World of Warships: Kaga Is So Good

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Kaga is amazing right now. Use TBs as much as you can. Thank you Bencho_O for the captain build.

0:00 Kaga B Match
16:14 End Screen
17:11 Captain Skills & Upgrades
17:47 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga.


  1. I’ve played ~30 Kaga matches recently and it has been incredible. The results aren’t usually as great as this one, but the winrate has been incredible.

  2. 1:03 You don’t expect your spec to have good effect?

    What the heck

    • Nonono, I haven’t specced into any captain skills related to fighters. If you don’t take Enhanced Reactions skill then your fighters take an eternity to engage enemy planes. This makes them weak for defending ships.

    • @Aerroon Ah! I’ve wondered why that wasn’t done more. Why I enjoy your videos, even CV’s. (I really think CV’s are OP.)

    • @Aerroon That was more of a joke about how you should be a rapper.

  3. Caspian Korwado

    Kaga is nice, for getting Defense AA Expert that is.

    • Lick Kitty Split

      That would be considered operator error. You should know better than to go to any certain ship with good AA

    • Zachary Jackson

      @Lick Kitty Split my several hundred games of Kidd prove that logic is flawed. the fact is you eventually have to target some ships that have good AA or at least a ship near that good AA ship and that means you gonna take some casualties

    • Lick Kitty Split

      @Zachary Jackson Then explain to me why I have a 64% win rate with Kaga then Zach. It’s all about what you know about the game. All ships that have decent to great AA, should be avoided until late in the match. Hopefully, you’re team will knock out AA turrets for you when the time comes. Other than that, it’s YOUR DAMN FAULT, (Operator Error) for getting your planes destroyed!

    • Zachary Jackson

      @Lick Kitty Split what does win rate have to do with plane loss? CVs are endless plane factories anyway. what part of what i said indicates CVs arent capable of avoiding damage at least a little bit? im just saying it isnt always avoidable and boy do i love playing kidd having 30-80 plane kills

    • Lick Kitty Split

      @Zachary Jackson That won’t happen if I’m that carrier player. I’ll just keep you spotted from enough distance where my planes dont get destroyed until your dead from my teammates. There are other ways around this Zach. Having a good winning percentage just shows the enemy team how good I am playing CV in General.

  4. Arman Sagmanligil

    Saipan VS Kaga
    Quality VS Quantity

  5. I’ve got normal edition and put fully stealth planes config, 80% of times never see me until initiated attack with torpedo planes, but my worry it’s his dive bombers, have one of most random rng and fire chance in the game, if you did 4 hits and none fires -.-

  6. That Black Edition looks awesome…..

  7. I’ve played the random premium CVs crates have given me maybe 5 times total? Kaga B (just wanted JBB), Senzang (just wanted Baije and Wukong) and Ark Royal (no idea how I got it). CVs are trash to play and even more trash to play against

  8. Panzergrenadier Tempura

    *If you keep throwing enough planes at the bullets, eventually, they will run out of bullets*

  9. Good video although I don’t play CV’s. It would be nice to see the content creators not use 21 point captains all the time. Maybe games with 10 point captains would be more informative for most of the regular player base.

  10. Bought the kaga 2 weeks ago and love her!

  11. ザム「Zam」

    It is so nice of you to think about others getting a kraken. In most of my games people are too eager to take out the low HP enemy that they don’t think about it ^_^;;

  12. Bruh the build you got is legit on the resources page for builds on the wows discord for Hakuryu (also for other IJN CVs)

  13. Im getting sick of the tier 10 dropping bombs on my bb’s for 30k dmg and tripple fires.

  14. How to Disrupt a Push: Detonate their cruiser XD

  15. TheChronographer

    The rocket planes are also 3 more fighter charges to protect yourself. So it’s something…

  16. This is an excellent setup, i tried it and did very well, mostly used torp planes as in the video and very much a game changer for me, dealing much more damage than the previous setup i used

  17. Can you please do a tutorial on how to control planes while dropping by showing the keyboard & mouse input on the screen?

    I am trying to learn how to CV but struggling to control planes 🧐

    • While I probably could, I’m not sure I’m the right person to learn that from. I tend to do big sweeping turns with the keyboard because i find the mouse aiming finicky. I think this is something another CV player would probably be better to learn from. (It’s also something I’m interested in finding out how others do it.)

  18. With rocket plane nerf, I think Kaga will move up to top tier

  19. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    I felt like watching a horror movie when you had duel against that kiev.

    Ggwp for the insane carry! Btw the akizuki got 1426 bxp not 1246

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