World of Warships – First Look: Submarines (and How to Access Submarine Battles)

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There seems to still be some confusion about how to obtain submarines for the new Submarine Battle game mode that goes live today in World of Warships, so I busted open the client for a few minutes this morning to see if I could figure it out. Also, have a look at these 3D models. The art guys have knocked it out of the park again.




  1. CynicallyObnoxious

    WG learn something lol its been what a year and a half since the CV rework lol I doubt they have

    • The fact that they haven’t already shoved these out the door when they weren’t ready (like they did with carriers) proves that they have.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @SeaRaptor Ill give them credit for that because I actually thought it was going to be the same thing over again

  2. Was very excited then loot boxes hit so no sub.
    I hate gambling and loot boxes. Just put the subs in my que and call it a day!!!!! Very aggravating!!!!!
    I played 2 games in Dallas. People complain about planes. But you can shoot them down and find the CV. You cannot shoot at the sub. It literaly said cannot attack. I tryed with Ranger and could not attack.
    WG has really missed the pooch here. Planes should have DC.

    • They aren’t loot boxes, they’re given to you for free. (“Loot box” to me implies you spent money.) Everyone is just getting them at a different time.

    • @SeaRaptor I get it and understand but its frustrating.
      I have played 3 games so far 2 dallas 1 ranger. Tryed to fire at a sub and itnliteraly says you cannot hit it. Thats a problem. Planes cannot even DC them.
      People say they cannot deffend against planes aa no good and all that. Wait till they get a message that says you literaly cannot hit it.

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    good video man

  4. I believe the Soviet S-1 was based on a German design. That’s why it has a similar appearance to a U-boat. Cachalot is several classes before the Gatos. They weren’t well liked and were gone from frontline service by the beginning of WWII.

  5. Not a fan of how they staged it. Unlucky people will have a whole week before they can tinker with them. By then a lot more sub games will be against just bots.
    They should have just limited the queues, people would still get sone games in without being punished

    • Unlucky people won’t be able to drive subs for a week, but they can go in and hunt them all they like. This is also probably a direct result of what they saw on PTS: 400 people in queue to play subs, 3 people in queue to play non-subs. That’s not a test.

    • @SeaRaptor I agree, I just think the method wasnt the best. That said I’ve been tooling around in various ships and have been surprised just how hard the subs are to actually find. I was chasing one in a dd that I could never get a drop on even being on top of his indication.
      Its nice to see that it isn’t that easy.

  6. Cachalot 1,170/1,650 tons, surfaced/ submerged. 6 torpedo tubes. 17/8 knots. Two of them Cachalot, Cuttlefish. They were withdrawn from active duty and used for training early on.
    Gato class 1,825/2,424 tons 10 torpedo tubes 20/8.75 knots. Also could dive deeper. Folowed by the Balao and Trench classes.
    The German bow dive planes did not fold up as did the US subs. Side note; later war production US subs ( starting with the ones built in Wisconsin I believe, they were barged down the Mississippi after construction) You can notice that the bow planes were angled when folded up so when they folded down they were already in the dive postion. This shortened the dive time, that could be a life or death issue with submarines. You can notice that some of the German Type IX boats had their forward decks reduced, this was done to help them dive faster.
    Type VIIC 749/847 tons five torpedo tubes 17/7.6 knots. The VII boats were not meant for trans ocean use, but the KM used what they had. The Type IX (IXC 1,102/1,213 tons 6 torpedo tubes 18.25/7.3 knots) was designed for long range but there were fewer of them.

    At one point early in the war, mostly the Bay of Biscay, the U boats tried to fight against the ASW aircraft by carrying more AAA, as much a two quad 20mm and a dual 37mm guns. This worked to a limited degree (the planes up gunned and would hold the subs on the surface untill reinforcements arrived) but was discontinued.

  7. Funny part is that they(WG) gave me these subs in the first container,and i refuse to play this things because when subs get in the game(which will happen) i will stop playing this game and i play the game daily since beta.i am one of the few that still has arkansas beta in port. These things just don’t belong in this game.

  8. I got my subs first time round…. Been playing all day I love it… Been waiting 3 years for this

  9. Cachalot was a class of 2 boats : Cachalot and Cuttlefish

    • That probably explains why I’ve not heard of them. A class that small wouldn’t have gotten a lot of attention.

  10. This gamemode can be really frustrating. I was not able to hurt the Submarine with my Cruiser due to the fact the German NURNBERG has no depth charges … ha ha ha
    I was waiting over 3 minutes before the DD arrived to finish the Submarine. Only THIS Submarine, my person and this DD were in the game, all others have already been
    in the harbour. We had to sink it to win the game. What the hell is a BB doing then?
    All the best sir!

  11. how do i become the community thingy?

  12. also when is the new pts coming out

  13. Found boring

  14. Your content is great!

  15. Having been blessed by rng and got the subs first try and play them for a five hours, i am not very good with them and feels like there will be the skill range like with the old RTS CV’s for me i am better hunting them. Royal Navy DD’s seem best at it, feel more fun it sinking one then being a sub.

  16. Brandon Sheffield

    I think its stupid to piece meal release to everyone. Should have released “rental sub” like they do ships for Clan Battles. How long will I have to wait? Likely 7 days. That means everyone will 7 days more experience in them and fighting against them than what I will have. I will not play the mode until I can get a sub. Stupid WG at its best.

  17. How can you already have 8 sub tokens

  18. Michael Borneman

    I’m not getting any tokens… why don’t they just let us try the subs?

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