World of Warships – Gnevny Tier 5 Russian Destroyer Overview

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No, I don’t have a Gremy which is why I didn’t bother to mention it. Mainly because I forgot to mention it, though.


  1. wow these gorgeous closing shots seems to be your trademark

  2. you are a Stronk destroyer Captain!

  3. how can you put that camo over that skin? 😀 …run camo hide mod

  4. First off, sorry for my bad english, Business. I know this is a Destroyer
    class overview video, but I have one question that I’ve always wanted to
    ask: If you love to citadel enemies, shoot down attacking aircrafts, move
    forward fast and turn quickly, is the US battleships line or the IJN
    battleship line the best for you? And what nation do you think it’s the
    best overall? btw ur da best Business. :D

  5. i’ve had some good games with Oggie (even with glass turrets pre 5.5) and
    now with Kiev where I WANT to be visible. I scout and as soon as i see
    enemy ships i start blasting away while kiting away back to where my team
    is. Obviously the enemy says “LOOK!!! enemy dd!!! SHOOT HIM!!” … the
    thing is, a moving DD at max range is real hard to hit, what this does is
    take away shots that would otherwise do damage to the CAs and BBs of my
    team. and with the flat arcs of the Kiev guns, its easy to return fire and
    hit, maybe set a fire or two and just be an overall pest/troll to the

  6. yay my favorite line in game
    Gnevny is in my port and not leaving till the servers die

    minor nitpick probably already mentioned, the G is a hard G and pronounced
    here, for the rest of your russian DD reviews

  7. I have noticed that you tend to be critical of a players skills… perhaps
    you could be more constructive and not embarass inexperienced players?

  8. Russian DDs are fine but it feels more like a light cruiser… It somehow
    loses the advantage of a DD to pick and choose who to fight.
    Also I just sent you a Montana replay where I got 3885 base exp and a huge

  9. How do you get that port screen? It looks like Mt. Fuji, really cool.

  10. If you like Gnevny, you would really dig the Anshan, Business. Also, if the
    Grem is ever sold again I will buy it.

  11. I thought it was just me, seeing it

  12. We have a number of tech tree ships being subpar compared to their premium
    counterparts, but I don’t think anywhere is the difference so massive as it
    is with the Gnevny and the Gremyashchy.

    It also seems to confuse tons of people, when they suddenly get torped by
    the Grem from further than 4km away. “T5 Soviert DD, the name starts with a
    G? I think he only has 4km range on his torps, doesn’t he? OH SHIT!!”

  13. Agreed!! I’ve seen some players make some really really screwy moves. I
    make mistakes myself, but nothing quite as weird as these players I see. A
    lot of times it messes up my team or my play

  14. i have a gnevny and i love it, its just like a american DD in my opinion, i
    play it like an american DD and i come top of the team all the time

  15. Since the update I’ve just seen a lot of dds pop their smoke and keep
    moving forward so they are never hidden from view. That’s the only abnormal
    thing I have seen players do that is new to the update.

  16. What port is that in the beginning of the video?

  17. Ok … I could not handle the Gnevny … thought it was horrible. I don’t
    mind bad or hard ships … but this one seemed to be bad, hard and not fun!

  18. marcelogenesis23

    Hey business… Its stadtjaeger…. I stopped playing Rússia S in the
    gnevy…. Its painfull… Guess um too used to ijn dds

  19. You might as well not disable AA on the RU dds as your detection by
    aircraft is higher than the AA range. Unless you running away using smoke

  20. Thank you very much for your feed back earlier on your previous video but
    one thing. I did not mean a temporary buff/nerf but a permanent one for
    BB’s and DDs that would ON AVERAGE leaving both ship types with an average
    chance for victory OVERALL with the introduction of real weather effects as
    opposed to mere visual effects.
    AS for the problems of knowing how to prepare for bad weather coming after
    a good weather start, well the storm, rain/storm should be seen coming
    increased darkness, line of clouds coming. It would require supporting
    ships to close closer to those they protect..
    It would require all players to be on their watch. Of course I believe that
    50% of games should have no bad weather at all. It would indeed be a
    tougher thing to do well by WG but they are proving, at least with WOWS
    much better at responding than they have been with WOT (let’s for get the
    abortion of plane game).
    Again thank you for prompt and detailed response! Respect as usual B and
    thanks for the Gnevny video. It’s a struggle for me right now! How’s the
    beaches this summer!!!! I LOVE beaches!

  21. I didn’t know that the bloom in detection when firing differed between
    nations. Thank you for that bit of info!
    Surprisingly, I’ve been doing best with Russian DDs even not knowing that.

  22. I struggled with this ship when trying to knife fight USN DD’s. ALWAYS
    would out turn my guns and be WTF???? nothing to shoot back with!! Just
    moved on to the Oggy. Hope it is better. will try the faster turret/slower
    reload as a last resort.
    OH crap…no gold for Capt. respec….oh well fuck it.
    Thanks for the vid.

  23. beachness strikes again 14:13 xD

  24. i had a 15 cits Match with the gnewny last week, not that hard

  25. I don’t know what it is either, but I too, have been seeing players doing
    weird stuff too.Especially since last weekend.

  26. I believe the issue that caused so many players to act strangely is that
    there was a bug with situational awareness that was just recently patched
    out. The bug caused the detected notification not to show up while you were
    being detected at times. Or rather, the issue was it disappeared too early.

  27. Vegard Løfaldli

    Finally! Been waiting for this vid after you mentioned recording it on
    Kami’s stream ;)

  28. Hated Ognevoi after this ship…

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