World of Warships Funniest clips 28

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WoWs in all of its broken GLORY! The newest funny stream moments are here!

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  1. @josephhungerford8348

    Always a great laugh keep up the great content bro, funny editing lol 😅

  2. 3:20 oh god me screaminggggggg so loudddddd help

  3. Body pillow merch? Based

  4. @stefankraweznik285

    14:35 XD

  5. @NFS_Challenger54

    Ouch. Damn, many of those clips were more painful than funny, while some were just downright aggravating. Those shots landing short on that US couldn’t be any more teeth grinding as that. I’ve had many instances where my shots have landed short, long, too far forward or too far backward despite my aiming being perfect. Also, I’ve recently considered torpedoes as the alternative to actual skill. That stealth cruiser torp ambush in that Kurfurst clip is a clear example of that. I assume you didn’t fare well in that engagement. And like I said in the previous video on your second channel, Russian vessels have become WAY too bias than they should be and for their own good. However, I love that little stream sniping clip. That was funny. People playing the game while watching the stream from another screen. Overall, there were a lot of mixed emotions in this video. I guess that proves how badly the game is being handled.

  6. i feel like us that play World of Tanks and Warships dont play to have fun but we are here to slowly die inside

  7. Ey where is the rage quit from like 2 days ago?😂

  8. 17:25 Whatever BB hit you at that moment had the rng of the gods, lmao.

  9. @boristhebarbarian

    I have a game question; the commonwealth cruisers missions have the cruiser Mysore as a prize. If I complete all the missions and already have it do I get credits or anything else as compensation? Or is it better to sell the Mysore I already have to get it back as a price later?

  10. 14:43 : I don’t think many streamers manage the achievement of getting thanked for being “responsible” for the existence of a viewer’s little sister. Deserves honorary godparent title maybe. 😇😇😇

  11. dani got max mental damage at the last of vid 😂

  12. Honestly never cared about Kitakami, but I’ll be disappointed for quite some time that I couldn’t afford Defence

  13. Great video,
    17:21 you can tell the name of the song?? I hear before but neves can find the name

  14. 23:01
    oh. oh that is PAIN. Agony even. Suffering, if you will.

  15. I want the bodypillow but this is difficult to get🥲

  16. in coming dani chan ai onlyfans 😂

  17. Nice. 👌😊

  18. can someone explain me what do CV or other abrevation mean ?

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