World of Warships – Foxbat

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If you’re name is Foxbat, there’s a slim chance you might be getting pretty excited about todays’ video. Hopefully that makes up for your parents naming you after an insane supervillain from an obscure Role Playing Game.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Alternatively, a famous Soviet high-speed interceptor.
    EDIT: Lol, that error at the end showing the results of a _Jean Bart_ replay.

    • @AJ Jones Aluminum was still out so they IIRC made msot of the airframe out of steel alloys.

      Also, it still holds multiple speed and altitude world records, and was one of the main reasons the SR-71 Blackbird ended up being retired.

    • @Magni56, true. When a Russian pilot defected with his Foxbat to Japan, the Japanese saw spots of rust on his plane and so they thunked a magnet up against the fuselage. If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid. Of course the Foxbat had many problems, it’s short range for one. That Russian pilot took off from an airfield near Vladivostok and BARELY made it to Hokkaido, with 90 seconds of fuel left.

    • @AJ Jones Neat but from playing aircraft console games back in the day I really enjoyed the Foxbat and the Larger Foxhound I know they weren’t top end fighters but skill cool planes non the less. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked better than it functioned in real life because the USSR was all about quantity not quality and would half ass things for production. But there still was a lot of decent jets Russia made as well as tanks and warships.

      But this interesting learn about from historical perspective to say at least. But even if it had a lot or some major issues I still thought it was sleek design for late 1960s to mid 1970s design unless its newer that decade range but It wouldn’t be older than at least.

      But also I would have to say the mig 21 fishbed interceptor pilots must had to been a special kinda crazy I heard that Older super sonic jet was like being strapped to a rocket at maxs speed. I know that ones unrelated. But possibly more well known.

      I could be wrong I don’t think the Foxbat and Foxhound line of Russian mig has gotten as much attention some of the older and newer migs.there just kinda there mentioned in books but not as famous a later Mig29 Fulcrums and 33 Super Fulcrums and SU 27 Flanker series.

      So yah just interesting to know more information or stories on the Foxbat series. And the Foxhounds main visible difference was that it was larger and had more powerful engines I suspect along with other smaller differences with weapons systems and flight controls.

      ZI just wanted to mention the Foxhound because its upgraded version I suspect of the Foxbat or its successor.

    • @AJ Jones That was also when the west learned being fast was about the only thing it had going for it too

    • @AJ Jones He has an excellent autobiography that is an absolute must read: MiG Pilot.

  2. Jingles: King George V the Tier 8. *looks at the Roman Numerals* I see two Is not 3. Its 7. Jingles? What are you doing with that shovel?

  3. Seccond salvo on the emerald was AP tho jingles

    • First salvo was HE, which can be seen by the shell colour even tho the bottom says AP, second salvo was AP, just look at shell colour its no longer orange

    • Yeap second shot on the emerald was AP, and some replay bugs with what was loaded. Think I only fired AP a couple times this match, figured with the amount of cruisers I was facing, HE would be more reliable.

    • Wouldnt be a jingles vid if he didnt say smn wrong

    • Also he forgot that the London actually does have a smoke screen

    • @Foxbat2525 nice job resisting the lemming train!

      Idk why they’re getting more and more common…

  4. Ah yes, Jean Bart, my favorite T8 Royal Navy Battleship.

  5. 4:27 actually jingles, those where AP citadels.
    *shotgun clicks

  6. Also, that’s an interesting looking “Tier 8” (1:31) Jean Bart…

  7. “Victory [KES]BlackViper01 *IX Jean Bart*”

  8. Timothy Marchant

    “The Tier 8”

    You know Jingles, I think you do this deliberately.

  9. That’s – that’s the wrong battle report at the end lol. Classic Jingles 😛

  10. Looks at the post-battle result and the UI at the start when it shows foxbat is loading HE while he is actually shooting AP

  11. 3:44 is this some kind of bug because i see him/her got AP loaded and shoot out HE?

  12. “Well actually jingles the King George 5th is a tier 7” -literally everyone

  13. Actually Jingles:
    The king George is a tier 7, not 8
    The Jean Bart is not tier 8 AND
    Those were AP citadels( 4:27)

    hey why is everything so dark and damp and… salty

  14. Saradis Apostolidis

    Mighty overlord is under overload. The amount of “actually Jingles” in this video is …

  15. Ahh Jingles, never change, showing the wrong post battle results screens for the replay 😀

  16. Vladimír Hlocký

    Not only did Jingles f*ck up the ship’s tier, he also managed to f*ck up the post battle results screen. Congratulations, I am officialy amused.

  17. Funny, I seem to remember the MiG-25 when looking at that title.

  18. Apothecary Terry

    14:17 Aaaactually Jingles…1 of those torpedoes hits the enemy Gneis later and causes a flood ☺

    • That torp hit was clutch

    • MrFinalresistance

      La Galissonniere played this quite smart. He fired those torps from outside their range, so the Gneisenau would not expect to run into them at all.

    • I’m not seriously hating on Jingles, because I’ve watched his vids on and off for years; but he acts like he doesn’t like toxicity, but when you’re constantly looking for things to criticise people over so it gets laughs from your audience, that’s kind of toxic in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of dumb shit in online games – but that doesn’t justify lazily slapping an idiot badge on everyone that does something that you don’t understand – especially when you’re doing it all in front of a big audience

    • Apothecary Terry

      ​@Tom Meakin There’s a difference between making rude and insulting comments to someone in chat compared to making fun of them in a light hearted way for entertainment.
      If someone tells me I’ve been a moron then that’s fine (if I haven’t I’ll explain why and make jokes back). If they start comparing me to cancer and telling me to go and die in a fire then I’m going to explain very clearly why their 1 brain cell doen’t have any friends.
      Jingles is also crap, so you get cases like this where he’s made fun of someone but was wrong, like he was when repeatedly telling us the KGV is a T8 ☺

  19. 0:33 “Tier 7”
    1:31 “Tier 8”

    Did Wargaming uptier the ship in those 58 seconds?

  20. “Actually Jingles: The London does have a smoke screen….”

    • Pretty much the only thing that tells her apart from her techtree sistership.

    • at least he corrected this one. but there was AP citadel, T8 mislabelings, questioned torpedo range not counting for ship movement, wrong end result screens. Jingles in usual form.

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