World of Warships – Scharnhorst Double Strike

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Scharnhorst on Two Brothers moves to support the push on the eastern flank. We encounter multiple enemy ships, I engage enemy cruisers who show too much broadside. Three enemy battleships are also on the flank, I try my best to angle and engage the battleships. The fight is intense, close quarters combat with battleships gets the blood pumping. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Replay


  1. Imma send you a nice game I had on the Königsberg yesterday. Hopefully it
    can be featured in the weekly user replays. Keep up the good work my man. I
    always enjoy your videos

  2. A difficult question (for me at least) i want to buy a premium ship
    a)Belfast or b)Scharnhost
    any help from someone, i’m a average+ player 55% wins and try to play with
    the team not Yolo

  3. I am a tad miffed over all of this talk about how this ship is not strong
    enough or that ship is too OP. Ships should have weaknesses and strengths.
    If we keep pushing WG to make changes, all of the ships will end up being
    pretty much the same and who the hell wants that?!

    I play my Shimi and other than the economy, it is a torp boat…but I also
    provide INVALUABLE vision with my 5.9KM detection range. It depends on the
    situation obviously. But nerfing the torps and improving the guns…you
    might as well be an American DD for the love of god!

    Stop complaining and play to the strengths and avoid the weaknesses!

  4. Scharnhorst should be faster than Gnesenau (sorry if this is a spelling
    mistake), not only because it is a premium , but also because they both
    have the same engine 160k hp, however Scharnhorst has lighter machinery,
    that, and in real life the Scharnhorst reached ~32 knots, Gnesenau reached
    30 ( in 11 inch config).

  5. Got a lot teamed up with great scharnhorst player today, crazy OP ship

  6. Notser, I’ve very recently sent you a replay in my Danae, but in it I
    forgot to meant ion it was on EU

  7. WG won’t fuck up the new Japanese destroyers. I’d put money on it.

  8. North Carolina AA Build next?

  9. The Scarnhorst my favorite ship. I this rank season was tier 7 rank 1 would
    be easy with her.

  10. can’t wait for akizuki, ijn dd gunboat hyyyype

  11. Suggestions for the level 5 skill?I am training up a captain for the german
    BBs but I am unsure which one I should pick.
    Concealment Expert or Manual Secondaries?

  12. Arrrgh, I am so tired of this narrative. 🙁 IJN destroyers ~are~ effective,
    or at least can be in the hands of a decent player. Their concealment
    advantage vs. other nations’ DDs allows them to spot effectively for
    teammates & capture points in relevant game types, and to choose when to
    engage an enemy destroyer and when to evade. Their guns rotate & reload
    slowly, but pack a much higher alpha damage than USN or Soviet destroyers
    (and a greater chance for fires). Given that your concealment should allow
    you the first salvo on an enemy gunboat, that gives you an early edge
    assuming you can land that salvo consistently. Yes, a USN destroyer is
    going to outgun an IJN one if both ships are in the hands of equally
    skilled players, but again–barring a significant misstep, the IJN captain
    is going to have the choice of whether or not that engagement occurs.

  13. Lol! That Atlanta got 2 torpedo kills and was then torpedoed by his own
    mutsuki. Derp!

  14. J Manuel Villarreal

    Damn so lucky your torpedo tubes werent disabled, those are the first thing
    to break even with the slightest touch … nice vid.

  15. I’m pretty sick of dd’s and their torpedo spam in ranked. There are 4 or 5
    dd’s per match most of the time. Since no one plays cruiser, often times
    there are no cruisers at all to take out the dd’s. If you have bensons on
    your team, you have a chance because they can kill other dd’s. If you have
    fubukis on your team, well good luck, maybe they’ll hit lucky torps.

  16. my scharnhorsr has manual secondaries i do not fear dds!

  17. Hahaaa!!! Outstanding!! Thank you for posting that, Notser!

  18. Very topical video, I’ve been extremely tempted to pick up a pair of these

  19. Damn it, do you PAY enemy players to be that bad…….

  20. Scharnhorst is good, but it’s certainly not the best premium ship available
    in the game. I think the most powerful one tier for tier is Bliskawica, but
    if you balance price vs. credits farming potential and skill level required
    Murmansk is the best commonly available premium.

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