World of Warships – Fireworks

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There are fireworks in todays video, and if the lockdown breakers in the street outside my house ever stop setting off fireworks, I might actually finish editing it!

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  1. Maybe i should download this game and play it, after watching 50+ Jingles’ videos.

    • Have console? Come check out Legends =)

    • It’s not a bad game, but I’m not sure is worth the time. I played it for years and got really bored of it (a bit grindy, the balance issues are incredible and the community is not as nice as it used to be)
      Plus, the power creep is real (as in WoT) and I was way too disappointed in Wargaming latest issues and their answer to recommend their game to anyone.
      They used to be the nice side of Wargaming… not anymore. Your time and money would be far better spent on something else in my opinion.

    • Weakkkk, I’ve had to have watched several HUNDRED videos from him. Watching him for about 9 years now

    • Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

      I thought the same ~2yrs ago, now my F4 and Alt buttons are worn out… but that’s just me trying to survive as f2p.
      get some newb freemium codes, keep sitting on your wallet and give it a try.
      beware, it’s a major time sink. waiting cue for low tier is annoyingly long, you’re always short 50 xp and 500k credits to get the next ship (at least it’s hard to make a loss, unlike WoT) and the matches last up to 20min (and yes, it’s recommended to spectate after you’re sunk to get familiar with the maps and learn from your teammates’ -mistakes- playstyle). also check if the game wants dubloons (=real money) for stuff like autobuy flags, keeping modules, changing captains etc

    • I wouldnt recommend, they have designed it very cleverly to frustrate you into spending money. If you don’t mind the aggressive freemium model, the actual gameplay can be quite fun and memorable. Each battle will sap your decision stamina and the kills and wins will feel earned.

  2. Remember, remember, the 5th of November.
    Gunpowder, Cordite and Shot
    We see no reason
    Why RNG’s treason
    Makes shots fall so far off the dot!

  3. Jingles, Mikasa fought in the Russo Japanese war not Sino Japanese war xD

  4. Me: *Maxes out my volume*
    YouTube Ads: “So you have chosen… death.”

    • Yep. I sure wish Jingle learns what that “audio” thing is about, and learns that if “intro” is 6x higher than the rest, he actually does something about it, because for all his talking about audio, mic quality and background noise over the years he sure seems to put in a low amount of effort to actually get the balance right. I guess that matches well with Wargaming’s “efforts” to balance their game, but I do wonder how many ear drums he’s permanently damaged over the years ^^

    • I was just thinking that yday.

  5. Playing WOT and watching jingles angry canoes with guns videos. Good day 😁

  6. Yes, Typhoon’s gone, internet’s back and look… An upload from the Rear Admiral. It’s a good time.

  7. Hey I like my Katori! … It’s like old arthritic fat cat. Sure it get nowhere fast, and it won’t pick fights with younger cats, but it’s still fun to play with her once in a while, before it goes back to rest on it’s favourite place behind old boxes.

  8. Watching the Katori at full speed is like watching an advert for a Stannah stairlift

  9. I love it when Jingles has an entire good natured debate with himself.

  10. Dear Overlord of the Salt Mines, the jokes on you dear Sir. Have you not heard? Us gingers do have souls. We get a freckle for every soul we

  11. Battle of the Tsushima straits in Sino-Japanese war… oh Jingles… please do not ever change :o))) that made my day :o)))

    • everyone knows the battle of Tsushima happene hundreds of years before the Katori was built. Jingles beeing old and crap again.

      (CRITICAL WARNING, this is a joke! Initiiate countermeasures immediately!)

    • i bet drachinifel will be triggered if he watches this video. he made 2 damn good videos about the prelude of the battle ( urgh kamchatka)

    • @Raik Barczynski yup. those videos were glorious… History made fun… I laughed so much :o))) Kamchatka ftw :o))))

  12. Jingles! your recent videos are extremely soft, have to max my volume to hear the man talking!

    • I use to have my TV volume on 18 and Jingles was loud, not I have it on 30 and it is still soft and low. In another month will have to crank all the volume levels to max

    • I sometimes forget to lower my volume after watching a Jingles vid, launch a game and proceed to have my eardrums blown out when the game music hits.

  13. 10:13 ginger jokes keep it coming
    I’m a ginger and I have lots of freckles they say a gingers freckles are all the souls they stolen I guess we steal Souls to make up for the loss of Our Own

  14. I never expected that ship to do so well, its like a garbage truck…. it slowly crawls through the street. honking every now and then

  15. Guns not terrible…

    FFin Jingles, use the equipment and they are the most accurate guns in the game along with tier IV Yubari. And they have the same rof as Yubari. Yubari due to it’s incredible dispersion will have comparable EFFECTIVE dpm to say a Phoenix or a Kuma, with far less guns.

    That is, if you can make use of the god like dispersion and hit your shells.

  16. People with no humor are in fact gingers with souls.

  17. As a ginger, make all the ginger jokes you want Jingles, just don’t be surprised when we take your soul in return

  18. Turmeric, cardamom, caraway, chilli, coriander… oh… was this not the kind of spicy comment you were looking for oh mighty Fleet Admiral?

  19. Lmao!!! Chatting with a bot is pretty one-sided……for now.

    Can’t wait for the day AI learns human psychology and starts spamming hatred in chat, calls everyone a fkng noob and rams teammates, calling for all to report them for being aggressive and team killing.

    We shall call them Dikbots

    • We already managed that, there was that twitter bot that turned racist in like 8 hours.

      Putting it in games would probably end AI development

    • @Jock1092 Jock WOW! I didn’t know about that until now. Just read about the sad and disturbing story of Tay.
      Humanity is amazing but people suck!

  20. “Doesn’t justify the price you pay” Has this ship ever been sold apart from the new year ship pack? I ask because i got mine for free when she was first release

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