when he’s coming…”*

    LMAO!!!! XD XD XD

  15. I´ve tried this in an Emerald Several times, and also in ranked. tldr I haven´t Pulled a Flambass. Now i´m gonna try to give it a go again in the Emerald, jut bcs you told me NOT to.

  16. Gods dammit, Jingles! You cannot say things like that…about Flambass screaming your name when he has a crisis…now I have to clean the coffee off of my damned keyboard and mouse…AGAIN! 😉

  17. Darkness Nighthingale

    Jingles isint old, he’s loved. Maybe a little too much from Flambass though.

  18. “The Monarch’s 16 inch high explosive shells do hit hard…”

    He says when the Monarch’s 15 inch guns are firing AP. -_-

    “No torpedoes coming from the Lightning, the tier 7 British destroyer…”

    Oh, Jingles.

  19. Oh another Flambass video I don’t even need to follow him as they are all featured here

  20. A monarch with 16 in guns? I think we may have found the first Jingles moment of the year, everybody!

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