World of Warships- Well, Wargaming Is Back At It Again

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Well WG is having more miscommunication problems over CVs and subs in ranked, and its brought up a rather sore spot with the player base

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  1. Have you noticed the Sun Yat-Sen gets 99% overpens and 1% citadels? Frustrating. Also, have you noticed your main battery aim zoom getting messed up after using ASW zoomed? As for ranked, it sucks. It’s the most toxic group of mean spirited jerks in the community just reporting everyone all the time. It’s horrible and not worth the stress. I would love steel ships, but I also love being sane.

    • Meh i just take a good secondary bb and have fun

    • Sun Yat-Sen is actually great, one of the best T9 BB

    • ​@@ReDiR20it has 6 guns that have the same damage as 406mm, it has an easy to hit citadel, useless secondaries. Now tell me, how is this thing better than Georgia

    • I thought I was just doing something wrong when zooming in ASW and then not being able to quickly get back to normal view when switching back to the main guns.

    • ranked is by far the most fun I ever had in this game outside of asymmetric battles. and of course people get mean and frustrated cuz team play is more important than ever and some people are just activly griefing the team by playing like shit.

  2. Burried in that dev blog they also say in the next update youre no longer going to be able to sell camos, most will turn into permanent camos with zero buffs and your excess camos will cease to exist. Further limiting the ability to make credits.

    • I’m always low on credits, I always sell any camo I can get. Not happy about this change.

    • i honestly dont mind this they will remove the dumb camo drop from crates now

    • Think you _may_ have misread that. My take is that the camos that cannot be sold are the permanent camos that you create out of expendable camos, which makes sense as you cannot sell permanent camos. If you have *unlinked* expendables they can still be sold. A camo that you have made permanent for one ship can still be used on another IF you still have sufficient camos in your Inventory but it becomes a permanent to that ship as well. They have worded it poorly in my opinion but I think that that’s there objective here. Something they DO NOT SAY is whether the default camos will still be discounted as they currently are ie 100 or 200 doubs. EDIT If anyone get clarification on this from WG can you let me know ?

    • @michaelmcnally2331

      Kept 600 cammo back as a reserve and now cannot sell them in 13.0. Twitch cammo won’t sell. However the cammo awarded via American carrier event was sellable.

    • @@michaelmcnally2331 You’ve nefer been able to sell Twitch Camo, it’s in the Special category (I think). You cannot sell Event Camos either. Again never have been able too.

  3. Was expecting incorporating that twitch clip with NA guys from official stream talking about having no subs or CV in silver or gold….
    But lets be honest. They just released a new CV line… like hell they would ban it from ranked…

  4. The update article says CVs and subs allowed in each league.

  5. That sun yat sen camo really looks like the art department called off that day. I got one over Christmas and ended up putting one of the premium holiday themed camos on it cause it looked so bland.

    • russia kept the art department lol

    • ​Sun Yat sen was made by the russian department. You can really see how much they plan and make stuff in advance. The last shared ship model is probably the Michelangelo. After that, the games really move apart. Not even the event camo for that ship is shared.
      The new Commonwealth cruisers are kitbashed assets. Wisconsin also reuses assets. Meanwhile russia gets super zao, new subs (like it or not, new models regardless), other super stuff and a T10 Illinois + stuff i missed.
      The new USN carrier line uses super old models and textures that look outdated. Didn’t even bother to update those and that’s very little work.

  6. @davidwhitfield6025

    Regarding subs I would have expected 2 in Random max (definitely not 3 and preferably just one per side) and none in Ranked/Clan. Historically only the Japanese tried to get their subs into battle and this became more difficult as surface combat became rarer and rarer. A U-boat was a witness to the sinking of the Bismark but had no torpedoes with which to attack with.

    I don’t mind subs being primarily a DD player although it’s becoming annoying that the best anti-submarine ship is the BB (especially if all BBs coordinate and dump 6 to 8 asw planes all over the sub in one mass strike. It encourages sub players to become like light tanks in WoT – ie spotters with the occasional salvo of torps and rarely using their sonar ping for fear of getting dumped on (and I understand this will become even more prevalent in the next patch with more cruisers getting asw planes as well). Asw DDs don’t get much of a chance to actually hunt down and destroy subs as the damn BBs get in first with their planes.

  7. I dont really see it that dark. For me it feels like standard 2CV+2subs matchmaking. You have 2 ships pretty much undetectable and unhitable by CV´s (unless played by idiot or unlucky) so each CV has only 5 ships to target, one of which being another CV. Bring it to T10 where you get real shitstorm of 40kts subs and Nakhimov or Malta (all of them if youre really lucky) and suddenly dealing with biplanes doesnt seem as such bad deal.

  8. I would guess it was an after the fact correction to sell more of the paid battle pass as the main rewards are the early access cv’s. If one had to guess I would guess this battle pass by the numbers is really struggling to sell much.

  9. Bro, I’m over all the drama in this game…Word of advice to anyone: Skip ranked, ignore the constant drama, play when and how you want and keep out of the WG FOMO hamster wheel.

    • ranked is a true shit show. trouble is the other game types are as bad! its one thing not knowing how to play a ship, but another to just sit at max range in whatever you choose and wait for your team to win for you. you can tell the problem players before the game starts (divisions are usually bad players, long range ships usually just hide, new premium ships that someone has whaled their way in to with no clue how to play them). i just park/yolo and wait for the loss when it gets too bad.

    • I never touched rank because it looks toxic asf

    • @ashleighelizabeth5916

      @@nicke.5425 I agree with pretty much all of this. However when I play PvP these days it’s almost exclusively in Ranked because… A) I can earn steel and doubloons and B) with fewer ships on the board I have a better chance of being able to overcome poor player (it’s not a lot better chance since I’m very meh/average but still).

  10. The most frustrating thing about ranked is the fact that noobs who just opened up their wallet and bought a premium ship bumble into ranked without having a clue how to play even remotely properly. So when you have someone like that on your team it is a serious handicap. It would be nice if people would learn the game BEFORE going into a competitive game mode like ranked. I think WG could (not that they ever would) help solve this problem by at least requiring 500 battles before entering into ranked.

  11. I still think a solid idea for CV balance is to have a ‘ferry range’ for the planes. If you dont return to CV by the time range is out, you lose the planes. This makes CV players have to pay attention to where they place their hull to be effective, makes surface ships part of the CV team by requiring some help with protecting their CV and removes the unlimited spotting ability by having a range on the squadrons. Not sure why they have not tried that. CV players would need to make wise choices on how to strike a ship, too much maneuvering planes runs the risk of not making it back and losing the whole squadron.

  12. That happened to me and my team yesterday , got a very good CV player that had us lit all the time and started picking us one by one.

    I didn’t notice anything different on the alleged rework on this 13.0 version.

  13. @hillbillysimmer7120

    There’s no worse experience than having a Tier V battleship in a Tier VI battle with three subs and two aircraft carriers on each team.

    • thats not even that bad except for the subs

    • WG should let players have more options to build into more AA or more anti sub capabilities for surface ships.

    • @@dameindamein5997 theres a couple of ways to build into AA… although your right, there should be more, the real issue is submarines, for that reason i don’t play randoms since depth charges do basically nothing and airstrike is the only effective countermeasure.

  14. @Iron_Blood_Enjoyer1933

    WG: *Says that CVs & Subs won’t be in ranked battles this time.*

    Also WG: “Ah, you see, that was a ‘Miscommunication Problem’. We will have CVs & Subs in ranked battles, but there’s only going to be either one CV or one Sub on each team.”

    The now extremely pissed off Playerbase: “So you have chosen, death?”.

  15. This was not a miscommunication problem. The patch notes of all regions and the official stream couldn’t all be wrong at the same time. WG screwed up the MM of this season and decided to fix the patch notes.
    Even if they had used Google translator, you can’t go from “all classes allowed with a maximum of 1 CV and 1 sub per team” to “no CVs and subs allowed” due to mere miscommunication

  16. Ive just resorted to only taking AA build 7 provinces into ranked at t8, its a distincly mediocre ship but its the only thing I have found at the tier that is capable of holidng off a CV. Really ruins the fun having to tailor your whole playstyle around the potential of facing one class

  17. @phillipmccallister7553

    I’ve said it for a long time now. Wargaming/WoWs make ambiguous explanations about new events, and instructions. I feel like they do it on purpose most of the time. Nobody could be that obtuse and still hold a job. As a fairly new player I spend a lot of time looking up stats and ship data, and so many times I have to read something 6-8 times to fully understand it, and still not know wtf I just read.. New events are sometimes hard to figure out due to piss poor writing of the instructions or rules. And again, I feel like most of the time the bad explanations and terrible directions/instructions are done for a reason.

  18. I find subs at least as annoying as cvs in ranked. Since it’s only 6 ships, there is a real chance that there is virtually no hydro ship in your team. Which automatically makes a decent sub player near invincible. On the same time if there are a lot of hydro players in the match, the things a sub can do is very limited…

    It is very similar to the AA situation.

  19. Hi Sealord and fellow players. I have saved up some coal and I am thinking should I get the Kearsarge (with a 25% coupon) or Lutjens since I am grinding for the Schlieffen. Which is generally a better investment for coal, a coal ship or a commander? Thanks

  20. Thank you for bringing this up 👌

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