World of Warships – First Look

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Taking a at the newly released World of Warships. I’ll give you a brief overview of the game and dive into some Tier 3 gameplay with the .



  1. I notice the Japan And America have many ships in the game i wonder has
    this got Pearl Harbour on the agenda !

  2. best thing about the St Louis u can use it like a floating lmg constant

  3. Buuuuuuuu!!!play world of tanks way better

  4. Buuuuuuuu!!!play world of tanks way better

  5. MORE MORE MORE! this game looks great

  6. TheOnlySillySausage

    Squirrel watch phlydaily or baronvonzgamerz as they are the best at wow and
    watching could give you some tips.

  7. Do new video at World Of Warships! About 50mins if you can!

  8. Do new video at World Of Warships! About 50mins if you can!

  9. Good job! You should do more videos. Keep up the good work!

  10. I’d love to see you play more of this! 🙂 

  11. Being low tier in ships isn’t as tuff as it can be in tanks. One of the
    reasons I like this game, even if you’re low tier you can cause problems
    for the higher tiers and have a good time. 07

  12. This game is pretty groovy, but War Thunder ships will be far out!

  13. I have been waiting for so long :3

  14. As a person with alot of experience and knowledge in ships, this game
    physics are extremely unrealistic! A ship the size of St. Louis would never
    turn on itself! Also the ship would never speed from 0-10kts in 10seconds,
    realistically it would take it about 3-5mins to get up t a considerable
    speed! Looks fun but physics need to be overhauled.

  15. go to the mighty jingles and look at how not to suck at wows

  16. the German cruisers and Russian destroyers coming out in a few days

  17. I coulda sworn you had 1 million subs at one point..

  18. Tier 10 cruisers can heal themselves also!

  19. Great video and game. More videos please.

  20. Paul you need to read up and watch some of the video from the developers ~
    if you did not know you are using one of the best ships in the game it can
    dish out a lots of damage with HE thus due to slow speed and you also have
    some of the smallest gun range in the game thus you have to be up and at
    them (no being chicken at the back) ~ side note you guns are too small to
    do any real damage to BBs using AP they mostly bounce off.

  21. Dat feeling when I saw this and felt like a boss because I know everything
    about this game and world of tanks XDDD

  22. TheNuttiestSquirrel

    Downloading it now! :-)

  23. +Squirrel I’d love more videos on this if you’re up for it! :3

  24. Squirrel the American’s spell Lewis as louis but you say Lewis it’s weird I
    know. HOPE this helps :)

  25. Great, as usual!

  26. The game looks great, it would be awesome to see more of it. Along with
    different strategies for each class, and effective positions for low tier
    vs. high tier battles. Great video

  27. Please make more of this Paul

  28. hi Paul just seen the video your tactic’s are great more of the sailing
    videos plz cant wait for the nxt one

  29. squirrel, just a tip, HE is best on battleships to, it burns them out, even
    if they put it out with the consumable, keep laying it on them and they
    have to let the ship burn….

  30. squirrel, are you gonna try the new need for speed when it comes out?

  31. How do you get the ship’s icons to show on the side of the screen?

  32. as low tier no point in AP since u dont have enugh power to penetrate, and
    if the shots goes down in to a ship they most likely wont penetrate, only
    if they shots are straight forward u have a chance for penetration. so HE
    is much better at low tier.

  33. Squirrel, you should get back playing World Of Tanks! :D

  34. Would love to see some more of these videos

  35. looks really good do you think it will run on a laptop?? i5 4gb ram and
    integrated HD graphics. do think it will run on low settings

  36. Nice vid! Please do more

  37. The Cool Gamer rx

    Whoa it’s really epic and is it downloadable pls respond

  38. Please add a few of these videos, love this game.

  39. shooting AP at battleships in a cruiser is pointless.

  40. What do you press to choose air targets manually? Cant figure it out

  41. To all off you – there is a way to fire AP into the BB, but it need some
    A) You are in good cruiser with big enough guns – St. Louis
    B) The ship is burning and you are not doing much with HE dmg – Totally
    posible to hit 5-6 times south carolina with HE and do something around 1K
    In that case you can load AP and do the penetration dmg on the upper
    structure of the battleship.
    Consider this- You have no chance to pen citadels and do 100% dmg.
    But you can do penetration dmg – 33% of your maximum shell dmg. For St.
    Louis it is 990 per penetration.
    With that in mind you can test your dmg and expect something around
    2500-4000 dmg per salvo. Depending on distance, angle etc.

  42. Please start a world of tanks series :)

  43. Great Vid, Just a bit out of date. Catch up Squirrel. WOW is now considered
    a nostalgic pastime. You should be looking at new games. Keep the channel

  44. holy shit the Ad as soon as i clicked this video was a 4 min song WHAT DOES
    THE FOX SAY!!!!!!!!!!! i couldn’t watch it so irritating and it was
    unskipable.. but i did watched 30 sec of it

  45. Can you do more please?

  46. yes definetly more of this..knock that hunt thing off its not fun at all
    and replace with this big tick

  47. Aquirrel, go home. This isn’t a type of game for your channel :P

  48. Hey Squirrel, not sure how much you have played but i’m just gonna give you
    a few pointers on when to use HE vs AP rounds. The general rule of thumb
    for cruisers is that you use HE on any battleship, carriers, and destroyer
    and any cruiser higher tier than you. The St Louis, the Cleveland and
    Atlanta are especially good when using HE because they can shoot so much
    DPM that they just set fire after fire. You use AP on anything your tier or
    lower. Obviously the angle of your opponent plays into this as well but
    this is just the general rule. Battleships really should just shoot AP and
    nothing but AP, unless you have a destroyer near you and the ammo is
    already loaded, but if a destroyer is close and you’re in a
    battleship…you will be dead soon anyway. Destroyers don’t have big enough
    guns to pen the armor of 99% of the ships in the game anyway so you’re
    better off being a little fire starting pest and shooting HE. Plus
    destroyers have the armor of tin cans (hence being called tin cans in WW2)
    so once you start taking large amounts of gunfire you are going to be dead
    and dead very quickly. Hope this helps out with your WoWs adventures.

  49. Great video, would like to see more of this!

  50. Please do more vids

  51. As a rule of thumb, always use HE at long ranges as all ships are weakly
    armoured on the deck. Due to the angle at long range you only hit the deck.
    Best case scenario you light a fire and knock out some modules. Use AP
    against targets with strong armour at close range. Always use HE against
    Also try to avoid full broadsides unless at very close range. With the
    battleships you put yourself at a huge disadvantage if you launch a full
    broadside that misses. Fire in salvo’s so you can adjust if needed. Aka,
    don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  52. you pronounced St Louis wrong

  53. Neat, I may have to start playing that game, world of tanks is getting

  54. “the airplane carrier carries airplanes” thank god! i tought it carried

  55. Nice to have a great warship game, definitely wanna see more and deff gonn
    get it as well

  56. David N (DavidN0045)

    Hi Squirrel I’d like to see some videos of you playing in a battleship and
    perhaps a carrier as well 🙂 Have a blast sinking ( and not getting sunk ).

  57. love the video i also play world of warships i think it is a fantastic game
    and i hope you feel the same

  58. Squirrel use HE with the St Louis, is more effective, because the fire you
    cause brings more dmg, than those AP rounds and in addition the enemy needs
    to use their dmg repair kit early ;), while you set him / her on fire again
    right away, you can check the dmg for each type of round, in your main gun
    description on the right sight, happy hunting o7

  59. Fyi, you said battleships are the only ones that can heal themselves, But
    teir 9 and 10 cruisers can too.

  60. Just a suggestion, I think you should only use HE because AP will just
    bounce off battleships. Also with HE you’ll set them on fire.

  61. you shouldnt switch to ap for battleship because the armor is too thick

  62. In the US Louis is pronounced Lou-is with a hard “S” at the end

  63. use he unless it’s against other cruiser as a cruiser use he you will do
    more dmg

  64. Looks like a fun game. I might give it a go once my computer isn’t dead

  65. Russia didn’t really have a navy so….ya

  66. This looked surprisingly good, thanks for the video Paul.

  67. Hi Paul ! Just a tip about HE and AP. Use HE on destroyers and Aircraft
    Carriers. Use AP on anything else. Hope this tip will hjelp you at the sea

  68. I played this on my laptop and i swear it shat a cactus

  69. Hey Squirrel

    1 or 2 Tipps for you dont go past the cleveland on americans cruisers they
    do really suck.
    For battleships you should take the Japan route.
    for destroyers you should wait for the russian ones which come out 18.10
    Carriers ive only touched the tier 4,5,6 and cant really tell which one is
    good and which one is not
    also on the 18.10 the german cruisers get released and from the stat you
    could see they are really powerful

    you can add me if u want –> KoenigxOner

  70. more please

  71. Watch +JeffFavignano play this game, his videos are funny

  72. please explain the controls squirrel

  73. where can you get this game? i dont see it on steam

  74. Jerrett Hagelstein

    continue making videos of this, it’s a very cool game and I think if you
    keep at it you might like it.

  75. Wows is fun I’ve been playing it from the closed beta its fun

  76. I have new mexico

  77. 0:26….ABOUT A WEEK AGO

  78. Canadiangaming 101

    WOWS has a replay system just WOT and you can do the battle then if you
    want to record that battle you can go in the WOWS folder and go into
    replays and find the replay you want to record and open that replay and
    record it that way.

  79. Great game but i get 10fps =S

  80. looks cool. and its free. nice:-)

  81. christopher tucker

    It’s a great game

  82. nice game might get it

  83. Great video Paul, I enjoyed my games with you on your recent WoW stream
    much fun! Hope WoW becomes a little regular series. :)

  84. Love to see more WOWS :)

  85. very interesting. I might try and get into it when I’ve got a day free

  86. moreeeeeeeeee

  87. No Royal Navy ??

  88. Great video as always Paul :)

  89. how u get the bullet view?

  90. nico job next

  91. please show us more

  92. yeah like this…. would be good to see more….

  93. ICC IChaosConductor

    Upload more please

  94. Gaming With Llamas

    I want this game so much….. But my PC is crap.

  95. MOARRR

  96. the St Louis even using AP can never penetrate a battleship because of its
    armour what ever battleship it is. St Louis has like 7-8 inch guns and
    battleships have 15 inch
    battleships have 150-300mm of armour thickness so you are not penetrating
    Using HE also make the battleship get set on fire and once he has used his
    repair you can set him on fire again and he will burn until repair comes

  97. more

  98. Released a week ago? It released months ago!

  99. great videos as always Paul 🙂 I could see you stream this alot, might be a
    staple game just like P3D and SNT 🙂
    Thanks alot for the vids mate <3

  100. Alan M Carlino Jr

    Mawr please

  101. pls do more of this game

  102. Lorenzo Di Gropello

    Really beautiful, more videos of this game please, awsome

  103. Whit st lous i recomendet stay whit HE. Gun is it is only 152mm. To little
    penetration for AP. But a broadside is a 8 shell in everi 5 sec. That is
    somting that make every enemy a bad day. Whne fire HE it is a high
    probabilitt of cause a fire or take down module. (guns, rudeer, engine).

  104. Bob The Builder Dupstep

    regarding to healing its self teir 9 and 10 cruisers can heal them self’s

  105. Captain. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this

  106. i like this game. it looks fun, maby i’ll try it out

  107. with the 150mm guns u can hardly get through BB armor with AP. Use HE to
    set him on fire and disable his turrets. Against weakly armored CLs, use AP
    so u might have a chance to get citadel hits (usually near midship) and
    deal massave damage. Don’t use AP against DDs cuz very probably you will
    overpenetrate and deal minimum damage. Against CVs use HE to set it on
    fire. Against weakly armored CVs u can even score citadel hits with HE
    shells :p

  108. Squirrel you should look up fellow YouTuber The Mighty Jingles, he’s played
    a lot of World of Warships

  109. please play more of this game

  110. Swaff Corps (Theswaff699)

    so you play this but not the new ETS2 DLC

  111. Tyler “Furious Worrior” Hepler

    Torpedo = Bad

  112. holy crap!! the earth is concave when you go into scoped!? that’s funny

  113. Squirrel when you are in a cruiser you use HE against Battleships and
    Destroyers and use AP against other cruisers while with destroyers use HE
    all the time and with Battleships use AP against everything except
    Destroyers because then you should use HE if you have enough time

  114. “Free to play”
    More like, Pay2Win

  115. 0:26 ABOUT A WEEK AGO!!!

  116. Please do more videos, this game looks awesome :)

  117. More of this please Mrr Squirrel. You probably know this already since this
    match but in this situation against high tier battle ships HE would be best
    as it increases fire chance and you’ll always get some damage. Many of
    shots at the end were bouncing.

    Still as I said you’ve probably discovered that yourself by now. :)

  118. you need to learn a lot in this game :D

  119. Good game. I’d watch more of that!

  120. Bartosz Kacper Maliszewski

    Wow loved it

  121. Here’s a tip: When firing AP, aim for the waterline, citadel hits for days,
    trust me :)

  122. Looks good, I like the pacing of it, might give it a go.

  123. IIIAlTheButcherIII

    you got to look more into what ammo type to use caus you bounced aboout
    half your shots ;)

  124. do more

  125. “Stop blowing holes in my ship!” – Jack Sparrow

  126. play construction simulater!!

  127. love this new game

  128. You sank my battleship!

  129. Yeah Squirrel! Nice! are you bijna play more of this? would be awesome!

  130. Bjarne Christensen (BCS)

    It looks really cool, i have been on your stream too but that you know i
    guess. And i’ll keep and eye of it here too now. So bring the video’s on.
    Keep up the good work and stay dry.

  131. Another great video squirrel. Love the game and want to see more.

  132. Veselin Velichkov

    If you play cruisers and your guns are above 200 mm fire AP only on
    cruisers if they are less than 180-200 fire HE mainly

  133. wow your first game in an alright ship and you survived
    squirrel please play some more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  134. Niall Meehan (castlegrogan)


  135. Hi Squirrel. Nice video. Game looks fun. Would you consider showing more
    about how you upgrade your ships? Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  136. please do more videos

  137. Welcome to the high seas! I’ll keep an eye out for you in game :)

  138. I request you to play farming simulator 15 if you can . your videos are
    fantastic keep up the hard work.

  139. More pls

  140. Wow more of this please :-)

  141. Ive been waiting for a while, for this to come out.

  142. let’s play together

  143. As always a great video but do you think you’ll put the game link in the

  144. The Pilot Penguin

    under 301+ club

  145. @squirrel it sounds like you are wearing braces, or is it just a mic thing?

  146. Nice to see a WOWs video, planning on doing more? By the way, did you ever
    get the train controller for train sim?

  147. WOW! first time you hier abut wargaming? like WOT and WOWP and now WOWS..
    LOL! you are slow! i playede WOT for 5 yers ago!

  148. More ets

  149. bluemeannie Elliot Trela

    Any chance of a portal lets play?

  150. 2nd, and

  151. Have you played armored warfare or will you ?

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