World of Warships – First Look: Tier X Premium German Aircraft Carrier Max Immelmann

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Here’s our First Look at Tier X Premium German aircraft carrier Max Immelmann. Right now, Immelmann still feels like a ship looking for an identity. She’s already had one complete overhaul of her air group during testing, and this iteration doesn’t look like a significant improvement. I approve of them taking a cautious approach after how badly FDR has been balanced, but right now Immelmann looks comically weak on paper.

Hit points – 65,300. Plating – 19 mm.
Secondary Armament:
12×2 105.0 mm, range – 7.2 km.

AA defense: 11×4 30.0 mm, 12×2 105.0 mm.
AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second – 319, hit probability – 95 %, action zone 0.1-3.0 km;
AA defense long-range: continuous damage per second – 235, hit probability – 100 %, action zone 0.1-5.2 km;
Number of explosions in a salvo – 9, damage within an explosion – 1,540; action zone 3.5-5.2 km.

Maximum speed – 32.0 kt. Turning circle radius – 1,200 m. Rudder shift time – 16.4 s. Surface detectability – 14.0 km. Air detectability – 14.2 km.

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Fighter


Skip bombers
Hit points – 1,710, cruising speed – 174.0 knots, size of attacking flight – 4, aircraft per squadron – 12, aircraft restoration time – 90 s, detectability range – 10.0 km, number of aircraft on deck – 18. Bombs in payload – 1, bomb type – HE, maximum bomb damage – 12,200.0, armor penetration – 68 mm, chance to cause fire – 69 %

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers. The stats are subject to change during the testing.




  1. Fourth

  2. Hey WG, how about an Estonian navy CV?

  3. A while back in a devblog there was a short video with a skip bombing run

  4. The only countries to actually implement skip bombing as a strategy was the British, Americans, and I think the Italians why not give it to them who actually historically used it.

  5. Torps for BBs, Skip bombers for cruisers….

  6. The skip bombs were actually cylindrical in shape, I think that’s what you meant when you said spherical, but props to knowing their historical context.

    • Bilguun Suvarga Khairkhan

      It was first tested with cylindrical bombs, but they found that the case kept rupturing when it hit the water, so they used spheres and it worked.

  7. I have played against this thing in testing, and it is _horriffic._ Unavoidable destruction wherever. I hope it is depowered to hell and back

    • Lol you must’ve been poorly positioned. This thing is very underpowered.

    • The problem is people.say that about everything.
      Every comment about cv is chicken little

    • It ain’t the torpedoes, that’s for sure. The torps are thoroughly mediocre; Midway’s torpedo squadrons are scarier than this. Are the skip bombers really that intimidating? They’re the one thing I can’t judge based just on these numbers.

  8. The FW 190s are the stock tier 9 planes on Richthofen but with 1 more plane in the attack flight and GZ alpha on the torps

  9. It’s underpowered. It doesn’t do much.

  10. just some guy Yelling

    Wonder if the French CV will have skip bomber, if ever introduced.

  11. CynicallyObnoxious

    So this is why they rng’ed the hell out of MVR bombs now huh

  12. This is probably the one coming to RB. Could be interesting.
    US army using B-25 used skip bombing to great effect.
    The idea was to hit the water line or maybe even below it.
    In the age of sail ships would skip solid shot over the water. The USS Constitution practiced this.

  13. its like a Tier 10 German “Kaga”

  14. 35 knot torpedoes, ugh… this whole ship feels like it selling the skip bomb gimmick and that’s it…

  15. whales incomeing

  16. Manjuu, add her to Azur Lane

    • @SickSeeD She’s a paper ship like FdG, Azuma and Drake. T10 ships will come to AL due to Shinano being Ultra Rare. Future PR ships will be added in PR4 collab maybe Spring or Summer.

    • @Nathan5o4 The requirements of PR is tier 8 or 9 and has to be planned and not built. Thats is why Mainz, Odin and FDG are on there. AL has already said it before, any ship over tier 9 is not being added to the PR research. The requirements to become a ship for the game itself is that it has to be somewhat built. Like Zeppelin, she was 80% built and Strasser was 2% built while Shinano was actually in use. Immelmann didn’t even begin production and only had blueprints therefore Immelmann will never be added into AL. Some of the ships that are possible to be added into AL in the tier X categories are Yamato, Midway, Worcester, Des Moines etc. These ships may be tier X, but they were actually built, therefore they are possible to be added. Ships in tier X which are not being added are GK, Kremlin, Slava etc, because they were only blueprints and were only planned.

    • @SickSeeD My wish for PR4 is Pommern, Anchorage, Hizen, Albemarle, Flandre and Siegfried. Maybe Russian and Itallian PRs like Lenin, Paolo Emilio, Dmitri Donskoi and Marco Polo because they had alot of PRs that haven’t used yet, so we hoped to see them in thr future.

    • @Nathan5o4 Would love to see a Russian PR since 90% of WoWs russian ships are blueprint ships. And if Siegfried was ever added, top of my list. I doubt they are gonna add any Italian PR ships though.

    • @SickSeeD Ibuki existed but 80% converted into a CVL after they lost Akagi and Kaga. Many people wished that Russian and Italian PRs will come to PR4 since we have 4 IB ships 3 IL/VD ships, 2 EU ships, 4 RN ships and 4 IJN ships, but only leave Northen Parliment and the Sardegna Empire. Why AL only picked newly ships like Odin, Cheshire and Champagne, but leaves old (2016-2017) paper ships like Charles Martel, Lion and Buffalo.

  17. So about the skip bombers, I saw a person dropping a dd with it, and it instantly took away 75%of its up. Seems like if your rng is good enough, you can just solo clean enemy dd like a piece of cake.

    • Ooof. Hopefully that doesn’t survive to see live, skip bombers shouldn’t be that useful against a small, maneuvering target IMHO.

  18. Is Fdr that OP? is there a video that talks about that based on stats?

  19. Yay! Another ship that can cross drop at will. Has to put no thought into strategy. Make other players miserable because no positioning can avoid it. Last ship to die that never, never, ever has to risk its own HP to participate in a battle. Fantastic…

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