World of Warships – Gearing Torps and Guns

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on Island of Ice moves out to take on the enemy around B point. Our team encounters enemies who attempt a capture on B point. I send out torpedoes and hope someone crosses their path, a unfortunate moves in front of the torpedoes. The game progresses into multiple enemies crossing my path while I try to push through to the back lines. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Gearing Replay


  1. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    I use torpedo acceleration on the gearing. drops the torpedoes to 12.5K
    with 71 knots. In reality, youre not going to hit anything past 10KM with

  2. Notser a question on the Akizuki, would you sacrifice concealment for the
    rudder shift module? I’m gonna give it a go but I wanted an expert opinion
    too. I think no matter what I do, I think speed will be the problem.

  3. There were 105 gearing class destroyers

  4. The Gearing is a World War 2 ship. The Gearing herself was commissioned in
    May of 1945

    • Danielle Zaiz/McHugh

      Eric!!! This is Danielle – aka your big sister!!

      575-725-4552 – call me any time and leave a voicemail or a text

      I miss and love you to the moon and back – BTW your big sis is a College Grad on her way to LAW SCHOOL!!

  5. Ye I find AFT not as useful as well, compared to DE or SE :D

  6. I like your story telling Notser-)

  7. Who would win in a 1v1, the Khabarovsk or the Gearing?

  8. You should try torp acceleration on the gearing

  9. Gearing was right at the end of the war.

  10. fi “フィ” teru

    10:49 What Japanese DDs could do then? Prolly the worst DD lines in the
    game atm

  11. Boots and pants

  12. Lol i was there on the stream when we were like min-o-tar

  13. Keep up the good work, your analysis and commentary is addictive. You
    should explore Radio work, I think you would excel at it.

  14. Another gearing .. :3

  15. Honestly, the USN DDs aren’t too good, it’s that the IJN need a buff. Give
    them a gun rof buff and make them like mini, stealth firing Zaos, I say :3

  16. Nice vid Notser. It made me want to finish my US DD line.

  17. Personally I choose the main armament reload to get the extra edge when
    fighting DD’s. But great replay and commentary as always

  18. I just noticed that notsers voice sounds very much like Dominick Cruz of
    MMA fame.. Now i imagine cruz playing wows xD

  19. Colorado NAKED?, I played 500 games and had no idea how to put on camo.

  20. got the tier 6 from missions 🙂 pretty good dont have to grind the “low”

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