World of Warships: Hakuryuu – Carriers Ought To Stay Out Of Harm’s Way

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World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese carrier Hakuryuu letting loose on the map Hot Spot. The enemy carrier is a Midway. This match is rather balanced, although, it is a 7vs6 so I guess maybe the enemies do have a slight disadvantage. However, the important part in this match is that we managed to engage the enemy carrier and our battleships hurt her hard. This meant that it was possible to mop up after her which gave us an easy victory. Carriers really should stay away from danger, for the sake of their team.


  1. Hate it in the Yamato… Why its so easy to kill their turrets?! They have
    better armor than the turrets from the Montana!

  2. I’d love to see more carrier play, but at levels like the Hiryu and maybe
    Shokaku. It’d help show me what I’m doing wrong…
    I’ve learned a lot about cruiser play from watching your vids.

  3. once again awesome video, cant get enough of you!

  4. Very nice Aerroon

  5. Gaming with Strangers123

    What I meant with “focus the fighters” was for Tuca, our AA would kill the
    fighters and you lock down the TBs. In the end, we wouldn’t really be able
    to kill enough TBs to negate their damage since they are locked down and
    thats all we really need.
    As for the Montana, its quite rare for me to get close to something so I
    just decided, screw it. The Montana actually have all the advantages at
    closer ranges though, due to:

    -Faster main gun turret rotation (I originally wanted a close pass at a
    range where he cannot depress his main battery to citadel me with his ship
    on my STARBOARD, something I realised too late was not going to happen
    since the Montana didn’t decide to come close to the island. I would then
    use this time to force him into the island while I turn away, giving me a
    broadside shot and him nothing.
    -Montana turrets have like 5x the health of Yamato turrets for whatever
    reason. In fact Yamato turrets have so little health a Senjou can kill one
    with just a single salvo
    -Numerically larger potential broadside, granting a higher alpha strike and
    -Smaller citadel
    -Less exposed front main battery magazine

  6. Amazing skills as usual!

  7. Aerron, the Montana actually has the advantage at close range because of
    the extra turret it has making the Yamatos bigger guns at close range
    nearly not as effective as the Montanas

  8. Amazing Dive bomber drop in smoke!

  9. and again your whole division is on same 1/4 of the map,…srsly i wish at
    least 1 time to be near my division komrad on that map

  10. Aerroon do you play ranked games?

  11. Aerroon I think the extra fighter on 2/3/3 Hakuryuu really gives it an
    advantage over the 1/2/2 Midway load out when it comes to zerging the
    enemy. What do you think of the Hakuryuu’s 4/2/2 loadout?

  12. Hy Aerroon nice video as always. Did you hear the rumor from some russian
    sources, that they want to tighten the japanese Torpedo bomber spread back
    to what it was, back at the begin of the Closed beta when they were
    introduced ?

  13. Nigga Stole My Lungs

    osom final kill ahah

  14. imagine how it happens in real life, Yamato rammed a Montana, people will
    laugh at it and it will be the funniest naval history forever

  15. Hi thần tượng của tôi! Tôi nghĩ: Nếu bạn chơi trong một trận đấu là 12
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  16. 7 vs. 6?? 🙂 Back to school Aerroon! :)

  17. just watched it from twitch recording few minutes ago… pretty interesting
    game for CV

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