World of Warships- German Battlecruisers & Incomparable Are Coming Soon

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Hey guys! Some very exciting news from the DevBlog today! Especially for you Battlecruiser fans out there, enjoy!


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  1. German Battlecruisers: When you had enough of the german bb line and want to switch to another line
    (They look quite neat)
    That british tier x premium tho
    508mm guns, 20 in jeez


    Low tier gets some love!

  3. Looks interesting, just hope there are not many gimmicks involved. Good work MB.

  4. C. c. s. MacChruiter ll

    Lore, Lore, Lore, Loreeeeeee!

    Excited for the new German BC line.

  5. Oh boy there are some legendary ships in there e.g. The SMS Von der Tann and the SMS Derfflinger (Battle of Jutland)

  6. Double intro tells you how excited he is

  7. The Incomparable is going to be WEIRD. She’s immense, 1000 feet long (that’s nearly 150 feet longer than a Lexington) she had a VERY narrow thin belt of 11-inches over her machine spaces, otherwise was about as well protected as Repulse beyond that. Was meant to do 35 knots (and would probably have a turning radius of about the orbit of Jupiter) and had 4-inch guns as secondaies. The picture shows a hypothetical refit of the ship with AA guns added. But she’s gonna be an odd duck to say the least with her 20-inch guns.

    • With IFHE those 20 inch (assuming the get 1/4 HE pen) will be able to HE citadel the RN and USN heavy cruisers, I can’t see that ship ever using its AP at that point.

    • @Arivael AP won’t overpen a citadel and it’ll be able to penetrate much more than a few cruisers

    • @FederalDechart If you hit it, at the range this ship is going to have to play at I can see anything thats not a BB being able to evade and you only have six shots per salvo. Sure take expert loader and if you get a super cruiser or battleship giving you a broadside, you would want the AP but beyond that, if only the main belt on the super cruisers and BB’s will not get penetrated by HE, why risk the overpens.

  8. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Two intros……whoops lol

  9. Ship: Is called Incomparable
    Also ship: has 508mm guns
    Me: Compares to Shikishima
    Also me: “Guess she wasn’t ‘incomparable’ after all”

  10. They probably getting the slow long range torps of the AP German DDs, hopefully not.

  11. Pretty sure the T6 is pronounced Mack-en-sen, not Mc-ken-sen. But I am hyped for the line and the Brit super BB.

  12. Man those pesky German DD’s are getting bigger and bigger. Now featuring a badly protected Citadel aswell

  13. undertakernumberone1

    I am worried. According to the stream yesterday they:

    “Are quite stealthy”

    “Don’t have many guns (obviously)”

    “Want to get CLOSER”

    “If you want to get closer, they have torp […] quite long ranged torps (So i guess maybe Spee torps or some of the DD torps)”

    “Have a quite good secondary armament” (that was translated from what was ssaid on the german stream) and have Hydro.

    the secondary on the Tier X looks like: 2 twin 15cm guns in Graf Zeppelin mounts per side, maybe 3, but it’s hard to tell due to the angle of the picture. a bunch of 10.5 cm DP… I am NOT impressed about the amount of firepower. And that is WITHOUT taking the uselessness of 95% of the secondaries ingame into account, due to their abysmal accuracy. IF they’d give htem the Graf Zeppelin disperision, that’d be interesting…, but I highly doubt it. AND secondary builds are just too expensive anyway.

    Also, the ships are WW1 designs up to Tier X, and 8 to10 probably use 42cm L45 guns… big, yes… but L45. the 42cm guns on the Frederick and Kurfürst are L48. the VII is an Ersatz-Yorck, which carreis the same guns as used on the Bayern.

    And that’s not even starting about the potential firinig angles of Main and Secondary guns. And with Short range gun range… so prepare to be farmed to death by flamethrowers with probably more range.

    Btw. Tier VIII is Pronounced “Tseeten”, “ie” is a drawn out “I”, somewhat similar to “See” or “sea”. And “Mackensen” as one word, not “Mac-Kensen” “Macke”.

  14. Maybe how the Odins Main Battery performs, but for the whole line?

  15. I’m imagining a full line of Scharnhorst/Gneisenau/Siegfried kinda ships. I’m actually really looking forward to it. But they got to have good dispersion, unlike the regular BB line, otherwise the low calibre won’t work.

  16. The Zieten looks like some mad german engineer put gun turrents too big onto a hull too small, it’s almost comic.
    Anyway i’m curious to see how this new line will be implemented.

    • Francisco Brizard

      I dont think zieten is a german desing, maybe a stolen uncompleted ship like ZF-6

    • Kingoro Hashimoto

      @Francisco Brizard No, it’s a paper ship… and not just that, it’s a _made up_ paper ship: you can tell by the proportions of the freeboard. The made-up ones are a big too tall.

  17. We got two intros but not two “Hello good people of Youtube”

    Unbalanced just as all things shouldn’t be.

  18. Sounds like we going to have a Jutland rematch on the horizon. A bit of payback I reckon.

  19. my prediction is that Incorporable will be chrismas dockyard, like puerto rico

  20. Zieten is pronounced Zeeten. I and E go walking, the second one is talking.

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