World Of Warships Funny – Best of 2022

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!

Dive into this insane madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. The long awaited video (not really I’ve been playing the game for 4 months) ! Keep the good job up ! I might not be a good player but I watch good content 😉

  2. Amazing video , I love the editing of the video n have awesome new years let’s go more great content.

  3. This was a damn good year for you Dani! Hope you keep up the awesome vids and gameplay next year!!!😁👌

  4. Ah yes, Submarine, a class definitely fun to play against, so much counterplay and interaction

    • The way they are now they are okayish. Once people figure out how to properly shotgun they will become cancer again, but for now it’s fine

    • I know this is a shitpost, but I actually like hunting them down, when they’re not being assholes and at 60m below when they’re the only one left

    • @Weaboo Trash nothing more satisfying than playing the British DD line and seeing the depthcharge hits rise while they desperately try to get out of range of the hydro

    • It’s funny to rapid fire them to death with an Atlanta when they need to surface after running out of time to be underwater.

  5. damn time flew by quickly watching this in one go 😀 Thanks for this full year of entertainment Dani 🙂 ❤

  6. 1 and a half hour of pure entertainment😂

  7. Данила Федотов

    Друг мой, это великолепно!

  8. super video. 84 minutes of world of warships <3

  9. Christian Christensen

    For everyone asking for the song that starts at 0:38. its Good Knives – Doubt ( Dance With The Dead Remix ) You are welcome xD

  10. Great video, cool music, incredible gameplay, you are the evil one Dani! Thanks and till next year!

  11. Admiral Prince Eric 323 TLM - Warships and Blogs

    That Incomparable was a good fun to play on this entire compilation on this year, Daniel.

    I really want to get on this ship myself ❤️👍

  12. Dani when kill stealer: I merely secured the kill.

    Dani when someone else kill steals from him: COULD YOU NOT.

  13. Awesome compilation. Those torpedo beats had me scratching my head, I don’t know how you do it, I always eat at least one. Every time. LOL.

  14. Dani saves yet another boring day at work. You can always rely on him.
    Love the Incomparable. My new favorite ship.

  15. Thanks Daniel ! It’s a very nice video. Happy new year.

  16. I feel like I watched this already, is this it, the Déjà-vu? 👌😁
    Everybody opens this for the great clips and memes, but secretly everyone stays for the music and hopes the sauces. 👀
    1,5 Hours, nice.

  17. The whole video is great epic moments , I’m just dying laughing , I can definitely relate especially when I’m playing on console great video bro .

  18. Василий Сахаров

    Got a laugh one more time from “Helicopter” and Soviet “Treasure Island” moments XD

  19. Worst thing that happened in the game this year is definitely the over-nerfing of the MvR, to the point where it’s an RNG nightmare and basically unplayable. The upside of basically no DoT was consistent damage. I’m glad it was mostly fixed, but still the line is nowhere near as consistent these days

  20. At 2:45, that 44k HP hit was nasty.

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