World of Warships – Hindenburg 0.5.13

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on Islands of Ice moves to attempt a capture on C point. We encounter multiple enemies and must pull back under heavy fire. The enemies attempt to capture C, but my team has arrived to reinforce. I rotate to the rear while providing gun support to my team. The game continues forward for the battle over C point. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Hindenburg Replay


  1. I’ve unlocked the Roon, but I’m unsure if it and consequently the
    Hindenberg are worth it. is it?

  2. Notser, where is user replay of the week?

  3. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    a scharnhorst and belfast division would be fun considering belfast helped
    sink scharnhorst

  4. Sir Orrin Productions

    Perth? does he mean Belfast?

  5. Hey notser, just wanted to say, keep up the good work, and please dont join
    the dark side :/ … I think your videos are getting darker and darker O_O

  6. i just got the yorck and i really like it so hows the admiral hipper?

  7. Can you review the tier ix Roon?

  8. Can you make a Roon video please? <3

  9. I still think that concealment+rate of fire is the way to play the
    Hindenburg with about 300 games on it. Long range is not the way to play
    Hindenburg. Zao and Moskva can do the long rage job much better

  10. Perth represent!

  11. Well… Steering Modification really :o?

  12. Looks like enough people cried about ARP Takao on EU, now it’s still 50
    wins, but tier 8 and higher.

  13. WG should just change the British line to the British Commonwealth line,
    there would be a lot more diversity and since so many of the player base
    that WOWS has is from GB, Canada, Australia, New Zealand; it would be very

  14. Notser…..where do you get the damage counter, right above the enemy
    team’s roster?

  15. The 17.8 km range the Hindenburg has is plenty as long as your team plays
    correctly. However, in random battles where BBs tend to sit 20 km away from
    each other it can be challenging to work with.

    But when did you really need that extra range in this match? You fired one
    unsuccessful salvo at the Prinz Eugen, but that’s about it.

  16. Hey +Notser looks like WG responded to everyone’s pleas about the
    ridiculous requirements for ARP Takao in the EU – the requirement is now
    tier 8 :)

  17. Notser, can you talk to your pals at WG and enquire the British battleships

  18. I was screaming at you to use HE!!

  19. I was in a battle with you today as you used the Perth. We never made much
    contact as we were mostly on opposite sites of the map and you were on the
    other team.
    I saw you only had one kill and not much XP after the game so I guess that
    video will not make it on here – LOL
    How does the Perth play?

  20. I didn’t rock with the secondary range in the Bismarck, lol. Cuz I know I’m
    gonna die so quick with that build.

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