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I love close battles and I had one last night where it was pretty much neck and neck all the way until the very end. I was playing a Fubuki this game, using the 10km torps with torpedo acceleration, and I did a decent amount of work. Also I update you all about Situational Awareness issue, Fire Control Modification issues, Patreon and something else.

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  1. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    the 8km fast torps are not particularly useful when there are cvs in the
    game. T8 and above cvs dont usually give you the chance the get within 8km.
    i still prefer the 12km ones in the T8 games. they give me at least some
    ability to fire at the enemies when cvs are searching for me all over the

  2. I saw your reticle you submitted and I was wondering how you would I be
    able to install and use it on WoWs?

  3. NickelPlateRoad779

    Any way you could do a quick “how-to” on installing tanz’s ship skins?

  4. fubuki was total shit before 5.5. now i need to try and see but over all
    its a sluggish dd

  5. Hey chase i know this is random. But you should do a series where you go
    through an entire ship line over so for example tier 1 to tier 10 of the
    american cruiser.( Either you create a new account and go through a ship
    line or wait for the next and do that) I was just thinking it would be fun

  6. Smoke cloud? You may want to use the term smoke screen, sounds better.

    I have lost detection then done S turns and still been nailed by enemy
    ships…I do think something is wrong with detection but I think it is only
    under certain conditions, more a glitch then planned.

  7. “Take it off and see what the results are”
    Am I missing something here? You can’t remove a module without doubloons
    can you?

  8. Well if someone decides he wants to get hit by you and he makes 30kn you
    will never hit him in a fubuki with the 8km Torps and geting to Close will
    kill you since ist one of the slower DDs.

  9. Tone is next video right Chase? *PS if you get annoyed with me asking every
    video let me know and I will stop ;)*

  10. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Honestly? That Accuracy Module Thingy sounds like mayor-bullshit.
    If it says MINUS 17% Dispersion, i expect it to do that.
    Screw WG, WE ALL should demand a refund (Send a Ticket) if it really only
    does -17% when your aim is right…what does that even mean? If you are
    within 10 Pixels of the Spot an Aim Assist would show you or what?

  11. Lord Morgan The Gaming Squid

    nice job on the karbashkrov

  12. Must disagree with SA working. It’s the first skill I put on a captain. My
    amagi taking hits when ships who are not lit and my SA is silent from
    plane, ship or radar spot. Don’t record matches so have no video proof. My
    division mate about 1.5km ahead of me reports being spotted but is behind
    island so not taking hits. In fact if I remember correctly my SA didn’t go
    off once even though I ram killed an enemy BB

  13. Hi Chase!

    I wanted to drop a few lines after your last Sail n’Chat, but I couldn’t so
    I’ll do it here, being it your latest upload. Point 1 relates to the “Fire
    Control Modification issues”, points 2 and 3 are game mechanics related,
    and point 4 might help you with the Patreon stuff.

    1) Please could you redirect us to any kind of official WG explanation,
    forum or whatever, regarding the “Fire Control Modification issues”, it
    sounds quite frightening that a module so simple in conception and
    explanation for the players actually could be such a mess, imo…

    2) Have you got any opinion regarding the secondary batteries role and
    their current impact on the game? Specially regarding their tier 5 perk for
    manual secondary control… I personally find it quite unnerving and even
    unfair for the batteries not to fire unless an enemy is selected. Yes,
    obviously the buff should only be applied to targets manually selected, but
    why not to fire “unbuffed”, so as usual, on target not selected, in other
    words as if the captain didn’t have the perk?
    Funny thing is that with the perk only up to 50% of the secondaries can
    fire (roughly 50%, The youtuber Flamu has a funny Yamato secondaries video
    in which this is highlighted and explained) For example, was the Warspite
    using this perk, her total secondaries firepower when having enemies on
    both sides (and this situation is not that strange) would be seriously
    reduced because that “+15%” hits on selected target, roughly, wouldn’t
    compensate the “50%” less guns engaged from the now inactive side…

    3) Also, have you got any opinion regarding the rather useless and “game
    impact lacking” mechanic “target acquisition range”? Maybe I am missing
    something, but I think that currently as long as someone spots a target,
    even if it is outside your ship’s target acquisition range (or LoS), you
    can lock on it and fire guns or torps… Isn’t it a bit absurd? Have you
    ever had any discussion regarding this topic? If you could only lock on
    targets within your acquisition radius, wouldn’t this be a way of
    addressing the long lances spam problem? What is the point on giving DDs a
    low acquisition range (because they are not too high), and BBs a big one
    (because of the high spotting tower), if it then has almost no impact on
    the game? Again, maybe I miss something, but I don’t remember any situation
    in which this mechanic has played any role (or I wasn’t aware of it)…

    4) I sometimes follow another youtube channel completely WoWs unrelated but
    rather MtG (maybe you know about this collectible card game…) “Tolarian
    Community College” link: I
    encourage you to have a look at the channel because I consider it to be of
    a very high quality, rigorous, very pedagogic and entertaining. The
    “Professor”, who runs the college, asks for help via Patreon. You could
    just check the channel out or even contact him for a friendly “just
    youtuber things” discussion. Anyhow, best of lucks!

  14. It’s surprising to know the dispersion goes worse with that module when not
    perfectly aimed…

  15. Accuracy =/= precision. We can’t have a serious discussion about the Gun
    Fire Control System mod until people understand this distinction.

  16. I just got the Fubuki and I have the question. Is is worth equipping the C
    hull and losing the third turret?

  17. LMFAO! My new favorite quote regarding MM “I guess MM got a bit drunk and
    decided to screw somebody.” – Because that is exactly what drunk Russi….
    *Ahem* people do!

  18. 12:49 – iChase had a Freudian slip, accidentally invoking the name of his
    favorite band in the world! XD

  19. combat dolphins? what is this? red alert?

  20. The Aoba made it in as part of a platoon. At the beginning of the game
    there were A and B platoons on enemy team, looks like one disbanded before
    end of the game where there was only 1 enemy platoon showing. MM not that

  21. IF Situational Awareness is working as intended now (after it CLEARLY
    changed), then why did no one ever mention it was broken and need a fix all
    the time beforehand?

    SA telling you that you’re unspotted, you start manouvreing and then a
    couple seconds later (and in some cases longer than just 3 seconds),
    accurate (!) salvoes hit you (remember that turning thing?), then quite
    clearly you’ve still been spotted after SA told you you weren’t anymore.

    Definately not as it used to be! And it doesn’t help that the devs that
    come about and said it’s working as intended describe it’s effects very
    much like WoT’s Sixth Sense and saying it’s always been like that (when it
    wasn’t) isn’t lending them any credibility.

    As for the dispersion upgrade explanation: frankly, sounds like a load of

  22. So wait you are basically saying to uninstall the accuracy module to get
    worse dispersion and hope that RNG just magically carries the shell where
    you need it to go, if you suck at aiming?

  23. that’s unbelievable about the dispersion mod, what the heck are wargaming
    thinking by doing that? I think it’s time to bang the war drum over this,
    preferably with the head of the dev who signed off on this change because
    it didn’t use to be like that.

  24. Shadowknight5518

    Cmon ichase have you ever heard of patience when using torps? You could
    have done so much damage if you just waited that extra 10-20 seconds

  25. Did the MM go back to CBT standards to put an Aoba in a tier 9 match? xD
    I still remember the good old times when Yamatos could still feast on

  26. I wonder when the next nautical tale comes out?

  27. Robin Schuhmacher

    Good to know SA seems to be working as intended, that’s a relief. What I
    noticed with patch though is that there seem to be a lot more
    magazine detonations. May just have been RNG and I didn’t see anything
    regarding that in the patch notes, but in my last three games in a row, my
    magazine blew up in the first two and I blew up a DDs magazine in the
    third. And those weren’t the only detonations in those matches. Was that
    just weird random chance or did anyone else notice something like that?

  28. About Fire Control Modification, I think this is what the developer wanted
    to say: At long range, if your aim is off, bigger dispersion helps you
    cause there’s i higher change you hit at least one round out of many. And
    in close range where you aim is perfect you want your shots converge on the
    target more tightly to maximize the number of hits.

  29. Somers The Sunless

    I think wargaming is covering their own ass with what they told you about
    dispersion reduction, because if it is only when your aim is good, then why
    does it affect the maximum dispersion stat? Also how would the game even
    detect when your aim is perfect and when you are trying to spread fires
    your aim varies. Their explanation makes no sense.

  30. That Aoba may have been sat in a queue for so long it auto-joined him to
    meet the max queue length promise.

  31. the thing about sit. awareness is that the 3s delay didn’t exist before

  32. How do you switch through all your torpedoes? I can only watch the last
    torpedo. Great vid!

  33. I think the izumo was stream sniping

  34. Warner Moczulski

    I can’t hit anything with the Mutsuki and Hatsuharu unless I play like a US
    DD and island ambush.

    Also hate Russian DDs I’m on the Ognevoi and feel so useless.

    Minekaze I feel like I contribute a lot and US DDs they work for me not
    amazing but good enough to be of use.

  35. JohannesDichtmann

    10:40 well played!

  36. I feel the dead ship sinks slower than before.

  37. we had a chikuma in a tier 8 game once…I torped him within the first 3

  38. Always great. Keep them coming.

  39. Chase please do me a favor because i am a bit confused, can you compare the
    German L 20a class battleship to the Kongo class, because to me they kinda
    look the same, besides obvious differences, but i think if Wows added the
    L20 it would be cool, because i read it was going to be one a a forum

  40. Brian Lock (神通)

    Oh yea, very lucky on the keiv due.
    I did that in Hatsuharu too, at around 6km vs a Blys

  41. WTF is “dispersion reduction is only works when your aim is perfect??” What
    is the definition of “perfect aim”???? Do you have original message from
    dev? Some forum are boiling on this issue, moderators want this topic off
    because they think this issue is not exist because there is no official dev
    words, but players says they experiencing this.

    Please iChase, make this clear.

  42. That explanation from that dev is complete bs i swear >< I took the dispersion module off my Warspite and replaced it with the secondary battery module and holy shit my Warspite is back to how it used to be. My aim is always pretty damn solid so I'm pretty sure nothing has changed there.

  43. Ichasegaming – I use aslain’s mods and I use the mod that allows to me to
    see all the ships in the tech tree. So, I was looking in the tech tree and
    see USS Buffalo CA at T10 in the US line of ships. WG wiki has nothing on
    this ship and no one in in-game general discussion answered my questions on
    it. I was wondering if you knew anything about the USN T10 CA Buffalo?

  44. All skill, no luck.
    The problem with non-long range torps :D

  45. damn I remember that battle. I was Kantai1 screaming at the Izumo to get

  46. Do you mean to say that reducing dispersion shrinks your shells’ “landing
    ellipse” and that this means a poorly aimed shot is less likely to get hits
    with at least some shells?

    That totally makes sense if you are but I was under the impression it was
    always that way.

  47. Macaulay Browne

    hey look dolphins!!!….BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
    (Evil chase) mwahhahahahahaha the not just dolphins there combat dolphins

  48. Jonas Drøjdahl

    I have solved the ‘Aoba Puzzle’. In the beginning he is divisioned with the
    Pensacola, but at 8:20 one or the other leaves the division and it is
    So in the end the Aoba was part of a faildiv. Aw damn… would have been so
    much more dramatic if the MM had just screwed up so badly… but it wasn’t
    it’s fault.

    Regarding the dispersion modification… it all depends on when the aim is
    considered non-perfect. If the aim would still be on or very near to the
    target’s expected position in the future, then obviously modification is
    bad. However if the transition is when the aim is considerably off, then as
    Snagabott mentioned, it would be better to have the poorer dispersion in
    the hopes of getting that dispersion citadel that sometimes defies logic.
    My own testing into this (after the Tuesday stream) has been inconclusive
    with Tirpitz, Amagi and Izumo. Tirpitz was not obviously better without the
    modification. Amagi might have been somewhat better, and Izumo was a bit
    schizophrenic and showed excellent performance and poor performance back to
    back multiple times. Initially I was very optimistic after the excellent
    performance of the first Izumo game, but now I can’t confirm anything.

    However! Even if I can’t say dispersion is better without the accuracy
    modification, just even is enough. In the case of my Tirpitz, the fact that
    she performed as well, but now had 20% extra AA range made all the
    difference in one game and let me live with a sliver of life and a large
    cluster of plane kills. So I would say, it isn’t worth the loss of other
    things to get the modification.

  49. Combat PENGUINS not dolphins FTW!

  50. The aoba was failed divisioned at the beginning of the match. I guess the
    other guy or he left the division during the match. Just go back to start
    and you see he is divisioned with Joseph…

  51. Chase, Last night (my bad about my cursing) while on you stream, I launched
    torps in my Shima and got lit as soon as I fired, I was boardering on thee
    line with my detection (have the tier 5 concealment) I was .3 km’s outside
    my detection range, you were in the game so you can recheck, I got lit …
    I think WG’ing sneaked a torp launch detection thing… Maybe I am just
    paranoid, but I found it quite odd I was 6.1 km’s when I launched and got
    lit … You have the replay, I suck, but explain how I got lit pls…

    I Probably screwed up as always, but I am confused as to how. Sorry about
    my vulgarity last night, I wasn’t used to a PG situation.

  52. That dispersion explanation makes no sense at all. I call BS on that. The
    emperor has no cloths IChase.

  53. Nice battle Chase. I also really like the close-in DD fighting style!

  54. Brian Lock (神通)

    And, the detection.
    Kagero 5.4km max
    Fubuki 5.6km max
    Fletcher 5.8km max
    That’s no way near you can spot she long before she spot you.

  55. Brian Lock (神通)

    Also, 8km torpedo, that’s unsafe by any stretch of imagination.

  56. Brian Lock (神通)

    I got a question, so the close in and keep track with everything and torp
    stuff is a game play that had being mastered by USN DD. And now IJN DD need
    to do this too?

  57. Gareth Fairclough

    Hey Tashkent driver! Stop humping the leg of that Baltimore driver and sink
    some DDs! 😛

    Also, I’d like to note that my little 5 year old cousin is, for whatever
    reason, rather fond of watching me play WoWs and watching me watch vids of
    people playing it, having started when I was watching one as her parents
    dropped her off for me to babysit. She has this little habit too. Whenever
    she sees or hears “Fubuki”, she starts running around the house, screeching
    “FUBUKIWUKI!!!!!”. Over. And. Over. And. Over etc. Apparently, she does it
    all the time now and it drives her folks *crazy*. Would you be kind enough
    to make a little girls day (and ruin her parents day) by saying
    “Fubukiwuki” once or twice in a vid, so I can show her just before her
    folks pick her up and have her say it all the way home? 😀
    Please? xD


    No really, it’s adorable watching her run around saying it and it’s funny
    as all hell watching how her parents react to it! She is the ultimate
    troll, just like the Fubuki! :D

  58. Bad dispersion should actually be helping you in the case of your aim being
    off – at least if you know exactly where you should be aiming at all times
    and don’t rely on the visual feedback to adjust your aim. Super tight
    dispersion when the aim is off would just mean every shot splashing water
    at the same point. Some spread would give a higher chance that at least
    some stragglers hit by pure random chance.

    Now, this depends on them getting the algorithm for this right. The target
    could move after your shells leave the barrels, but dispersion seems to be
    calculated at that point and continue to diverge or converge when you
    follow them in (at least visually).

  59. Travis Callahan

    The Fubuki is not strong with this one. Sadly I peaked at the Minekaze. I’m
    still trying to figure out the high tier maps tactics and patterns. I’m
    almost to my level 5 skill with the Fubuki. What is the detect range after
    the concealment captain skill with the concealment module? I noticed you
    got under 6km and weren’t detected.

  60. Gareth Fairclough if you don’t aim well, you’ll miss. Am I the only one who’s
    thinking “well DUH?”.
    The way you described it, it just sounds like it’s a placebo that never
    actually worked. Surely it should be a flat X reduction of the maximum
    spread, regardless of aim, right?

  61. dude, the SA skill has NEVER worked with a delay

  62. Seems like you were in more danger from friendly torps than enemy torps in
    that game. Two different ships on your team almost nailed you. Good thing
    you had your head on a swivel.

  63. 50k face reveal?

  64. 🙂 nice tactic on Kiev

  65. also I’m claiming first since no one else said first ?

  66. Don Juan Carlee

  67. A Discord server? Neat! Way better than Skype, although the mobile app
    needs a little polishing, especially for voice. Can’t afford to keep my
    phone from dozing off when I’m being shot at.

  68. Starwarsfan5 plays

    i remember this on your stream yesterday
    so sad aoba

  69. Can you a bouge vid because I can’t figure how to work it

  70. Dominic Peakman

    In my Clemson, i, without so much as a flicker from the indicator, was
    blown out of the water by about 3 ships at 12km (there must have been
    another destroyer) It also flickers and often goes on late, and switches
    off early. it’s a bit weird

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