World of Warships – Fiji Impressions

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on Neighbors moves out to attack C point with a team of friendlies. No enemy shows up at C, so I try to position for flanking fire on the B point. A couple enemies get caught out in the open, the Fiji can do massive damage when presented with a broadside. I move to the center and continue the pressure on any enemy ship that strays too close. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Fiji Replay


  1. Notser at schooooooooooool

  2. Destroying a disconnect player and being proud to farm some dmg. I am very
    happy to see that your greed is beyond “honor” :D

  3. Kyle “Kebobs” Purcell

    I have found great success in Fiji Edinburgh and Neptune so far, but the
    donskoi is still better than Neptune in my opinion

  4. SE on british cruisers? LMAO Notser just LMAO

  5. Umm Notser, the Leander only has 8 guns, 4 double turrets. Fiji has the
    same 4 3 gun turret setup as Belfast to Neptune, so it actually has FOUR
    more guns than the Leander or Perth! a rather HUGE upgrade, seeing as RoF
    is the same, you end up with a STRIGHT up +50% guns in ANY given Situation!
    6 guns directly to the front or rear, 12 guns on a decent angle, and 9 guns
    on a rather steep angle! Versus 4, 8, and 6 in the exact same situations!

  6. Fiji is an awesome ship!

  7. Notser, I’ve got a pretty stupid question that you may be able to answer.
    I’ve seen so many places on the internet that say I should have at the
    minimum, 50 Co-op battles in any ship before moving on to random battles.
    My Victory level drops from around 92% to the mid 40’s. I seem to become
    nothing more than a solo target. What would you recommend for a new IJN
    tier III – tier IV DD commander? Thanks 4 everything.

  8. Actually Notser, the upgraded torps increases the flooding chance. So

  9. how do you launch single torpedos instead of the hole launcher???

  10. The Fiji torp upgrade also improves your chance of flood

  11. I laugh at the fact that you have a choice of replacing smoke with a
    fighter or scout. I wish they split those consumables like the Perth

  12. It nice to see you really putting in the effort with the British cruisers.
    I really love the Fiji, enough that I kept it and bought the perm camo.
    Can’t wait to see you get into the Neptune and Minotaur.

  13. seeing brit shred all kind of DD just like that, just make me wonder who is
    behind the decision making of *special* ap shell pen %

  14. Yet another fun video from you Notser! I have realised something about your
    videos though. My cat loves your voice, every time I watch a video by you
    or watch you on stream my cat comes and sits on my lap.

  15. Notser wat upgrades do u recomend on the TAKEO n captian skills if i like
    to stay hidden

  16. I lubs my Fiji – just 30,000 XP till the Edinbough!

  17. Blatheroon Funktoply

    I feel like playing the British cruisers like heavy destroyer gun boats is
    the key.

  18. Use your heal damnit ;)

  19. I think it’s great they implemented a line that requires some thought
    beyond “mash LMB using HE”.
    Hardly surprising the average pubbie thinks it’s outrageous the ship
    “doesn’t work” because they have to think.
    When you continue to dumb down your product to the lowest common
    denominator, hardly surprising anything that goes contrary to that isn’t

  20. Notser trying so hard to pronounce RN ships by our pronounciation but still
    cant say Edinburgh correct!

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