World of Warships – HMS Agincourt

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Only the Royal Navy could build a battleship that would upset the French, Portuguese, Brasilians, Turks AND Germans. They don’t make them like they used to!

Little White Mouses’ Premium Ship Review:

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  1. finally uncle jingle history lesson about the agincourt

  2. Hey, its Littlewhitemouse! …you got me with that one, you old fart. I see Mouse, I click.

  3. One of the moments where mobile is better
    For context: Wowsb had Agincourt a while back

  4. Actually, Jingles, Agincourt historically mounted the 12″/45 Mark XIII, not the Mark X used by Dreadnought.

  5. Would anyone else listen to an audiobook read by Uncle Jingles or is it just me?

    Because I could listen to him talk about history all day.

  6. Marshall Redmon

    Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
    Ottoman Empire – Sultan Osman 1st
    Great Britain – HMS. Agincourt
    Thank you Jingles for sharing the story of HMS Agincourt with us

  7. Andreas Sjöberg

    So when are we getting a Captain Rita for this floating bathtub? Light the fire under Wargaming!

    • That would be Awesome but, is she supposed to call ships by their correct designation or say a BB has just been sunk when it was a DD? It would be amusing. Wargaming, get the lead out of your arse and put the rivets to metal!

  8. I’ve always found LWM’s reviews as excellent, but the fact that he/she uses scroll to zoom…oh boy

  9. Time: 7pm
    Dinner: fuckin served
    Jack: Daniels
    Entertainment: jingles
    Fucks given: optional

  10. Is it true the HMS Agincourt single-handedly sunk the entire French Navy with it 70 inch long bows?

  11. at the beginning of WW1 the ottomans realized that they were in a perilously weak strategic position, enemies on all sides were hungrily eying their territory, and they desperately wanted an alliance with a great power to afford them some protection and buy time for much needed economic, administrative and military reforms.

    these two BB’s were national prestige projects, people from all over turkey had donated to support their purchase, kids even proudly gave their pocket money. but when the turks realized that there was no way the brits would let the ships go, they offered them to germany in exchange for an alliance, knowing full well that germany would never get their hands on them.

    the germans saw little benefit in an alliance with the ottomans. it was widely believed that the coming war would be short and the general staff estimated that everything would be over before the ottomans could mobilize. but when they were offered those two powerful battleships they felt it could be a significant bolster to their fleet against the royal navy and they agreed.

    by that time, the ships had already been seized and the ottomans were most likely aware of that. they sold ships that they didn’t even have anymore 🙂

    ‘A Peace to End All Peace’ by David Fromkin

    • Francis Lavelle

      @Doug JB cause it was trapped in the Black Sea by the British and French… and so the Turks would hopeful join the central Powers

    • @Doug JB Goeben was operating in the mediteranean at the outbreak of the war. she was being heavily pursued by the royal navy and would either have been sunk or been forced to enter a neutral port where she would have been interned for the remainder of the war. there was virtually no chance that she would have returned to germany of any friendly port.

      so the ottomans let her pass the dardanelles and by international law would have been obliged to intern her.

      instead the germans gave her to the ottomans who then joined into the alliance and used the ship against the russians in the black sea.

  12. This ships secondaries are actually scay, look at the rate of fire

    • Check out Little White Mouses review in the forums, she lists the DPM and Fires per Minute of those secondaries. They put every other secondary focused ship to shame, even the likes of the GZ can’t compete with the raw DPM, and she can make the Smolensk blush with the fires, too…

      Something like 22/23 fires per minute from secondaries and an utterly insane 452k DPM… To put that last one in perspective, the Massa gets 270k DPM and the GZ gets 337k…

    • Александр Воробьёв

      another broken premium

  13. The question that I need the answer for is the following: When you double click the left mouse button with all of the guns loaded, does it look like a battlecruiser exploding?

  14. i found a spare capt although he seems drunk always getting ships wrong saying i sank friendlies he is so bad ;p

  15. Sebastian Grumman

    Paraphrasing LWM from one of her reviews, “I might not club baby seals very often, but when I do, I like lots of blood”.

  16. Jose Maria Serrano

    Hey Jingles, Chile wasn’t a rival to Brazil, but to Argentina. Chile was feeding its Navy with guano, Argentina with meat, and Brazil with coffee and rubber, but another factor was that the Brazilian Navy needed to be happy or they could launch a coup since the capital was Rio de Janeiro.

  17. Niall Cunningham

    Not quite – it’s a common mistake but the author of the book is not the same person as the subject of the book – they just have similar names – though spelt differently. It’s a decent read but as accurate history is a bit dubious – or even outright rubbish – a better more balanced book is Bill Macdonalds – The True Intrepid

  18. When you said ‘gin palace’ I thought you said ‘djinn palace’ and it was a reference to it being taken from the Ottomans.

  19. Toto Abicyclette

    “Actually, Jingles”, it is spelled and pronounced “AZincourt”.

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