World of Warships – How much FREE EXP can you make in tier 1???

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So I started another regrind with as many bonuses as I could muster, this time German DDs.

Unlike previous time where I skipped tier 1 and 2 cruisers to not waste my time (which means I didn’t get any free exp I could use but I did count it in the number of battles played), this time I decided I will play EVERYTHING.

Needless to say nobody expected THIS AMOUNT of free exp.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. John Paul Jones

    Since you seem to be doing memes, I recommend sometime you do Okhotnik, maybe even with torpedoes build lol

    • I love that ship lmao. Only thing I have ever spent money on in Wows and its awesome

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      He is not doing memes, he wants to test how quickly it is possible to go from t1 to t10 with the recent flags limitation removal (spoiler: very quickly)

    • or smith, 1 torp per tube, 10 sec reload

    • John Paul Jones

      @Sriram L I love surprising DDs in ambushes, and just removing half their health or more in a single strike. It’s so over the top and I love it too.

    • Recon WB yeah its a nice ship but I hate how long it takes to get a battle so it’s really frustrating

  2. Hey, just wanted to say hi. I am a new player (been playing for about two months) and I am pretty sad to see that the game is declining. However, I have really enjoyed your streams and videos and they have helped me as a player tremendously. I think it is a worthy mention, about two days ago I played my best game ever in a North Carolina. Guess what map? Two brothers. And I went mid. Before I found your channel, I kinda sucked, so my winrate has suffered (44%). A guy in chat that day was dissing me and telling me to go play co-op, but I shut him up pretty good and got a High Caliber, Dreadnought, Fireproof, Kraken and 2 dev strikes. I feel like I owe that to you and your channel. While the game is declining, your content is certainly not, so keep it up!

    • Nice job 🙂 People will moan every time you go mid (and I can kinda understand why) but so long as you play smart like Flambass and know how to use your ship there it generally works well.

      I think the “declining” part is that it seems a lot of experienced, long-time players are leaving and less experienced players just filter through and, as Flambass said, it means that a high tier game can look exactly the same as a low tier game. Sure the total number of players isn’t diluting, but the skill is.

    • @Toni Marc The game IS declining. Remove all the bored stay-at-home-because-VIRUS players from the equation, and you’d see that the number of players is going down. New players who are coming in are to a high %age those short-attention-span, “I-play-4-phun” players who are hopping from MPOG to MPOG within less than 6 months.
      WG doesnt care about this, because THAT’s their new target audience: whats better (for their bank account) than a player who spends 200 on prem time, some prem ships, camos and flags, then plays less than 10 battles on weekends, and moves on to another game after less than 500 battles played?!

    • I just want to clear things up a bit, I think the game is declining because everything I’ve seen is that it used to be a lot better. Cvs were more fun, and there used to be no HE spam ships like they are now, and Russian bias, powercreep, etc. All the issues flambass has talked about in particular, seem to have made the game less fun.
      Thanks for the heart too flambass 🙂

    • Know the felling, I started playing this out of boredom and insomnia during lockdown and have been slowly grinding and playing pretty terribly. The wows youtubers have helped me up my game significantly, now I just need to figure out how to use flags properly to get out of T5 =D

    • Game declining is not really the right phrase. The average skill level IS declining. The long time players say it, and the numbers show it. I often run match maker monitor and in an average game 2/3rds of the players have a bad player rating. What a lot of the veteran players are complaining about is that Wargaming needs to make much bigger efforts to address the situation.
      BTW – Going up the middle is usually bad move. I’ve only seen it work 10% of the time (Out of probably 40 tries).

  3. There are no WG bots. WG bots are named :Hans: for example.

  4. Robert Pettigrew

    Must admit I love the consumable change but find the flag choice mind boggling. Now I understand they want to get people using more flags but to do so in such a way just wrong. Being able to do either of the top two would be ok but when you hit the special ones it get stupid. Maybe a limit of 8 combat and a combo of 8 of the others (so the same as before for max effect but with combat flags).

  5. I’ve met T1 players that have 15-20K games solely in T1. Like just 50-100 games in anything else.

    BTW Gryf is Polish WW2 minelayer.

  6. Maybe ill go seal clubbing in t1 and get a kraken after i put my 19 point captain on it.

  7. Mihovil Danicic

    cool, now everyone is gonna do this and WG will make insanely op russian cruiser for T1 as well.

  8. Re-Class Battleship

    “Lots of shells being fired, nobody can hit anything.” – Imperial Russian Navy at the Battle of the Dogger Bank (and the whole voyage to Tsushima, really)

  9. Tier 1 with a 19 point captain….. dirty 🙂

  10. Michael Søndergaard

    i did see Daniel Rusev playing t1-3 ships some time ago. we joked in chat about thats how uni players get all their flags. go low tier for seal clubbing

  11. Ringo Wunderlich

    Ah good ol’ Hermelin. Started playing WoWs, when German cruiser line was released. Back then Matchmaking was Tier 1 and 2 and AP on the Hermelin was a meme with all the delivered citadel hits.

  12. This match fell like bunch of pedos got catfished in to the same house. 😄

  13. ” These mother truckers are Seal Clubbing as much as I am. There’s no noobs here” I feel that when I play lower tiers too El Flambino.

  14. I’m guessing after this T1 battles will drop every 10 secs from the usual several minutes waiting time i had when starting the euro boats line , Top tier battles empty, what, is everyone doing ranked ?, nope grinding T1 , that’s the place to be

  15. Who told you Gryf was Swedish ship? It was ship of Polish Navy. A large minelayer with destroyer’s armament built in 1936 in France. It sank in 1939 under German bombs.

    • Konrad von Hötzendorf

      Because the European destroyers’ tech tree is mainly Swedish dds + some early tier Polish ones, so that’s why he assumed Gryf was Swedish, I did such mistake myself before. It’s actually quite stupid how WG has fused ships of two different nations into a one tech tree.

  16. who we really are

    the dude in the Gryf has about 870 games in total, 314 of those are in t1. the real sealclubber is the COAL guy, 15770 battles played, all in t1

    • @TheGrandexeno ”shut up” ? go back to your salt mine you scurrilous stinker lol… and I’m not playing bloody T1, just saying that there are poeple who enjoy it, thats a fact. And differences in players experience lvl is among every tiers, how many ”experienced” players you see at T10 huh? jesus how potato you are…

    • @xyz and how many experienced players you see in t1? Only seal clubbers with 10pts+ captains. If people like t1 because “t10 is frustrating” it means they are scrubs that should play coop. T6, t7 and even t8 can be frustrating. T10? Lmao. Now go back to your apologetic theories, sealclubber.

    • @TheGrandexeno People like low tiers because its fun, simple as that, you don’t see there camping BBabies waiting for miracle, maps are small and battles are dynamic. Whole point of calling someone ”sealclubber’ is just stupid… God forbid anyone playing the game in their own way, we don’t live in a dictatorship its not fuckin North Korea. Move your ass from the basement sometimes mr ”scrub” have nice day

    • @xyz t1 is not “low tiers”. Low tiers = 4,5 (maybe even 3). T1 is “enjoyable” only for certain individuals. 😉

    • 15,000 games, I’d suspect he ran a bot being cynical 🙈. That player must have a huge amount of free xp though

  17. 8:53 Lego Yoda death sound

  18. All the experienced players are seal clubbing in T1, while all the noobs are playing Tier X and getting slaughtered. 🤣🤣🤣

  19. — sigh — That moment when you realize there are not many new players, and the ones that are new,,, get smashed at tier 1.

  20. His last video was so accurate, but I just had a legitimately good game.
    I did quite well but that wasn’t what surprised me the game lasted 20 minutes (really!) and it wasn’t one-sided. It was super even until the last 1 or 2 minutes when my team got on fire.

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