World of Warships: HMS Belfast VR Experience

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HMS Belfast was once the most advanced light cruiser in naval history, and Wargaming has brought her to !

Join Wargaming’s own Richard “The Challenger” Cutland and Nicholas “Chieftain” Moran in a mixed-reality VR re-telling of the Battle of the North Cape, to that point the northernmost naval engagement in history, where HMS Belfast played an integral role in the hunt for one of the last big-gun German : The .

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  1. Awesome

  2. Awesome, it is pleasure to watch these introducing video!

  3. This is an amazing format!

  4. Lourenzio Kojongian

    how about world of warships gameplay on vr :D

  5. Been waiting for this thing! Nice job guys!

  6. awesome

  7. That was awesome! Please make more VR vids!

  8. this is rad as heck!!!!

  9. Did the gun actually fire? :o

  10. Great job WG
    nice VR-Movie

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