World of Warships – Hindenburg by Raxhepon

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Hindenburg by Raxhepon on Hotspot moves to the western side of the map. Raxhepon runs into a handful of enemies, which he tries to work down one by one. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much backup and must retreat. The enemy team takes over much of the map, the game looks to be a lose. Somehow the team hangs out one after another until a critical moment in the game, one team will win this game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X German Cruiser Hindenburg Replay


  1. Great game, his handle reminded me of Rahxephon at first.

  2. seriously ….. who cares about pronunciation ?! Stick to the point , which
    is the video content….. ffs . Good video as always Notser ,tnx !

  3. Great stuff, for pronouncing the Hindenburg correctly! Very few YouTubers
    actually try that hard. Respect to you!

  4. I might have this ship unlocked by 2019 lol.

  5. BakingPowder Liew

    wow great game Raxhepon ,the closest game I have ever seen :D

  6. when should you use repairs?

  7. And while I think smoke circles were a bit of a “cheat mod”- now I am mad
    at myself for not using it sooner, because it REALLY teaches you exactly
    how big your smoke area really is.

    Now, I just guess as always… IF smoke circles come back – and at this
    point I hope they do not, I WILL use them! Because it is a hell of an
    advantage for one, but more importantly for me: It also helps you learn how
    to stay safe within smoke!

    And that is something I would have LOVED to see with my Mikhail Kutuzov!
    Because the Kutuzov does put out more smoke than it needs to stay hidden,
    just not by anywhere near as much as a USN DD!

    OH! And in a sense, you are both Correct, but more importantly INCORRECT
    about the Acceleration Module slowing you down more quickly.

    What do I mean by that? Well it won’t slow you down any more quickly by
    just dropping your throttle down and/or going to full stop. BUT it most
    certainly WILL slow you down a LOT when you jam the throttle into full

    I have tried Mikhail with and without, and without it takes FOREVER to slow
    from full speed to half throttle even with full reverse. But with the
    module? I slow down so dawned quick, I can quite literally pop smoke as
    soon as I jam the throttle to full reverse!

    In fact she slows down so quickly that I almost always end up hitting 5 to
    12 knots in reverse before I pop the throttle to full stop!

    I would LOVE to see a video where you and someone you know with a Kutuzov
    were to try this side by side!

  8. Hey Notser, Did you know that right now – on the NA (and SEA IIRC) servers,
    it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the “Smoke Circle Mod”?

    I was installing Aslain’s mod pack last night so that I could have a damage
    done meter, better torpedo warnings, colored shells so I can tell what is
    HE and what is AP for both the enemies and myself, as well as a few other
    nifty mods.
    Well Aslain’s works as an executable, it is really SWEET in that all you
    have to do is download and run the program – it then gives you this MASSIVE
    drop down list of different mods.

    And I tried 5 times to use Aslain’s and it failed every time! So then I
    tried to install JUST the smoke circle mod – as I would install WOT mods,
    by downloading the files and putting them in the proper folder one at a

    Aaaand THAT didn’t work! It did the same thing, where when you start WOWS
    it freezes and you get a “Critical Error Warning” and you just have to
    ctrl+alt+del your way out!

    Turns out Aslain’s has the Smoke Circle Mod turned on by default! So I
    turned it off, and Voila! I have all the helpful mods I have wanted!
    Especially the Minimap mod that shows ship names and actual last known
    positions instead of those pointless and stupid grey markings all over the

    Only mod that won’t work – that is in Aslain’s is smoke circles, as well as
    “Camera Mods” such as Zeiss optics, which I found out about after seeing
    WTF was up with Smoke Circles!

  9. Nice close game.
    What surprises me is the stupidity of the early Atago that allowed for an
    easy kill. I would understand sailing broadside this early, and way back
    while positioning, but after the first broadside citadel, he does not
    angle, and gets two more salvos with more cits and a kill.

    Talk about incompetence! Probably a wallet-warrior that bought into a T8
    Premium and does not belong at T8. You get one cit like that, you
    immediately react and angle. Where can I get opponents like these?

  10. 10:00 The HE Salvo only landed 3 hits for a little over 1500 damage, the AP
    Salvo only landed 3 for a little over 1600 damage.

    Great game though, thanks for sharing it! Would be interesting to see how
    well or badly the Moskva did!

    That’s why personally, I want BOTH! Zao for the win! King of cruisers,
    scourge of the Battleship and devourer of Destroyers!

  11. Omg wut?! AP can set fires??? 1:23

  12. Does the “Hint Hint” refer to the upcoming HSM campbeltown and USS saipan?
    Or am i just slack?

  13. Personally I feel like if you are speaking a language, you are well within
    your rights to pronounce foreign words how your language would have you
    pronounce them. German people generally have a hard time pronouncing
    squirrel, But no one gives them a hard time about it. Props for being so
    respectful though. Great video.

  14. Great close game. Keep them coming.

  15. I have no idea why he didnt kill the enemy CV while he was capping. He just
    looked at it while it dropped torps at the New Orleans

  16. wait how do u save replays

  17. It’s kinda ironic how the Hindenburg is the one turning enemy ships into
    burning hunks of steel.

  18. Will there be more carrier gameplays incoming? I love those but I guess
    it’s just me.

  19. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Das ist gutte Rax… Sehr Gutte.

  20. Well. the Hindenburg certainly lives up to it’s name. XD

  21. JapanesePotatoSlicer

    The battleship on Rax’s team that died in the beginning got detonated by
    the enemy carrier, so stop saying hes a bad player.

  22. Here Brasil, good videos congrats!

  23. 8888 subs c: Keep er Goin Notser!

  24. Great game. Can’t believe they came back. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Ihaveyourusername

    Wow this played out like a good movie. Great game, great pick Notser.

  26. 1:06 Is Saipan and Campbeltown reviews ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. that was close, the only thing I don’t like about this game is being too
    passive. their team have a huge advantage on match making, but ended up in
    a close game.

  28. that commentary. lol.

  29. KingOfRotterdam16

    holy crap almost 1k subs in a week

  30. new Orleans the real mvp

  31. What a nailbiter match! Damn! Props to Raxephon for securing the victory.
    Thanks to you Notser for sharing this. And, as usual, you do an awesome job
    with your videos. I managed to improve my gameplay by “studying” your
    videos 🙂

    And as some already stated, your near perfect pronunciation of the German
    ships is vastly appreciated.
    I NEVER heard a non German, especially not a native English speaking
    person, pronounce the Hindenburg or even the Roon correctly!
    All the best wishes straight from Germany. Keep up the great work. Very
    entertaining, cheers mate!

  32. Nice Hindenburg, I am working on Yorck, and it sucks….

  33. question: when your in a battlship and you realize youve made a mistake how
    do you turn around without getting citideled by multiple battleships
    (reversing is to slow so it dosnt work)

  34. Very, very close. Feel like I playing myself and hope for the win.

  35. LOL this was just like my game.
    It still couldn’t beat ours tho where we stop the enemy tick at 999.

    **cough** The replay is with you Notser **cough**

  36. Gabriel Borislavov

    That was really entertaining fight .

  37. What a game! Even if all hate me, but I think the enemy carrier should have
    won this.

  38. that is a first rate save. He did great considering how beat up he was
    early. The ibuki and Roon definitely should have pressed harder in

  39. ohhhhh mann ! it was an exciting game and a cool victoryThank you Notser to
    show it

  40. Got similar close call game like this, almost all of us got mental
    breakdown. Its really stressful but it feels great too.

  41. Closest match i’ve ever been, was in cbt. 1000 vs 997. I was in the losing

  42. That was entertaining, but boy that Mogami threw that battle (again,
    failure to appreciate the WINNING move v the selfish “do more damage”).
    Plus SO many of his team went on the right edge, largely away from ANYWHERE
    USEFUL. Astounding people are playing those tiers and still largely blind
    to the basics, isn’t it.
    Great game by Raxhepon, and made for a good one to watch.

  43. Gareth Fairclough

    Hindenborg? Resistance is futile!

  44. it sounds like your saying Hindenbooog!

  45. Now that’s a nailbiter!
    Would love to see the replay from that New Orleans’ point of
    view…especially the torp dodging :)

  46. just to clarify , i am rax(you can see my replays on my acccount if you
    don’t believe me) but back to what i was about to say, i build my
    hindenburg for aa and has a 100 rating because i run sonar instead of
    defensive aa fire so if planes come to me it wil come at a cost. and that
    comes why i am so confident getting so close to the ibuki is because i have
    sonar and can spot the torps from much farther.
    the battle with the izumo the reason i was constanly switching from he to
    ap was because i wasn’t sure if he would show his broadside to me and was
    hoping to get fires on him wich one did stick to him and with the mogami i
    only spotted him after he fired. and on a side note people just call me
    Rax. but that was one of the fun games i had in wows.

  47. Imagine that new orleans player clenching his butt trying to avoid the torp
    and after that taking a dump for an hour long after that game hahaha! Such
    close game.

  48. Your German is simply amazing 🙂 Even some German YTbers can´t pronounce
    the German cruisers! :D

  49. How do you find out how to pronounce something in a foreign language? The
    “Hindenburg“ was pronounced very well ;)

  50. Wow, 22,500 camo, heal, repair, fighter, and hydro, so 112,500 credits for
    just consumables.

  51. Very close call on this …
    Notser – you pride yourself in trying to pronounce the ships names
    correctly. Thats commemorable. However – you continue to mispronounce
    Tirpitz. It is actually pronounced: Tierpitz (Teerpitz).

  52. how to record? my pc isn’t good, the game runs in 20fps only…does that
    means i can’t record or the quality of the vedio will be really bad?

  53. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    I still don’t understand why high players, never learn not to give a
    Hindenburg their broadside ?

  54. Notser the BB detonated at min 2:00 !!!

  55. Wow such an amazing game! Well done Raxhepon. The only thing I can see you
    could have improved on was when you were being attacked by the two torp
    bombers in the north (right before almost running aground) I was saying
    launch your fighter! I know though in the heat of the action it’s hard to
    remember all those things. Would have been really helpful there though.
    Awesome to watch thanks for sharing Notser.

  56. Your turn now to play Hindenboyg! ;)

  57. ANYONE how i enable the reply in game and take screen shots
    don’t laugh guys i try to learn
    thanks in advance
    sorry for my English

  58. What an Intense battle!!! 😀 😀 XD

  59. … O_O … X_X that was a butt clenchingly amazing match! Loved it!

  60. Fantastic match!

  61. Almost perfect pronounciation, just a little bit more “r” and you nail it

  62. Sergio Seminario

    I’ve been on the losing end of this situation and it is soooo frustrating.
    We lost with 996-998 points…

  63. Great Job by the new orleans dodging this Torpedo strike

  64. Rene Van Der Meer

    SHIIIIIT, talk about a close call..

  65. That has to be one of my favorite games lol. Thanks for sharing. Lol

  66. Could you make a video on the Myoko or Mogami?

  67. Hey Notser, nice vid :)So I’ve had some very good games recently (USN DDs
    mainly) but I don’t know how to use the replay system. It would be helpful
    if you could make a ‘How to upload your replay’ .

  68. First ?

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