World of Warships – Game Update 0.5.4

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The Soviet cruiser fleet has finally anchored in the game! Watch the review of this update with our host Dasha Perova.

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  1. lets be honest…. I watched it on mute.

  2. hereLiesThisTroper

    Communism: Designed awesome soviet cruisers in order to protect the

    Capitalism: Made a game that would let idiots command all these awesome
    soviet cruisers.

    Adam Smith > Karl Marx

  3. It’s a good job Wargaming have added all the ships that ever actually
    existed into the game, otherwise it would be laughable that so many of the
    new ships they are putting in never existed. Have they ever heard of the
    Royal Navy in Belarus?

  4. osea que seguira con la linea de WoT de implementar barcos que nunca
    existieron…. WoW eras tan chevere

  5. wheres the royal nave u f*** red’s???

  6. just login to put dont like1 :)

  7. Miranda Wethington

    The Pensacola had torps.. where are they?

  8. Yawn. The nation without a credible navy will now rule the seas.

  9. Welcome to World of Warships, where our non-existent ships are better than
    your built ones.
    Shame your “achievements” were inferior to our “plans”…

  10. Dont find her attractive one bit

  11. Why arent the bristish ships in world of warships?

  12. will survaliance radar apply others?

  13. …and as with every Wows patch, the whining over RUSIA STRONK once again

  14. why is it that the high tier russian CAs can use their radar in some way
    and the last 4 US BBs cannot?
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, weird

  15. Finally we see Dasha again! <3

  16. Phwoaaaar. Say ‘penetration capability’ again…

  17. Hmm, Dasha, she’s SO pretty

  18. hmhm soviet cruisers (nice), hmhm radar (shit), wow dasha:d

  19. Oh for love of everything that’s holy STOP MIXING THE AUDIO, get the subs
    going or can the gibberish from English version. As a non-native it makes
    it a pain… As said in last video, will you please learn?

    Edit: Also what’s up with the volume fluctuation? During certain cuts the
    volume jumps up and down.

  20. show us more boobs!

  21. So if Speed is high, guns are great, Torpedos are on board and
    maneuverability is high…… what is the downside next to the armor?
    Because the german Cruisers have horrible armor, and bad guns making them
    really hard to play, specially looking at T 1 to 4 that basically explode
    when you look at them.

  22. ok. so you forewent British ships, or german DD, for a mostly fairytale
    line of Russian/USSR cruisers.. makes sense

  23. ale kópa pc to kópa

  24. New task…sink every player 2 times for a date with Dasha ;)

  25. Dear Wargaming,
    Is Dasha singel?
    Oh and death to America (in the game obviously, really, their cruisers suck)

  26. jsem uz myslel ze je to ve znakovy reci a ono nic, tam macha pradlo asi.

  27. we all came for dasha perova…. <3 ;-)

  28. 3:58 who rules the seas?
    USN always rules the seas w/ their 58 Task Group soooo OP o-o /

  29. good tits

  30. Kristoffer Johansson

    Just stupid. See you never again WoWs. Russian spam and no Royal Navy, just

  31. Still no Royal Navy..

  32. Oh, more of this DOLL… <3 <3 =^_^= <3 <3

  33. Watching it just for Perova.

    And virtual ship porn.

  34. Mikhail Kutuzov will have radar too?

  35. World of Bullsh*t

  36. anythink russian = Crap where’s the Royal Navy and German BB’s

  37. Just subtitle Dasha.

  38. I am here for Dasha Perova.

  39. Abla 5 posta attım helal et.

  40. :poop:

  41. Alexander Schlecker

    here you can see how much sense a russian branch makes

    they cant even fill a branch with real ships but of course thet have to be
    soviet ships in the game because how would everyone know that russia is the
    best country in the world

  42. I’d rather have english subtitles than someone speaking english while the
    host is speaking Russian..

  43. To all the crybabies down in the comments:
    -The majority of the population in this game is Russian and from Eastern
    Europe, so they deserve their ships more than the RN
    -Its just a game, you will get all nations in due time, so stfu and wait it
    out or leave
    -German ships were mostly projects or had 2-3 ships of the same class, they
    made SUBMARINES, cant wait for German “Carriers” though.
    -The only navies that were powerful enough to have almost all 10 tiers are
    the US, Japanese and the British. But it was because of “HISTORY” and
    “Naval warfare” that they did so (plus they are isolated from other big
    countries, so yeah)
    -Soviets didnt need a fleet in WW2 cause all the battles were waged at
    ground. The only thing is that the Soviets made one of the best ships
    and submarines in the 1950s. These are all “Gun boats and Gun ships”.
    But in the 50′ and especially in 60′ the world gave up on Guns and
    started making rockets and fast attack boats with rocket launchers… oh
    … and Submarines

  44. WG stop your pornography please ….

  45. 1:45 “Kirov Reporting”

  46. Дашааа… :3 :D

  47. What do you guys think when heard “Kirov”? Hmmm….

  48. I can’t stop looking at that mole.

  49. あきつしま清明

    Ship For noob. those ship provided every thing noob can’t be done
    con:weak armour……who care pro:radar,fast
    #facepalm this is russia game, we dance on russian developer hands
    wait for royal navy and more german

  50. Hopefully the german bbs are incoming….

  51. Because Russian blueprints are more important than everybody else’s
    non-russian actual warships

  52. Yep Dascha,Project 69 with a 210 mm Gun!


  54. Hundreds of real ships from the Royal Navy to choose from and all we get
    are Soviet fantasy ships. GJ WG. Anything would have been better than
    Russian crap; what about German Battleships, Italian or French ships or
    heaven forbid the largest Navy in the world during the timeframe this game
    is set.

  55. Ooooo Moskva I want it

  56. “legendary historical ships”

  57. soo its a problem when russian game developers emphasise soviet ships. but
    its no problem when western game developers make the russians the bad guys
    and the americans the good guys in every game they make? and show u how
    good and noble the us forces are how much they care about people and
    freedom? but 3 russian paper cruisera upset you?

  58. Dasha Perova, mmmmmm i watch this game update videos only because of her,

  59. ah ok.. GAME UPDATE 0.5.4 – ONLY SOVIET PAPER CRUISERS! good job

  60. I’m here only for Dasha

  61. like to see new ships =) But why T10 SO OP ? =(

  62. Instead of paper ships you could something that actually existed…cough
    cough RN cough cough cough

  63. stuknął bym ją.

  64. Screw mountains.

  65. 70% of comments bitching about blueprint ships and the 30% left are RN
    fangrills whining

  66. Whoever thought that the radar-consumable is a good idea, can frankly go
    fuck himself.

  67. *facepalm* the (first) surveillance radar on a Soviet ship…….that works
    through mountains…..the sovjet bias can’t be more obvious…

  68. oh thats why i stopped to play this game….world of never built ships…

  69. you guys are just obsessed with your horrible soviet past. ITS OVER soviet
    russia was HORRIBLE so stop honoring it its like a god geezus

  70. OMG an actual female voice-over. Who’d have thought?

  71. I can easily swallow the bias because of Dasha Perova!

  72. haha Radar in rusian Ca buhahahah, rusian dont discover radar, british do.
    omg WG read some history

  73. So half the tech tree is blue print ships only? And this was more suitable
    than finally adding royal navy tech tree?

  74. When will the update be released

  75. Who else wants World of Warships on mobile devices too?

  76. pls add another level because I am broke ;-;

  77. Did they just openly admit, that the Moskva is much better then the Des

  78. all on paper !!! well on paper I have 12 Inch …… tablet ??

  79. This soviet bias gets more embarrassing with every video .

  80. Can we already call Russian bias or?

  81. PĚKNĚ TO ZASE POSÍRAJ…Jako tanky,zase se budou jezdit hlavně jen Rusové
    že? :-)

  82. World of Blue Prints

  83. could she also present the world of tanks blitz news? :)

  84. could she also present the world of tanks blitz news? :)

  85. inb4 a bunch of nazis bitching about anything Russian

  86. wot blizt

  87. Daniel Vilbergsson

    when will the royale navy comemin world of warships

  88. lol

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