World of Warships: HMS Belfast VR Experience

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HMS Belfast was once the most advanced light cruiser in history, and Wargaming is bringing her to World of Warships.

Join Wargaming’s own Richard “The Challenger” Cutland and Nicholas “Chieftain” Moran in a mixed-reality VR re-telling of the Battle of the North Cape, to that point the northernmost naval engagement in history, where HMS Belfast played an integral role in the hunt for one of the last big-gun German warships: The Scharnhorst.

You will soon be able to command HMS Belfast in World of Warships

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  1. Really cool!

  2. ah put her on sale already she’s not that overpowered

  3. Very cool history of a once glorious ship. I am glad there are still places
    where you can go and see these massive yet beautiful ships.

  4. Wow that was strange

  5. PurpleSpeckledAppleEater

    I just realized. What if Wargaming releases a night battle map?

  6. So, are they rebalancing the Belfast before release? It seems like most
    early access reviewers consider it overpowered.

  7. u know ur wrong right? USS Little Rock is also light cruiser Cleveland
    also still surviving today

  8. Can I buy a version without the guns ? *GRI

  9. I’ve never seen a video like this. I’ve never seen a VR video.

  10. Shut up and take my money ?, please release the Belfast to the NA server.

    P.S. How does one get to be a community contributor?

  11. Francisco Javier Torres Vergara

    Cuando quiero actualizar el juego me sale “Los datos obtenidos del servicio
    de actualizacion son incorrectos” ayuda :´v

  12. great work guys!

  13. So brits kept firing even knowin that The Scharnhorst was already
    devastated? that doesnt look quite “allied”

  14. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    I so love how they make it sound like the Belfast took on the Scharnhorst
    almost by herself, not mentioning the Duke of York British Battleship with
    14-inch guns hitting Scharnhorst early on. To bad Tirpitz and the German DD
    escort wasn’t with her. It would have been a much different scene.

  15. Used “USSKroms” Navy

    wow cool 🙂 nice work WarGaming.

  16. Rich Flores (Dostovel)

    One of the coolest Youtube videos I’ve ever seen!

  17. David vs. Goliath, in that David had a sling equivalent to a .45 caliber
    handgun and Goliath likely had very poor eyesight and was a big target.
    Just like the Scharnhorst had no functioning radar

  18. please beef up montana shes almost useless against the kurfurst beef her hp
    add 20 inch guns as uss maine (montana class battleships) was ment to have
    make it easier to destroy the kurfurst.

  19. Very nice video, but too aggressive marketing of the Belfast premium… The
    battle wasn’t between Belfast and Scharnhorst – actually it was Duke of
    York + destroyers vs Scharnhorst. Cruisers (three: Belfast and 2 others)
    played mere radar scouting role and the only thing they could do alone was
    to die. Only a 356mm shell from Duke, penetrating the armored citadel and
    disabling Scharnhorst’s propulsion made possible for destroyers to do
    successful torpedo attack. Belfast’s 152mm guns most probably didn’t
    influence the battle at all – it is believed that even the radar was
    destroyed by a 203mm shell from one of heavy cruisers.

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