World of Warships – Fletcher Solo Warrior

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The by RedSeaBear on Tears of the Desert goes the length to a Solo Warrior. RedSeaBear sets out to take on enemies around the B point. Multiple enemy destroyers show up, but RedSeaBear plays it calmly while working on enemies in the area. The enemies gain the upper hand, RedSeaBear is given the chance to earn a Solo Warrior medal. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Fletcher Replay


  1. I’m playing this game for like 1 1/2 year and I still don’t have a single
    Solo warrior :(((

  2. so close man

  3. I Wish I could get video of my games. keep them coming.

  4. liar title

  5. Nice work on the title…almost complained about spoiler. Well done :-)

  6. Michael Page (Gothicmace)


  7. misleading title.

  8. Great game

  9. ughhhh i guess repairing the second torpedo tube to finish the tirpitz
    wasnt an option? lol 17:27 anyway realy close game

  10. Love how well he played, but hated for it to end like that. I prefer an
    honest description, even if it brings less views. I generally don’t watch
    tragedies, but I would watch a close defeat. I would absolutely enjoy it
    more knowing it ended close but unsuccessfully. Can’t like this one, I just
    prefer honesty.

  11. False title!

  12. At least the really fun battled ended because it ended.

    I think the time/point limits have straight-up ruined about 50% of what I
    would deem “The Most Fun Battles” I was ever in. (Over 8,300 battles so
    far.) Just ruined them, to the point of my wondering why I still play WoWS.
    (Can a game be laced with heroine?)

    The odd way battles just end while torpedoes and shells are on their way
    and both sides have viable fighting ships have made for slightly, to very,
    very disappointing ends to about 80% of the TMFBs, leaving me to wonder how
    much more fun the battle would have been.

    The time limits rule out sailing a much smarter course, but the victory
    conditions and time limits (not to mention map edges) limit your ability to
    do smart things, so you get sunk doing dumb things.

    Smart play is fun and rewarding, but often goes out the window due to the
    game mechanics requiring dumb play/luck, capping being the best example.
    Capping requires DD’s to do the stupidest stunts imaginable, that absent
    the cap circle, would make their teammates very angry at the pointless

    The upshot is:
    1. After I am sunk, I don’t care how the battle I was in is going anymore.
    Odds are it will end in a silly way, so it is back to port. If was worth
    watching, Notser will do a video of it.
    2. I don’t mind getting sunk, since even if I am in an interesting battle,
    odds are it will end in a silly way, so it is more fun to get sunk before
    it ends in an un-fun way.
    3. It is very hard to get “into” the game knowing that it will more likely
    than not, end before it ends. Sorry Yogi Berra, it can be over before it is
    4. I can pretty go AFK for the last few minutes of some games since there
    is absolutely nothing I can do, except sail futilely towards a destination
    I will never reach.

    * Sports announcer famed for stating the incredibly obvious, in this case,
    “It isn’t over until it’s over.”

  13. How about the boldness of that final Tirpitz player too!

  14. I’m wondering if he’s a lefty… that last area in smoke, I (a righty)
    would have scooted along the edge then upon sighting, turned hard to port,
    back into smoke. Probably wouldn’t make any difference tho’… EXCELLENT DD
    play. Congrats!

  15. If he had put a couple of salvos into the Tirpitz that was capping B
    towards the end (14:25), he would have reset the cap and saved a lot of
    enemy points. Of course he might have been knocked out by return fire, but
    maybe not. That Tirpitz was maneuvering hard to avoid torps, so probably
    wouldn’t have gotten a firing solution. Still, it’s easy to be a backseat
    admiral. It was a good game.

  16. What a heartbreaker of a game!

  17. Notser, Would it ever be a possibility for me to get into a Division with

  18. hey notser,could you plz give the stream time in GMT also.thx

  19. That horrible shell travel arc kills this entire line for me.
    Most of the time, he can not even see his shots anymore when he zooms in.

  20. fletcher booty warrior

  21. Holy Tirpitz haha

  22. man that was an epic mach

  23. Notser you horrible man 🙂 I thought I was going to witness a solo warrior
    (ive never seen one), Great game anyway!

  24. Outstanding. Get in there. This guy is why I hate BB’s.
    “When in doubt, win the war.”

  25. I was LIED too! I go cry now…..:(

  26. The potato factor on that team was too high to carry.

  27. Playing with m heart strings!!!

  28. Wow I made it to Youtube, the Sinksalot Fleet thanks you Notser. I am
    RedSeaBear and I’m kind of floored that my replay was worth a video. Some
    facts about the game, I’m still perfecting the art of smoking my allied
    ships after I tried to smoking that Izumo I realized I had a ship to the
    north that could see my battleship. Also I don’t run premium on my Fletcher
    as most games don’t generate enough credits to cover its cost.

  29. I thought he was going to win :(

  30. Ahhh the heartbreak. I had a game this week, my first in the Nagato (but
    free xp B hull) with 170k damage, kraken, HC, confederate and lost on
    points because a final konigsberg broke line of sight and ran away in a
    1v1. Lost by 50 points because a minekaze decided torp spamming a cruiser
    was a better idea than taking undefended caps. I was too frustrated to send
    that in, lol

  31. Hi Notser, will you soon be doing Dunkerque premium FR BB review maybe? :D

  32. Can’t wait for the live stream!! Another good replay presented by Notser,
    keep up the good work!

  33. Nope Nope Nope! ……just NOPE!

  34. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Are you going to do a contest or a giveaway when you hit 20k in youtube?

  35. Juan Andrés Méndez


  36. Those derpy Tirpitz could have thrown that game. All they had to do was
    disengage and hold the 2 cap points and it would be GG.


  38. creepycreeper099 ,

    Play the Iowa please

  39. Were you streaming tonight Notser?

  40. is he a Canuck? — LOL

  41. The player that finishes top of the losing team should get a win bonus.

  42. HeartBreaking ..

  43. Hey guys, i have a question. Is 150k dmg in a T3 dd is good enough to try
    to send in, or is it just avarage good?

  44. I need a new butt. Too much tensioning of my butt cheeks, so Redseabear get
    your wallet out.

  45. wait not win?

  46. Notser can we have Aircraft Carrier game play?

  47. I see you are using the anti-aliasing that trick on the user replays now…
    very nice! Although, it kind of seems jittery when they use binoculars…
    maybe that has nothing to do with the graphics settings but I seem to
    notice it more on this video that others you have posted in the past.
    Anyway, love the video! Keep up the good work Notser!

  48. If only he used damage control at the end… he could’ve killed the tirpitz
    therefore winning the game.

  49. Like your video’s very nicely done.

  50. Nice one, you tricked us with the title.

  51. i got a lexington solo worrior…
    i was hyped like a 5 year old boy on christmas… looked at the
    there is no solo worrior…
    but i was 1vs4 at the end 🙁
    and its a win!

  52. Three-thousand doubloons for a camouflage?!
    You can buy a few ships with that amount of gold.

  53. I thought it was your Solo Warrior :D

  54. Early but not first,
    I’m really enjoying you channel Notser. Keep up the good work ?

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