World of Warships Graf Zeppelin up the Middle in Two Brothers

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Another night of streaming World of Warships and another round on Two Brothers. Obviously we go up the middle. Even in an Aircraft Carrier. Div mate NightRodGreg was in a Graf Zeppelin and the round that unfolded was truly amazing. One of the more entertaining rounds I’ve had in WoWS.

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  1. Sherman Commander


  2. Christian Johnson

    Flambass tactic confirmed

  3. This was amazing to watch

  4. You’re a mad man!

  5. why didnt you use your sector reinforcement more than once?

  6. Secondaries on Alabama… facepalm

  7. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    enemy Veneto was their mvp. You guys needed to get him first. He saw you coming and positioned for you.

  8. Div mate tells you to avoid the crossfire.

    Proceeds to put himself in crossfire and dies.

  9. That was great when it happened….Wondered when you were posting

  10. Sector reinforcement, Zoup! o7

  11. LordTyphoon WoWSasia


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