World of Warships- Even More CCs Leave The Program, What’s Next?

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Hey guys, today we continue to update ya’ll with the continued drama with the CC Exodus and discuss whats next with not only WG but with this channel, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. If nothing else, this popcorn event gave you the opportunity to use the word kerfluffel! Otherwise, you reap what you sow!

  2. Wargamings burning up like a Kansas that tries to push a cap in this current meta, guy driving it sipping vodka going “…. this is fine…. this is fine…” included

  3. I think that making vids on specific ships (certainly new premium ships) is dubious at the moment
    because no one knows how the submarine implementation will turn out.
    if you buy a premium ships today that is pretty good. it is possible that this ship gets no or bad weapons against submarines, and that in a few weeks / months you will have a new port queen.
    even if i was not dissatisfied with how WG does business, I would keep my money in my pocket for now

  4. As you said, you could make some videos on how certain premiums ( available for coal ) hold up on current version as well as tech line ships. Keep up the great work!

  5. You should make a new series giving new players the quickest and easiest route on how to progress through the game without spending money on it including premium acquisition. Dig into WG’s hip pocket while helping people.

  6. I think Jingles summed it up very well. WG don’t need the CC program anymore as it’s already played it’s part drumming up the initial interest past the point of critical mass. However, I think they are downplaying the negative effect of all these CC’s turning against them. They sit on a lot of inside knowledge and any new players that search for advice on premiums or how to play are going to be met by negative vibes which is never good for business, certainly not long term. In short, they could and should have sorted this out cleanly and avoided the mess. There is no way to deny the fact that this will impact their profits negatively. It may not be to any critical level but negative impact sucks regardless and somebody is going to take the fall for it at the end of the day.

    • @shironee_23 problem is, casual players don’t pay the bills.

      They don’t buy the big priced ships. They don’t spend on the flags, cameos and premium time.

      The money in Wows comes from dedicated players. The whales.

      And whales require care and feeding. That’s what the CCs provided.

      WOWS won’t make any money if all they have is casuals.

      WG seems completely oblivious to this fact.

    • Thanks, I didn’t know Jingles said that, but it’s the same as what NoZoup said. WG doesn’t need the ccs and want them gone anyway, most likely.

    • @Erik Anybody I get your point, but I think you have underestimate casual market. How many did you saw monetization practices, mainly on cosmetic items, on some newer multiplayer games that even has not bring any advantage to their gameplay but players are buying it anyway? As long as it looks cool or bring other values, they would buy it. Like most of CC’s said, Missouri is a legendary ship that has a lot of historical value with her real life one, but now she really get powercrept really hard (with her signature income features are also get nerfed) to the point that she didn’t worth at all gameplay wise. WG TRIED to exploit this, and the results are speak for itself. Another examples is their expansion to consoles and mobile market. Had their original games failed, they still have other market to work with. They don’t buy that in their original games, they buy it on their consoles/mobile version.

      Tl:dr, they didn’t really cares about old whalers, as they have whole other markets prepared to be milked.

    • Hmm…
      I totally get the critical mass and don’t need CC’s anymore part. But… it feel to me like WG intentionally set up events to push away their veterans and content creators. They could have continued to use them (albiet they would have been less useful than they used to be) but a minor benefit working for you is better than a minor benefit working against you?

    • @Joseph Podesta No way it’s intentional. If they wanted to get rid of the current CC’s the easy way would have been to scrap the program and then after a year or so start a new one under a different name, just make sure not to take on any of the old CC’s. This is a prima example of what happens when a company works in silos and have no idea what they do on the other side of the fence. Shit like this cost companies a lot of money which is why its taken seriously by the big companies of the world. WG are immensely successful but don’t seem to be building long term.

  7. Antonio Saavedra A.

    About the English teacher, I remember on the ST program they told us to write in “easy and simplified” English for the Russian-speaking divisions. What I never understand is why the information from St Petersburg or Minsk comes typed let’s say “fluently” in Russian but not simplified like they demand from the English-speaking employees/STs/CCs.

    • That’s called ego. Central administration and ‘middle management’ of most large corporations or conglomerates is typically underskilled in cross-cultural and language ability, but is still packed with back-stabbing and ambitious social climbers who can’t bear to be seen in a poor light under any circumstance. Japan has the same sickness, with core leadership almost completely wrapped up in their own 1960s throwback world sending bulletins by fax machine, all the while demanding that everyone below them sport business-level English and spend their own money on weekly lessons.

  8. Ib Erik Söderblom

    An update on the whole techtree-line is needed, please 🙂
    With all the changes to the game, older videos about the ships are totally out of date.

  9. Could always make a “rundown” series of current tech tree lines & splits, pros, cons, basic strategy & captain skills. Which ships you recommend, which ships to avoid. Solid picks for Coal and Steel ships. For folks who still play F2P, or possibly start playing F2P. There’s been some pretty major changes and what not since older videos have been made, so making a fresh take on ship lines would would be relatively helpful, to make it more “current” with the changes over time that have happened, especially as of [0.10.7].

    There’s always WoWS meme montages too lol

    Idk I’m just spitballing here.

    -edit for more clarification

    • @J Finn how do you acquire the Doubloons for free?

    • @BRM Playing ranked, free loot boxes/super containers, daily rewards, promotions and random stuff. Its slow, but you can afford a premium ship about every 6 months, which is still quicker than steel.

    • @BRM Ocassionally you can get them in loot boxes if you’re lucky. Some combat missions give you doubloons as well, and you can get them from playing and winning/advancing through Ranked matches. There also may be some doubloons from campaign missions, and the occasional “click this button” to get doubloons from WoWS news posts.

      I’d argue that you [anyone] getting doubling that way, gets them at such an abysmal rate, that I’d hardly say “every ship in the game is free”. Especially with the ridiculous pricing of any meaningful only for doubloon premiums.

      You would need to play an excessively long amount of time for any meaningful amount of doubloons to buy a ship at tiers people play at, which is Mostly Tier 5 to 10. Waiting times are abysmal at early tiers, so I mostly play Tier 7 to 10 games, unless I’m grinding a new line.

      I play ranked and randoms, and occasionally the Operations mode as I don’t play enough to be in a clan. I play coop only for the purposes of grinding out combat missions, as I don’t find it enjoyable and the rewards from playing [to me] are still lower than me losing a match against people.

      Sorry for the wall of text, but this is my observation having played [sporadically] since 2015.

  10. Strategies… tactics. Gameplay reviews were you give us opinions on what we mediocre or bad players could do better to improve. Ship reviews where you focus on how that ship is meant to be played such as angling and tactics with that ship would be great. I think there are many players like myself.. a50% WR guy who needs to learn next level ideas and strategies to improve.

  11. The only impact we can hav is exposing their shady practices to legal authorities. Make the legal authorities aware that gambling is ongoing in a game with PEGI 7. This is the only thing Wargaming understands.

    • Unfortunately loot boxes don’t meet the legal definition of gambling in most countries. You have to lobby for new legislation first.

    • @Kal Taron True. Here in Belgium you can’t buy these boxes. Not because it is gambling, but because there is no transparancy by WG and thus no way of knowing if things are done correctly. If they do sell loot boxes in Belgium the government will start looking for certain guarantees and that is the last thing WG wants. In fact, I’m quite certain the loot boxes are not done fairly and there is much less left to chance than people expect.

    • @Mario Brackeva Would the presense of loot boxes not also increase the age rating in Belgium?
      And yeah, WG doesn’t want to let people know what the chances are.
      So what happens in Belgium? You just can’t get the Missouri for example or what do they do?

  12. Some other things you could do is how the older ships play with the new captain skills and try to help us figure out what’s a decent Cruiser build. You know some of the teachy stuff that chase used to do

  13. riccardo fontanesi

    I agree with others that videos about tech three ships would be amazing. I’m a F2P player and grinding the game has been not so easy. Videos with “tecnical” dissection of standard games not only cherry pickin games) would be incredibly usefull….

  14. A cynical read regarding the purpose of these two recent roles:

    English Teacher – We need someone to help us lie more convincingly.

    Internal Comms Director – We need someone to make sure that everyone within our company will back the lie.

  15. Master Skilhollow

    Hiring a “communication manager” won’t matter if the powers that be at WG don’t listen to them, even assuming the individual is competent. Their management will have to do a lot better than that to convince me they actually mean to materially change for the better.

  16. What will be interesting to me is where Yuro ends up being left in this whole situation, as he seems to be the highest profile CC left in the program, but his behind-the-scenes behavior (apparently quite abusive) would seem to justify his being unceremoniously terminated from the program.

    • Apparently the racist stuff was posted along side the CC flaming but is months old.

      But yeah, might be his end aswell.

      CC program is getting mighty thin quickly.

  17. WG: “3 CCs have left the program. Not great, not terrbile.”
    CCs: “It’s not 3 CCs; It’s 15,000”.

  18. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    If I had my livelyhood tied to WG, I would be seeking an out. The writing is on the wall. Wargaming will be going down through one way or another, it is inevitable.

  19. You’re a broken record kid. Every day another video about how you think this games sooooo bad. You’re a joke not even a cc, I legit feel bad for you. It’s like your friends are all leaving you and every day you make another video reliving it.

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