World of Warships- Top 10 AA Ships

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With the CV apocalypse on the horizon, I give you guys my AA ships list in hopes to prepare you to survive update 8.0!

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  1. minotaur is a AA beast as well hope her AA will still be good after the update

    • It will not… The long range AA is not DoT aura anymore and is dodgeable by planes.
      And AFT does not give that AA range anymore…

  2. Evangeline Anovilis

    While it may seem like the rework will still favour the same ships… sadly, such is not the case. I also think, a few ships were a bit overhyped here, while others were, sadly, left out. Thanks to CV rework, a good few left out won’t matter as much though. In general though, the only ships with actually good AA in the rework are CVs, to avoid CV sniping. But as a non-CV, good CVs will just murder you with impunity. Now, on the ships on the list:
    Texas: Frankly, Texas has insane AA, but has one major fault. It’s all concentrated in Oerlikons and Bofors. So, short and mid range. Texas really needs all the AA range upgrades it can get and even then can actually get dropped from outside her AA range. Torpedo bombers doing that thankfully get shredded on the way out and Texas is maneuverable so it can dodge some of those torps, but if it comes down to it, you want them dead before they drop. Also, these guns benefit not at all from Manual AA (needs 85 mm or larger caliber guns) and are easily destroyed by HE. Post-rework, Texas has the advantage that at low tiers, the AA might be up vs crappy CVs and the short range isn’t dodged. The lack of AA range upgrades in the rework will mean that dropping your ship will be rather easy though and the unlimited plane count means planes that die on the way out are far less of an issue. It’s not like with some T6 CV where wiping a strike has a serious impact. Now it’s some consolation exp.
    Vanguard and British BBs in general at higher tiers share this. To a lesser degree. Short-ranged, easily destroyed, not affected by Manual AA. And guess which BBs at high tier are HE targets #1. These ships bring raw AA dps numbers now, but they frankly don’t have anywhere near that efficiency in a battle environment where they potentially get HE spammed for extented periods and where the mounts get lost.
    Hood: Absolutely should not be on the list and god knows how this’ll work out. But even now, yes, it has a 25x modifier on defAA that lasts a solid minute. But this only affects rockets, these rockets die faster than anything else under HE spam (note the clip while you talked about Hood showed a notification that your mid-range AA just had been completely wiped. From that point on, that defAA just became useless) and the rockets have an abysmal range of 1.5 km. With all upgrades to range, currently, can go to 2.2 km. 2.2 km is enough to avoid getting obliterated by AP bombers, which Hood gets devastated by like a Bismarck or Gneisenau. 1.5 km is basically useless. Her base AA values are utterly crap and a QE has better AA than a Hood without defAA.
    NC/Alabama/Mass: The order of AA effectiveness currently is NC > Massachusetts > Alabama. Massachusetts beats Alabama in effectiveness by having more AA in the Bofors category and range matters. Post-rework, they all are about equally lackluster, but range will still matter.
    Atlanta: Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Forget about this ship post-rework. Yes, currently it deserves to be here. Heck, currently it deserves #1, because tier for tier an AA build Atlanta is the most insane AA boat after maybe AA build Yuubari (and Yuubari only because it gets three charges of defAA and needs only two to deplane a T4/5 CV). But the Atlanta concentrates her AA in long-range. Planes can dodge and outrun that AA, as the AI sucks at predicting evasive maneuvers. The short and mid range are Oerlikons and Chicago pianos. Atlanta might swat a few straight-flying morons, but against competent CVs, this ship is now food. RIP Atlanta. Also Flint.
    High tier USN BBs: See section on the NC/Alabama/Mass. It’s that armament taken to the extreme. You seem to have experienced how “effective” it is. It did not get improved. You can make your conclusions how good it’ll be in the future.

    Ships that I feel were overlooked: Basically only a few:
    Minotaur/Neptune: Basically Worcester/seattle without defAA. You may wonder, how are these then actually good? Well, they don’t need IFHE or DE. You can go full AA spec and it costs you not too much. And constant manual AA for x2 is more annoying than a temporary x3 modifier from defAA. Manual AA doesn’t run out. Gets much weaker with rework, as does Worcester.
    Kii: Currently, if you want the best AA among BBs at T8, this is it. Sorry NC, Kii actually beats you. It lacks 158 dps on the 2 km Oerlikons, but it has an insane mid range of Chi-Type Bofors copies and 25 mm Type 95 with 280 dps in mid range combined vs NC’s 238 and it has 166 base dps on the long range vs NC’s 151. By the time the Oerlikons matter you should have made the difference already or you are in for a world of hurt. Sadly, Kii’s long range AA will run into same issue as all other long range AA. Thankfully, she still got mid-range, but well… not like it helps much.
    Gneisenau: If Hood gets on this list, then Gneisenau and Lyon would have to had been here. Gneisenau beats Lyon though. 11×2 12.8 cm long range guns at the moment with full AA spec basically shred planes better than many T8s do and only the Kii and the USN BBs at T8 can beat it. As an excessive long-range focused build, rework will gut this.
    Prinz Eitel Friedrich: Well, it’s a piece of junk, but at least it can shred planes. For now. This ship has Bismarck’s long range AA at T6. It shreds planes like a champ. T6 CVs should avoid an AA specced PEF like the plague and T7 and T8 will have to avoid it if it’s with Manual AA. Too bad rework nukes that and the ship otherwise is trash. But for what it can do now in AA:
    Yuubari: Lastly, already mentioned before. Only T4 CL with defAA, this thing is the bane of Houshous and Langleys. Two attacks squads go in, none come out when defAA starts shredding them. That was half their hangar then. Works also against T5s. As Yuubari is agile and low tiers only practice autodrop, the Yuubari currently is effectively untouchable for CVs. After the rework, it’ll be one of the few ships that actually has some AA guns at those tiers. Doubt it’ll keep the ship relevant though.

    I for my part will likely try test some ships during the CV rework, but I might just go on extented vacation from the game, till it gets balanced.

  3. I will do everything I can (within the rules) to ruin 0.8.0 CV play;
    I will not support friendly CV’s in any way.
    I will hunt down NME CV’s with extreme prejudice.
    If playing a CV, I will misplay it as a YOLO ram ship as I can’t live with the dishonor of skippering one.

  4. Hey, is this list based on 8.0 test or did you take the stats from live server?

    Since it seems kinda different on the PTS (at least in my opinion)

  5. Steven Wiederholt

    Its 3 degrees above zero, the wind chill is about 18 below zero, its over cast…So far 2019 has been GREAT!
    On a positive note…we haven’t had a giant asteroid strike the planet….so we’ve got that going so us. 🙂

  6. What about the Republique?

  7. 1300 subs coming ?

  8. Wostersauce should have been no1…..

  9. Minotaur, Des Moines, Hindenburg, and Moscva are all MONSTERS, when speced for AA along with Worchester At T10. Seattle and Buffalo  at T9 aren’t too shabby either For an Honorable mention the old Cleveland at T6 was an OP AA beast.           !!!DISCLAIMER!!!  — This is just my opinion —  While the Texas out of the box is a Great AA BB, many of the other BBs you list require AA captain skills, upgrades, signals and modules to reach their max AA potential in lieu of tankiness. This generally leads to a play style that is more “back line sniperish” and waists much of the potential of a BB plus you aren’t as useful to your team. If the reason the cruisers noted above didn’t make your list is due to you not having played them this may not have been the best subject for you to opine on with all due respect. Happy New Year to you too!

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Your point is fair enough, but I’ve been asked about which ships I believe are best for AA in lieu of the upcoming CV rework. So I went ahead and made it, but again this is all my opinion anyway so even if I did include some of those cruisers the top 3 ships would’ve stayed the same. Anyways you have a happy New Years too!

  10. Aw no Des Memes? :c

    Not a problem, it’s your opinion anyways! Happy new year!!

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Peter_Patson I don’t have Des Memes, but if I did it probably would have been on this list!

      Happy New Years to you too!

  11. When are they gonna start showing love to German bbs. Besides the “buff” for the fdg.

  12. Based on this video, I suspect you have not played AA cruisers in PTS? Because they don’t matter now. Below t10, CVs don’t have to make any decisions based on dealing with you or your AA. By the time planes are close enough that you start shooting them down, they’ve already dropped, and they’re back in 30 seconds with a new squadron, until the match is over. At T8 and T6, planes can orbit you with impunity; it makes no difference whether you are escorting a BB or trying to cover a DD.
    At least in the current system, even a mid tier cruiser with AA will force a CV player to decide whether to wait out your DFAA or risk RNG on an expanded drop zone. Even semi-potato CV players will maneuver around cruisers rather than fly right over them, because even a few planes shot down will impact the effectiveness of his next plane strike, and it takes time to do something else. Your decisions, location, build and captain specs, all matter right now. Those decisions seem irrelevant in 8.0 below the top tiers.

    Even at T10, where AA spec’d ships DO shoot down planes, the CV can return with another squadron so quickly, it *doesn’t matter* how you did 30 seconds ago.
    8.0 wows has been the least fun game I’ve played in a year. Not worth my time.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I haven’t played the last iteration of the CV rework so no I haven’t myself experienced the full brunt of the AA nerf

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten When you experience the PTS you’ll understand why people are getting upset. Alternatively, you can watch Notser’s vids from the PTS…it’s bad. Really bad.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I’ve seen the Monty footage and it hurts…..a lot

  13. Seems unfortunate that almost all of the ships with good AA are from same nation(s). But I really don’t understand why buff the carriers and nerf the AA defense also.

  14. Good video, better topic!  I think for better or for worse the CV change will introduce the need for more advanced tactics and formations throughout the battle. I can imagine CVs moving within a cluster of ships as it maybe should. Speed variations of ships will make moving in groups difficult but I think it will be necessary. CVs need to be forced to penetrate layers of AA so that the damage of each wave is mitigated. A lone wolf of near any sort will find it tough going once a cv finds it and realizes it is separated from the herd. You’ll be spotted and taking never ending CV attacks. Ever see how ants act on top of water? This is how lemming trains will have to work, In tight clusters. This play style seems to make caps useless. Find the other group and kill them more than they kill you. I look forward to the challenge.

  15. I believe the Missouri would like a word with you. Also, the French Tier 7 Lyon is a beast and clears the skies with ease. Probably won’t be the case after the rework of course. Happy New Year!

  16. Wow you dont know which Ships are actually insane with AA builds Gneisenau is insane on t7 with an AA Spec and jean bart has way better aa than Iowa or montana. Jean bart with full AA has 1250dpm on over 6,5km thats DM def AA level

  17. I predict the CV rework will be a giant bust. The problem CV’s have is the disparity of the skill of the players. When a highly skilled CV player meets an average or poorly skilled CV opponent we all know who is going to win. The rework will change nothing. The most skillful player will win every time primarily because it boils down to a 1 on 1 between him and the other CV. . Focus fire allows lesser skilled players to combine their efforts to eliminate even the best unicome players at. CV’s are limited to one per side above Tier VII. Its Mano a’ Mano.

  18. I have just got my Salem?

  19. Where is the Kii , Japanese blender of planes? I have that one and the Massachussets (which makes the list), and i find Kii quite better at AA duties, because the Kii has better long range AA for the manual skill.
    There are also rather good players that still underestimate the Kii. Had 32 plane kills against a T10 carrier recently, because he seemed to not get that my ship was a serious danger to him. I got most of them protecting a DD in a cap that he desperately tried to drop, while in islamd cover myself. Got some 15 plane kills in less than a minute there.

  20. Valentin Petrovitsch

    you forgot that they nerfed the range heavely and bbs in general will feel a decrease in AA Power AA range shorter than 4 km is pretty much only usefull now vs divebombers and even then …

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