World of Warships – Flint – WTF DAT SMOKE?!

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Meet the , rank 1 reward ship, a massively improved with a STUPIDLY 🙁

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. I see this and I think I’m done. I’m so tired of my fun ships like Kiev and
    mogami getting nerfed and then they hand out super premiums.

  2. What the Flint man!

  3. The Flint makes me question the professionality of WG design employees to
    the point of suspecting them to be a bunch of hormonal teens with low
    impulse control.

  4. For the people who are complaining about this being op, just think what’ll
    happen when this ship gets up-tierd and higher level cruisers will just use
    their Radar, or another atlanta, and the Flint will just get nuked, this
    shows video show show well this ship will do in a top-tier match

  5. The Flint has a unique consumable…but you really don’t want to drink it.

  6. lechatdu91 ChatonQuiMetDesBifle

    it s normal that the Atlanta is focus when he is spotted it s because it’s
    à fucking gatling you cant stop it and everyone over pen on it

  7. Hey, you whined about the Cream Pie… I mean, Krasny Krim… oh, whatever
    the fuck that thing is called, for being too weak. Now you have an OP ship!
    And you still fucking whine! You people these days, holy lord… unsubbed,
    bocked, reported, copyright striked.

    … anyone triggered or nah? Sarcasm detected. Gotta give those Pro’s their
    God ship.

  8. I’d just be happy if they would extend the torpedo range on the Atlanta.

  9. If I wasn’t a broke pleb I would get a premium…

  10. I wonder if ichase will respond to my comment

  11. It was already mentioned that all american destroyers have similar smoke.
    Also, torp’s aren’t Mahan’s, but Benson’s – they do much more damage.

  12. Also – WG is giving to already best players annoying OP ship? So what’s for
    the rest players to do? Find another game I think.

  13. IRL all ships could lay smoke. But this is ridiculous.


  15. This will get nerfed. I wouldn’t spend money on it if it was for sale. I
    don’t think…

  16. it seems to be 2 Gearings at tier 7 … fun

  17. Karl Walter Sturm

    @14:49 “flint pretty much effective against everything” really even my
    radar equipped Demoin? or my 8 sec reloading (on the mains) hindenburg?
    like the video bro, but if the main guns are like atlantas the ship could
    hover over water for all i care, i would never consider buying it. I abs
    hate the arc on the guns for something intended tu hunt down DDs which in
    game actually sail at around 100 knots (the speed in game has been altered
    from real life) no thanks.

  18. 2K14 SNEAKY (2k14sneaky)

    watch wargaming take it away like the kitakami….seems wargaming has a
    problem giving out reasonable rewards

  19. how did this ship even get past the test server? wtf

  20. well German cruiser captains rejoice…. Flint blows up like pop can… he
    tried this with me in my York and just like any DD i just charge right at
    smoke and use my Hydraocoustic (since German is only one that has 6.75km
    range) … low and behold he had his broadside right to me 😛 3 Citadels
    and the was gone up in smoke like his smoke :P

  21. kinda reminds me of T-22 in WoT.

  22. Marty Rudd (Bad Wulf)

    That is nuts. I knew the smoke, but thought it would be short duration like
    the MK. but plus add the torps that people have begged the Atl to get for
    over a year now?!! WoW… WTF Wargaming? Talk about OP.

  23. Atlanta with radar and this ship with smoke…meant to sell more Atlanta
    and Indianapolis premiums

  24. The Flint is part of a class of ships that is in the Atlanta class but
    modified. Sometimes its referred to as an Oakland class

  25. I have two accounts one with good behavior and one with bad, WG
    dramatically influences RNG modifiers of this. Between my accounts there is
    ~33% shift in results. This ship will just amplify this.

  26. Wargaming BS, Battleships have no radar and no smoke. This is more WG
    pandering. Quite frankly this will generate more hate for WG.

  27. I don’t see anything incredibly broken about this. You could just squad up
    in an Atlanta with a Mahan and do the exact same AND even have radar on top
    of that.

  28. What were all of the extra lines in the water?

    Anytime I see an Atlanta on the other team I ask my team to take it out
    first. While they are fragile – one teamed with a BB and everyone
    concentrates on the BB and the Atlanta just burns other BBs in a couple
    minutes down to the waterline. Their HE sets my Kongo on fire at the
    nearest whiff of a shell near the super structure..

  29. Totally agree, it is a shit for the game health.

  30. Hope the next replay is the one I’m in. Idk he plays on NA server as well!

  31. YIKES, what a beast!!! Great vid as usual.

  32. I’d still rather have radar, but that smoke is in need of a slight nerf.

  33. on it looks like the Flint is more OP than the Imp Nik even.
    AVERAGE 68.5% win rate.

  34. Curious.. should i just stop randomed and go ranked? i am ass and probably
    wont get better:) but smaller teams and faster matches appeals to me…

  35. I would love this smoke characteristics on my Iwaki for sure. Dang…

  36. how is he shooting without aiming?

  37. i honestly disagree with what your saying the people that got this ship
    worked hard for it and deserve a good ship and second of all its not to
    much different in play style than an american destroyer.

  38. Poor guy, he got his Kraken stolen, not once, but two times in a row by the
    same dude just fishing in the south. Just securing, first for 315, then for
    425 hp. And that was a Budyonny, that has a good chance to bounce quite a
    bit of incoming shells.

  39. That damage though… Holy crap. Thank God I never get MM against tier I.

  40. Daniel Jakubčík

    just torp the smoke or look at where the shots are comming from and blind
    fire him …. its not that hard

  41. Note how all of the enemies that Flint was sinking were lower tier than
    him. Had he been in a game with Radar cruisers on the enemy team, his smoke
    would have been nullified and he’d have been nuked to death by citadels.

  42. Impressive!
    However, in my first two encounters with Flints, I blasted them with my ARP
    Haguro 1st and my ARP Myoko 2nd! By blasting I mean I took at least 90% of
    their HP and sunk them.
    One 3rd encounter with a Flint occurred since, but it was in my team…

  43. Get a Radar cruiser within 10 km of a Flint and load AP. You’ll render his
    smoke useless and nuke him with citadels.

  44. So when you see an enemy flint next time, that fellow is THE priority
    target? Its as good as waving a flag and telling everyone he is a ranked 1
    player in at least 3 seasons driving a dangerous ship. If you don’t shoot
    at him, don’t blame him for taking victory every single time.

  45. Just wait for it, in a few months WG will have it in the premium store,
    just like the Kamikaze R… 😛
    I don’t think they could live with the decision not to sell it to those,
    who weren’t patient enough to get to Rank 1 but want to get it just for
    lolz (just like me… :D).

  46. Must be cleaning it’s water supply. (Sorry bad joke, I from Michigan
    couldn’t resist).

  47. So an OP premium as a reward? I hope it gets nerfed before it is given out.
    I just came back to this game and frankly I’d quit again if such an OP ship
    was given to already strong players. Give the Atlanta the same torps and
    remove the smoke and that would mostly balance it. Smoke should be entirely
    reserved for DD’s.

  48. Hey Chase, is there a cruiser with smoke in the regular tech tree ? I
    really like smoke in my Clemson because you have these great guns on the
    Clemson and you can stay hidden in the smoke, so are there any regular
    cruisers with smoke and do russian DDs also fit this role ?

  49. this is going to cause alot of outrage

  50. This is pretty much a “screw you” to everyone who bought an Atlanta. WG has
    essentially said “Yes, we know exactly what’s needed to make that ship
    effective… So we’re going to implement those changes onto a completely
    different ship and leave you guys sucking the lemon you bought from us.”

  51. Gareth Fairclough

    If the Atlanta is Arnold Rimmer, this thing is Ace Rimmer!

  52. At 10:45 he had to leave the smoke because no one else was around to spot
    targets for him.

  53. RNGesus_Taketh_Away

    What the fuck, I cant believe how much better this thing is than the
    Atlanta :c Wish we could trade them haha

  54. Wow. Sure hope there aren’t too many of those out there. It almost seems
    like this ship is so OP that it would be boring after a while.

  55. So how is it without the premium smoke?

  56. Atlanta with radar beats Flint with smoke. >:)

  57. OP to the point of being dumb. It is not just the smoke. That amount of
    burn is super stupid as well.

  58. they buff the in shit in the Flint xD, if you compared it to the supertest
    version, there she was way worse than the atlanta

    and now would say: give me my gold for the Atlanta back WG, she lost her
    last life reason with this ship in the game

  59. Tamás Kerecsényi

    In my opinion the main problem isn’t the ship, just the fact that as a
    reward ship only rank 1 players got it , and these players can use the
    Flint with it’s full potential making it OP. (tho i agree that smoke looks
    ridiculous) Also i think Atlanta has the better AA since with the 2
    additional 127mm turrets it’s long range AA is much better, and those 40mm
    bofors gun are fine to clean up the crippled enemy squadrons anyway.

  60. What a broken ship….this is ridiculous…that smoke is ludacris…can
    only be countered by going YOLO with radar, but you’ll get absolutely
    wrecked doing so (with luck)

  61. And just remember, the balancing factor is the fact that it’s a reward
    ship. You have to reach rank 1 in 3 consecutive ranked seasons to get it.
    Not something a lot of people do.

  62. If only it weren’t so hard to reach Rank 1

  63. yeah let’s just give the best players in wows the most op ship…

  64. Nicodemus Maximus

    or it just means that the flint will be focused at every chance once
    everyone knows how dangerous it is.

  65. Pretty sure Flint is of the Juneau class. a modified Atlanta with enhanced

  66. Makes the Indianapolis look like a really good buy now… T7 and Radar…

  67. Aziz Hari Maulana

    can someone explain to me why Ichase was able to land salvos correctly
    whitout aiming ( using Lshift binoculars ) ?

  68. Rank 1 players definitly needs this ship to performe

  69. Yep, it seems so fucking broken. Reduce Smoke time to … 30 sek and it is
    balanced. 1-2 Min Smoke is broken like hell
    Oh and cooldown to 3min

  70. Considering that you have to get rank 1 in Ranked Battles to get this
    ship…..its fine as is.

  71. atlanta helps me play DD’s

    Play atlanta okay, then jump into a DD, specially a usn DD

  72. I oh so wished the Atlanta got smoke rather than radar…. Radar is nearly
    useless unless you are close to the destroyers, which means closer to the
    battleships and cruisers that want to nuke you.

  73. Soooo … players have loooooong complained about the Atlanta’s relative
    weakness for her tier … and their response was to release a ship that the
    VAST majority of players will never get. Don’t get me wrong … I do
    believe players who grinded out to rank 1 twice (thrice?) should get a
    solid performer. But it shouldn’t be a solid performer that is not just OP
    as shit, but WAY OP as shit compared to a ship that many players pulled out
    their credit cards for.

    I’m cool with this ship having smoke, but it should have Kutuzov style
    smoke with it’s short duration and base number of 1. I’m okay with having
    long range torps … but it should be the uber slow long range torps of the
    Sims, not the torps on the Mahan. Oh, and better AA than the Atlanta to
    boot with her deck loaded with Bofors? Riiiiight.

    This ship is a huge slap in the face to Atlanta owners everywhere. Even
    with Radar added to the Atlanta, she’s still way underpowered, and now even
    more so.

    P.S: I faced up against a pair of these in a battleship the other day and
    needed to get the hell out of dodge. I NEVER feel that way when dealing
    with cruisers, especially not Atlanta class ships. There’s a problem here.

  74. So to sum up, it’ll be nerfed looooooooong before I get Rank 1 two more
    times to to get it? ;-P

    Of course, the counter argument to this video is none of this would be
    possible if an Atlanta or Indianapolis with radar showed up with those
    other ships. Or hell, just a DD that could launch torpedoes into the smoke.
    Flint would have been taken out in a couple salvos.

  75. is there an autoattack button and auto aim for ure main turrets? cuz it
    looks like u are watching around and ure turrets still shooting on the

  76. Giving the best players the best toys is always a recipe for crying.

  77. Back to back uploads! Wow! No sleep tonight!

  78. can u still get it???

  79. USSEnterpriseA1701

    Dog gone, this explains why I never could see the divved pair of Flints in
    one of my Izumo games. I knew she had smoke, but geez. My Izumo is already
    a hard luck ship for me and those two just ripped me apart. To make the
    situation even more comical, they were on the enemy team in my next battle
    too. My Izumo must be cursed XD. I’m glad they didn’t get near me with
    torps, as at the time I assumed it had the same as ATL. At least I learned
    something from this. Come to think of it, if this this stays unchanged, I
    want my Cleveland and Mogami denerfed at once.

  80. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    Imo, I think she’s perfectly balanced the way she is

  81. …I need that ship.

  82. 1st he is a top tier in this battle
    2nd big ship(bigger than DD) so you can hit it in smoke even easier than
    DD, just with watching where is he shooting from
    3rd in this game, there was a lemming train with those cruisers, no wonder
    they just died like a potatos xd
    4th its a reward ship, how many ppl gonna have it? AND how many ppl will be
    good in it, lets be honest potatos got to rank 1 also…
    5th ITS A DD WITH CITADEL so its just melts when touched by BB
    Verdict? not op

  83. It would be interesting if this ship can fight t10 battles given its smoke

  84. The balancing factor is getting to Rank 1…. Chase you should know better
    than what you just said. Plus the 4 ships he faced was pretty stupid, just
    because you cant be seen does not means you cant shoot it. They LET HIM get
    away with this cause they should have kept firing into the smoke till you
    get a hit, from that point on you flush him out once you get a track on his

    You have more common sense than this Chase, you didnt point out how stupid
    those players was, the way they let him dictate the fight. The smoke is
    damn good, but be realistic man, and in this review you really wasn’t…you
    sounded like you was doing a hit piece than a review.

  85. “Fun and engaging”

  86. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    1:56 that’s why you play it like an American Destroyer, go hug those
    islands! HUG THEM

  87. IMO, the 2 most broken things in the game are the whole “smoke and shoot”
    tactic, and carrier balance. Seriously, what are the counter-play options
    to a smoke and shoot attack? You can run away (sometimes, if you’re a fast
    ship) but that just means you lose a bunch of HP with no counter possible.
    You can charge the smoke, but the 2km proxy range means the most likely
    outcome of that scenario is you eat undodgable torpedoes and die, and on
    the miracle that you survive, there is a good chance the smoker just
    stopped firing and ran, or you kill the target but are no so far out of
    position that the only method you could use to stay alive (charging smoke)
    ensures that you die. You can hope a radar equipped ship is 1) On your team
    2) In radar range 3)Has radar off cooldown 4) Notices the situation and is
    willing to use the radar. So in other words, unless the radar equipped ship
    is your ship, nope. You can use Hydro, except you can’t because hydro has a
    range of about 7 feet. Planes cannot see into smoke. The last real option,
    and probably the best one, is to just blindly shoot at muzzle blasts. When
    your best counterplay is to literally spray and pray, that’s bullshit IMO.

  88. Sell these in the store please see I give money, you give me cool ship,
    everyone wins. ^_^ Tip as a DD player if you see ne of these tail it and
    when it uses smoke hide in it to, why not, its more guns and torps firing
    especially if a gun boat.

  89. I hate people like this. We get it, you vape.

  90. 5:20 of course that DB squad got vaporized. The Flint used his Defensive AA
    o a single plane stack. wtf?

  91. I ran into Aerial in the Flint on Fault line in my Mahan. The instant he
    popped smoke i though the Flint was OP. Seeing this my thoughts have been
    confirmed. I guess the only thing that brings it down is the armour (which
    can be ignored with some good WASD Hax to avoid BB and CL AP) and the fact
    that smoke works both ways. I don’t know, I mean congrats to Aerial to
    getting to Rank 1 but I think its OP. Thoughts Chase?

  92. Reward ship!? For what challenge? I have mist it completely. Although maybe
    it`s not available on the EU server? I have been away from the game a while

  93. I’m curious what is the base range of the main guns?

  94. Don’t forget it’s going to be playing against indianapolis, atlantas and
    t8-9 cruisers with radar

  95. But iChase the game has become to NOOB friendly, people can just sail
    broadside these days, and they dont get punished, ships push forward and
    DDs cant do anything, before they used to be able to. I play on the EU
    server, and the game has been nerfed to hell. I have been playing since
    July 2015, I have 8 tier Xs and the game is just to Noob friendly these
    days. I think the Flint is perfect and shouldnt be changed at all. The more
    nerfs WG put out the more players we are going to lose. WG need to put the
    game back to how it was 7 months ago. It needs to be difficult again, not
    easier. People dont get punished for bad play anymore, citadels, GONE, torp
    hits, GONE, fire, GONE. There is no punishment anymore. Fires are still
    quite there, but only on fast firing ships like Khabs, Gearings and
    Atlantas, but everything else kinda struggles.

  96. Dam wish I worked harder at making tier 1, ran out of time/had a kid

  97. That means Atlanta counters the Flint though

  98. Thank god this was a reward ship…only seen one once since the latest
    season of Ranked ended, makes me kinda wish i was good enough to get to
    rank 1

  99. Did no one realize , you don’t have too see a ship to hit it in a smoke
    screen. Just aim for the origin of the tracers.

  100. I now have a reason to play ranked as I haven’t really bothered previously

  101. Flint? a new USSR CL?
    you said it is a US ship?
    this can’t be possible!!
    US ships (especially the CV and CA) are meant to be terrible!!

    enough trolling
    this ship need a spotter when playing smoke firing
    which is not so viable in SEA while all the damn ships play camping…..
    besides, in order to get to the ship, we need to grind through the ranked
    battle, which is basically a lucky draw game in SEA…..
    i really wonder do WG stuff play the damn game in live server and see WTF
    happening in the game and the balance….
    especially the SEA….

  102. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    To OP for me

  103. yesterday I have seen some, did not seem so OP
    but the Flint was not top tier in these battles
    I see in this vid that the smoke could use a nerf in time and recharge
    if it still OP well than I’m going assume people who have a Flint are
    pretty good players
    you know rank 1 players

  104. Having an Atlanta, super salty right now. :l

  105. you pretty much have to be a no lifer or a ridiculous player like flamu to
    get this, so I’m not even mad.

  106. Raphael Benischke

    Sry… but in this video it looks like he is using the aimbot modpack where
    you have to pay for… he dont even goes for aim and hit anyway…
    especially at the kill on the destroyer you see before like all the stuff
    is wobbeling and huddeling for right left anywere… it looks like the
    hackers of csgo.. they have the same thing too…. dunno but just my 2

  107. Wait, Chase – was this the REWARD for the Last season of Ranked? As in, is
    it already in the game? Do rank 1 captains already have access to the OP

    PLEASE tell me that this is only preliminary for the NEXT ranked season!

  108. 9:50 Yup, like Kutuzov’s smoke! 17 second charge duration, and less than
    half the concealment duration of the Flint. And about 2/3 of what a DD
    smoke lasts, and a bit less than that for tier 7+ USN DDs.

  109. I mean smoke on Kutuzov does feel badass when used offensively, but 1) The
    char is ONLY 17 SECONDS, and 2) It Dissipates IN LESS THAN HALF THE TIME OF
    THE Flint!

  110. Jean-Luc Desroches

    The only way I would even begin to consider this ship reasonable, would be
    to push it to Tier X, where more ships have radar consumable, to flush it
    out, even then… I still think it would be OP

  111. 7:33 Well that damage is not special, that is why 1v1 the Atlanta CAN wreck
    pretty much any cruiser she meets, but only in a 1v1 scenario where no one
    else can get shots on the Atlanta…

    Smoke allows this NOT-QUITE-Atlanta to take on an almost endless stream of
    targets, and the smoke does last STUPIDLY LONG!

    Here’s another idea WG, give the Atlanta ENDLESS RADAR! It just goes the
    ENTIRE match Non-stop! do that and we might call it squarezies!

  112. lol, listening to ichase’s opinion. After his SA bug assessment he lost all

  113. so you need an Atlanta with radar and that extra gun turret to take out the
    Flint maybe lmao

  114. Just because you made the Krasney Krym doesn’t mean that you can balance it
    out with this.

  115. The Atlanta has Radar now its a new ball game now. DD Killer number one!

  116. WTF?! THIS is what I HATED about WOT!

    WG: “EHHHH, Guise! Check out this badass new tank!” – looks Awesome! “Sure
    it does m8! Now all you have to do to get it, is have a combination of
    luck, and the persistence of a monkey smoking crack!” Me: “Screw that shit!
    I couldn’t play that much if I WANTED TO! And if I did I would end up

    Now if they either give the Atlanta the ABILITY to use smoke, or give a

    Though I would prefer just giving Atlanta smoke..

    I thought the radar was pretty cool, and when I saw this ship in
    Gamemodels3D and WOWS Stats and Numbers, I was HALF considering buying it
    for those 9.2km torpedoes alone! But I had NO CLUE it got smoke, the SINGLE

    I have not yet played ranked, as I want to KNOW that I am good enough to
    not be the one of the reasons my team loses. And even if I DID play ranked,
    I don’t know that I HAVE THE TIME to get to ranked 1 even if I do have the

  117. The Flint “The Atlanta players dream” xD xD xD

  118. Was this ship ever fucking tested? How the hell was it allowed be given out
    while this fucking broken? Look WG, if your going to do this kind of buff
    for an Atlanta clone, at least have the fucking decency to do the same for
    the Atlanta.

    I mean ffs, reward ship or not, this is insane.

  119. Completly broken !!!

  120. and just think, this will be allowed to be played in the next season of

  121. How can he aim without the sniper zoom? I see the aiming reticule move in
    strange ways. Aimbot?

  122. that was very good one but to much over power

  123. IChase, have you ever wondered, how many Eries could you ram with a

  124. “AA is much better than the Atlanta” here come the salty cv tears.

  125. I once thought the only way to make the Atlanta good is to give it radar or
    smoke. Now there is radar for lolanta and this damn thing

    *keeps thinking of sheep buffs*

  126. 5:45 – 8:00 I wonder what AP would have done in that situation. Especially
    against the Schors and the Nürnberg… My guess is he’d have killed them
    even quicker (probably quite a lot quicker) then he already did.

    That smoke is absolutely ridiculous though…I know WG does not like to
    nerf premium ships after they came out, since people paid money for them.
    And unilaterally changing a product after it has been bought and paid for
    will possibly, by the laws of at least some countries, entitle customers to
    get a full refund, despite what any WG terms & conditions might say.

    Parts of a companies terms & conditions that conflict with national laws
    simply are invalid for any resident of that respective nation (at least
    that’s what it’s like here in Germany; surely it’s the same elsewhere).
    It’s just that people usually don’t seem to bother going through the effort
    of contesting terms & conditions.

    But nobody bought this ship -> there is no problem nerfing it.

    Either reduce the smoke duration by 30-50% or lower the number of charges
    to 1!! (2 for premium smoke).

  127. Logged in today just to try her. Got sunk from concentrated fire when enemy
    Atlanta used radar on me while I was in smoke XD
    imo Atlanta AA is better since Flint better AA have shorter range, plus
    having manual AA skill means 8 less 127 AA guns as well.
    For people complaining about Atlanta needing a buff, the radar is already a
    huge buff.
    For people saying about torping the smoke camping Flint, do note that Flint
    can swap AA barrage for sonar. Going to try mix my Lo Yang and Atlanta
    playstyle and see how it goes 😀
    Flint can’t just smoke camp freely in the front lines with T7 USN premium
    CAs, some T8 CAs having radar. She’s still Atlanta tier endurance 😀
    But I still agree her smoke duration is too long.

  128. I had met this ship before at PT server but the only thing I know about
    this is this is a Atlanta with smoke and nothing else because it died too
    soon that game
    Now I see this video and what I can only think of is
    Are you, ****ing serious WG.

  129. This is just ridiculous! Did WG have a brainfart when they created this?
    Havent they learned anything after Imperator and Gremy?
    This is just broken OP, their isnt any way to really counter this monster.
    Because the duration and size of the smoke you cant really shot or torp it
    efficiently in the smoke, no planes can reach it alive, and if someone
    rushes it has great torps?

    The Kutuzov is balanced because its smoke just covers the entire ship and
    last a short time, this one is just a Gearing on Crack.

  130. it seems like a real kick in the nuts to the Atlanta

  131. chase is this ship will be available in the store?

  132. The Atlanta is a good ship as a whole and your supposed to normally play it
    as a destroyer hunter but to make it slightly more flexible the base max
    range should be be at least 14.3 km, at tier seven destroyers of most
    nations have longer range guns then the current range the guns of the
    atlanta is equipped with which is kinda sad.

  133. Yeh but if you land in a T8 or T9 battle enemy will radar you and you’ll
    get wrecked, that or you’ll get torps in the smoke, here we just saw
    cruiser with short range torps launching torps.
    Also that smoke lasts more than my Benson/fletcher

  134. I’m seriously pissed being an Atlanta owner, WG better make the Flints
    setup a B-hall for the Atlanta, also we Atlanta owner have been begging for
    smoke since forever… and then WG just goes and gives a overpowered
    Atlanta 2.0 away to the top players who won ranked which is just a really
    bad idea. WG WTF is going on!! to much vodka again ?!

    And here i remember WG having said they wouldn’t change or nerf. premium
    ships after they was sold, but Flint makes the Atlanta even more obselite,
    so time for them to upgrade the Atlanta (rader is a joke compared to a
    smoke screen) or refund every Atlanta owner with Scharnhosts :(

  135. Sad I didn’t play much ranked this season, but nice to see there was a real
    reward this time. This is an awesome ship (totally not OP or something :P)
    Have fun with it ;)

  136. How can u hit targets, without aim bot???u select target, and auto aim
    activ???bug of replay?

  137. think about having a FLINT and an ATLANA in a division!! :D

  138. **Trying to lick elbow** Herro eye em Wargamooo and muh moomy seys eye em
    speshil :D

  139. All i can say is . wow…..

  140. Chris_The_Autotech

    Chase, smoke works both ways, so this ship is situational. Its “OP” in
    certain situations, where it has teammates spotting for it, otherwise its
    blind for the whole duration of the smoke. Its got wet paper clumps for
    armor and doesn’t have the maneuverability of a DD plus those 127mm guns…
    yeah “consistent” damage… of between .5-1k-4.7k per salvo doesn’t sound
    vary consistent, unless you mean consistent in it will just about always do
    some damage, if you hit your mark. I think I saw 2 salvos that whole game
    that did over 4k, the average looked like 1k-2k if he had all his guns on
    target, half that for just the front turrets. Not OP, no way. It requires a
    brain to play well, therefore, its not op at all. Its situational, and if
    you can’t create the right situation by your positioning in the match,
    you’ll just get munched to death like an Atlanta in a yolo charge in the
    early game.

  141. dont worry guys, theyll give it to us on sale some day within the next
    year; wargaming gives, wargaming takes

  142. the flint, is basically WG saying Fuck You to every atlanta owner

  143. OMG she is too good to be true!

  144. the first time i saw this ship is in public test. Was sailing the Fletcher,
    and the Flint was sunk by me inside my smoke.

  145. Please don’t even think or talk about nerfing this awesome looking ship. I
    want one now, and if I go to the trouble and effort to do the things I need
    to do to earn it, I don’t want it ruined by crybabies and pussy boys
    complaining it’s too OP.

    If I encounter an enemy Flint in one of my battleships, I’ll most likely be
    burned to a crisp at first, but I’ll just have to use my brain, and figure
    out how to beat it, which I think is possible

  146. is scharnhorst coming this week?

  147. Saw her yesterday and was like “WTF is this?” O.o

    Edit: Holy shit is this thing utterly broken, what were they thinking?

  148. The Flint looks amazing. Too bad it’s still not worth the absolutely
    abysmal grind that’s required over three seasons of ranked battles.

  149. how do you get that cool super detailed minimap *range* circle minimap
    thingy window? i can only seem to get the super basic lame version

  150. Create smoke at 5:45, lasts till 8:05… damn I want that ship.
    Smoke is pretty OP as radar ships in T7 are very rare.

  151. i guess i cant be mad since any flint is a rank one three freaking ranked

    but four smokes for two minutes each with a cool down of only 30 seconds
    man thats eight minutes of stealth fire with rapid fire HE.

    So what about the Atlanta theres no way to now upgrade the Atlanta without
    stepping on the Flint Earners hard work :(

  152. one of my division pals just got his, we were having some fun – I was in
    Shchors letting loose Russian AP next to his HE, potent mixture of focus

  153. That is such a broke ship, shocked they didn’t slap a Russian flag on it.
    Like the Gremy and Niko, so broke they’ll never be sold again. Add in the
    WoT clone ban system there putting in next week, the one infamous for
    abuse. And my personal favorite, the ninja nerf to silver earned in
    matches, that they didn’t bother to post about anywhere I could find. So
    unless your paying for premium, the grind just got that much longer. I’m
    done giving this company my money. The WG doesn’t stand for War Gaming
    anymore, it’s Wallet Grabbers.

  154. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    a division of a Flint an Atlanta a and a cleveland would burn everything to

  155. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    And the smoke last 1 minute longer than the USN DD’s smoke

  156. I would half the duration of smoke, and increase the cooldown by 300%.
    I would say the enemy team was a little poor, he was just sitting still and
    you can judge where the shots are coming from withing smoke, especially
    with that rate of fire.

  157. Borschty The Mighty

    Remember when the days I played Ranked? yeah.. I remember those days…

  158. Wargaming ignore the problems with the Atlanta and give this ship all these
    abilities? Fuck WarGaming.

  159. Is is bad if I play Kutuzov exactly like this flint?

  160. looks like she has tier 9 dd smoke screen.

    HUE. maybe WG should hire david kim to balance their ship.

  161. Wait a overpowered USN ship who are you and what have you done with the
    real WG XD

  162. @iChaseGaming imaging a Atlanta and flint division death squad smoke and
    radar and AA of death

  163. I wonder how many of these have been rewarded? Im guessing not too many,
    I’m on EU so imagine we won’t run in to too many? Thanks for controlling
    the cam this time Chase, more relaxing to watch. :)

  164. Ayyy, we got smokersin the boiler room, Cap

  165. It should be OP, you deserve it if you manage rank 1 in three season of
    ranked. god knows i cant

  166. I prefer Radar over a smoke screen and better AA and some torps. Radar
    seals the deal for me :V

  167. BLYAT – I will never have the small amount of life required to obtain this

  168. Guillermo Fischer

    yep, I love my Flint. Pretty and powerfull =D.
    PS: the smokescreen duration is the same as the Mahan

  169. James Bigglesworth

    I thought the Flint was going to be bad… lol

  170. Richard Stefanits

    Radar and Sonar may ruin it’s days but we will see…

  171. Just division with some destroyer buddies and you would probably achieve
    the same thing with Atlanta if they are competent…

  172. ..I wonder if folks start auto-reporting players in these ships like the
    T22 in WOT(until it was nerfed)…

  173. sick… but i guess itll be nerfed!

  174. Hey chase what happened to nautical tales? I loved it!

  175. Earliest ive been to an ichase vid.
    Quick let me make shit up!

    Legend has it, that if u are early, ichase will respond.

  176. Saw you testing the Dunkerque in Arlios’s video :D

  177. They are going to nerf the smoke for sure

  178. Gimme that 4 smoke charge in my kutuzov goddamnit…

  179. Looks to me an Atlanta is now a Flint killer. Radar negates the smoke. Just
    have to dodge the torps and bang away. Probably eat each other. My Atlanta
    has 13.3 km range guns.

  180. How to defeat the flint:
    Pop radar, shred that paper armor
    Dont have radar? Throw all your torps in the smoke
    Dont have torps? enjoy a slow, burning death

  181. A giant Gearing, definitely not overpowered. :D

  182. Wow! Flint is OP af.

  183. Flint with Atlanta division, Flint pop smoke, both hide in it, Atlanta pop

  184. The one thing about smoked Flint is that it’s a large target compared to a
    destroyer. You can hit destroyers sitting still in smoke by aiming for
    where they’re firing their shells from, and aiming for a Flint like that is

    I won’t say that’s enough of a balancing factor, but it’s at least

  185. still waiting for that season 2 rank 1 reward ship…

  186. MeKanism Lastname

    I’m expecting WG to pull a Kitakami and remove this ship

  187. WG managed to introduce a Reward Premium more broken than the T22sr. I’m

  188. OP

  189. Is the flint for the ranked season that just ended?

  190. That’s no smoke, that’s Romulans cloaking device :D

  191. Kerwin S. (XRazer10)

    who knew an Oakland class could be so. . op

  192. uploading at 12?


  193. well offically RIP for atlanta then. even with the radar now that almost
    make what atlanta unique becomes worthless now.

  194. Sooo overpowered…

  195. What were they thinking? (developers)

  196. I don’t know, A ridicules OP ship rewarded for winning a ridicules grindy
    contest three times seems about right. -__-

  197. Flatulierendes Manatee

    It is just better as the Atlanta! Should be a T8

  198. Atlanta isn’t even bad anymore. Look at the statistics. People should stop
    asking for buffs of premium ships that don’t need it.

  199. So the Flint is an upgraded premium version of a premium ship. O…kay.
    Heaven knows what Wargaming was thinking there.

    Also, smoke!? 0_o


  201. yeah i’m with you on this Chase, the Flint’s Smoke is blatantly broken….

  202. TrungVN the Purpdonkey (MinecraftVNteam)

    Flint and steel lol

  203. THIRD

  204. Shavonne Martinez

    This is so cool

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