World of Warships – Engine Failure After Takeoff

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Todays video starring Efato, which stands for Engine Failure After Takeoff. It’s almost as if he’s expecting disaster.

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  2. I’m playing World of Warships again once Jingles becomes a captain

  3. I can’t be the only person to feel relieved to see their WoWS username not in these videos, to show the world I’m more potato than man.

    And not just because I eat so many crisps.

  4. Wow never been this early 4:18 am here in Dallas Texas

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Do you know what else floats?? Wood And if it is made of wood what is it? A WITCH!! (Monty Python And the Holy Grail; well, more or less)

  6. 3:14 that shima was not spotted by radar. He was 10km from the Salem and the Missouri was behind the salem and only has a 9.5km radar. He was a typical shima player who just sails inti detection range… of a harugumo…

  7. It’s that bloody boat game again, with that bloody boat again, in that bloody map again….

    Jk love you jingles

  8. Hey Jingles. Recently, I have been feeling down (more so than usual; I have depression) due to recent events of which I shall not describe. In order to cheer myself up a bit, I decided to watch videos talking about the story between Franz Stigler and Charlie Brown. This reminded me of the time when you would occasionally tell us a story about war heroes. They were mostly heroes on the Allied side, but there were some heroes on the Axis as well, like Franz Stigler; those of us who remember the stories you told probably remember them crystal clear. Still, there is something so soothing whenever you narrate a story Jingles. So this brings me to my request: could you please do a video dedicated to the war heroes that you talked about in the Mingles with Jingles videos that you took down? And if you do, could you do it in a dedicated video? I am confident that a lot of us would be really grateful if you did do that.
    P.S 1 Have you heard of the 100th/442nd regimental combat team? They were a Japanese American only unit that would become the most decorated unit in the history of the US Army during WW 2. I highly suggest you look them up, if you get this message.
    P.S. 2 Unrelated, when is the next Why you heff to be Mad compilation? I sent in two funny replays: one involving my KV 2, and the other involving my Foch 155 (I literally shove a Skorpion G into the air, just to mention one part).

    • +TheDgsgsg wishing you all the best mate.

    • +Silverslicer Jesus…. no one here cares about reading that you’re “depressed” because you are not doing well in classes. You know, there are people who have actually experienced real trauma here like watching your mate turn into a watermelon smootie from exploding shells and getting blasted yourself several feet away while lying on the ground actually drowning in your own blood from collapsed lungs. Who dont say a word because nobody gives a damn. Who would just want to watch a fun video and read some fun comments without having to read comments about a kids telling us how awfully “depressed” they are from not doing well in school and have parents that fight. Im sorry if im harsh but jesus kid, its not the end of the world, deal with it. in a few years you will understand exactly what i mean and you will look back and say: i was upset about that? its what every friggin kid goes through! why the fuck did i even waste time thinking about it, it didn’t even matter.

    • +Lord Manhammer or it could be a chemical imbalance caused by malfunctioning hormone producing glands within the brain. How bout we keep the comments about the video/channel and not make personal attacks?

    • @Silverslicer if college depresses you, quit and get a damn job. Most college students are moronic jackasses in any event, and unless you are an actual hard science major or pre-med student, your degree is probably crap anyway. Be a plumber and make more than doctors do.

    • +legolas7786 Then you go to the doctor. i Agree, but im not personally attacking him. he is anonymous. Im just teaching him what every kid will have to learn. That no one cares, you got to look out for yourself. If you have an issue you talk to your closest people. Or you simply get over it as what he is experiencing is completely normal. Everyone goes through it. Every single human being alive have dealt with a depression at some point. Its like being born and celebrating birthdays. Wow really? you’re telling me you met the bare minimum for existence?. Im done. Hope he just learns its not that big of a deal. And that in order to get stronger he has to face it and deal with it. Even if he fails its not the end of the world. And if anyone is giving him shit irl in school then dont fret, because those assholes you will walk past yrs later while they’re living on the streets.

  9. So basically, the Salem is a Des Moines that was given a taste of Conqueror heal?

  10. Missouri’s radar is what, 9.45km? There’s no way it radared that Shima at the beginning of the match.
    The Harugumo spotted it. They were 5kms from each other.

    Ahh Jingles, don’t ever change (*insert Jingles signature laugh*)

  11. Nice to see wargaming giving out more than a “Sorry guys” when their servers go down 😀

  12. What monster dared to dislike Jingles video?!

  13. I use the 457mm guns on the conq…the AP is amazing…puts on flame suit..

    • Nah. Put the flame suit away. You should be considered a hero for your efforts in inspiring other Conqueror simpletons to get away from their skill spam.

      They all seem to be made of the same stuff as Type 5 players in WoT

  14. Shamfur Dispray from the Musashi.

  15. I laughed my arse off at the Dasha translation!

  16. You are wrong about Battleships Jingles, I’ve tried being inbetween too far back and too far forwards and the game doesn’t let you do it, I think the map moves when you are not looking.

  17. He completed Kitty Purrfürst missions. Damn how old is this replay Jingles ?

  18. “I realise my last World of Warships video was the USS Salem, so I don’t really plan to go into much detail about what makes this ship different from its sister ship at Tier 10… the USS Des Moines.”

    *Immediately goes into detail about what makes the Salem different from the Des Moines*

  19. Jingles, i just realised we very rarely see you play in your warships vids. Could you extend the Random acts of Violence series to include warships aswell? I miss the days when you used to do ship reviews and tank reviews for that matter

  20. Regarding winning too hard: there is simple reason why people do it – reward system. When you win in 5 minutes because you denied enemy all 3 caps and they just hide behind the islands, you still get almost 0 exp/credits. You are rewarded on you personal result rather than teamplay. So if somebody else alredy did the hard part, it doesnt matter that you win. You might aswell have just lost, because you will be getting 800xp, which is something you can easily get with decent loss.

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