World of Warships- Is This Even Fair Anymore WG?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the current state of CVs and their unique mechanics and ask: “Is this even fair anymore?”

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  1. 5min is now a running gag

  2. @abdullahertogral8845

    how the fuck is that a citadel at 1:04? bomb clearly landed the side its not even close to the center of the ship.

  3. Flamu did a video on the upcoming patch. Something he said caught my attention. He said that the ASW damage ellipse on CVs is also much larger than regular ships.

    • I mean, isn’t any advantage over those “pesky” subs a good thing? Even if the advantage comes from your friendly neighborhood CV? A dead sub is the best kind of sub, right?

    • @@Sulfuron41Unless it’s the one on your team 🙂

    • @@Sulfuron41 Nobody but sub and cv players care much about the mechanics between the two. I consider both as game breaking bug and just report all subs and CVs at the start of a battle until i’m out of reports. Getting rid of submarines and CVs would be great for the game. It would be like the game finally beating cancer.

    • ​@@joca1378finally someone, who diong the same. Also i take them on blacklist, so if i meet a blacklisted player probably, a cv/sub player or below 45% winrate. So instant report going to them. 😀

    • @@joca1378 I’m glad I’m not the only one, I’ve done that for ages, servers the fukcers right.

  4. @simplefactsoflife4795

    I’ve long thought that it was unfair that CV players don’t have to defend their ship because it happens automatically. I understand that the player is occupied with flying his planes, but I would propose a simple solution. Rather than have to recall the planes to get back to handling the ship, put a loiter function for the planes into the game. The player will be returned to fighting his ship, and the planes will remain on station until the player has dealt with what he has to, and can then resume controlling his aircraft.

  5. Good way to balance it would be bringing back the old RTS CV´s with optional manual control. Youd send planes and control ship.

  6. You brought up a very good point Sealord. I personally think the priority should be to prevent CVs from facing ships at a lower tier than they are because they are stupidly strong against those ships. Making the playing of tier 9 and tier 5 miserable.

  7. Maybe if CV have to be moving to give the fighters enough lift to launch, like in history? That way they can’t island camp.

    • When I use a CV I never camp. To easy for other CV to rip me up. Then again I’m not great with CV’s.

    • yeah but if you sit parallel with an island you make it harder for enemies to get an angle for torpedos planes will have to fly completely around soaking up more AA and getting killed by fighters.@@grayboats7741

    • I rather have CVs not be able to launch planes when the ship is on fire.

    • @@15jsoliven Imagine if you get a single fire on your ship, and suddenly all your guns go silent and torps shut down and spotting shuts down because your entire crew is fighting the fire

    • ask the Japanese during the Battle of Midway what happens when you get attacked while trying to launch your planes. Surface ships are different from CVs when it comes to damage control. Traditional combat ships can still function while damaged because each gun is crewed. A CV has ONE FLIGHT DECK. When it’s on fire or under attack NO PLANES are capable of launching. @@memeboi6017

  8. Fair and Balanced left the WG games descriptions a long time ago

  9. One thing you forgot about CV ASW. They also have bigger blast radius…

  10. This makes so much sense. As a newer player I haven’t been able to understand why CVs get so much love from WG. So many times I’ve had to turn to deal with plane torps or sub torps which put my BB broadside to the enemy. Also, why are they so friggin’ fast? My div mates DDs have a hard time catching them.

  11. “Is this even fair” – WG has stopped caring about that YEARS ago.

    • Their main focus isn’t fair. Back when they had that CC summit they said they wanted a minimum # of CV players and would buff them to maintain that.

  12. That Petro was the bane of your existence

  13. the detonation mechanic is even more Random than you think, i detonated a DD while only registering a single ricochet. maybe the chance goes up with citadel hits, but DD’s seem to detonate the most and they have none.

    • @marcinkwapisz7752

      A few days ago my Shima detonated because of a single secondary gun hit (from Gouden Leeuw). I did not know it was possible, either Gouden Leeuw captain was completely surprised. Literally he was sorry. Shit happens.

  14. i think you could make the cv less automated if you do like the old cv that you can take control of the ship without forcing the planes to come back (like they just stay where i left them fly on circles)

  15. @pickeljarsforhillary102

    We should consider ourselves lucky that we can still citadel CV’s.

  16. The biggest problem with CVs and how they impact gameplay is spotting.

    WOWS could make a simple change that would be easy for all to understand – 2D spotting (minimap only). This also mirrors real world naval battles. This is what the Russian WOWS game is doing.

    Instead WOWS is testing a complex system that I still don’t understand after reading the dev blog.

    • He’s a slight modification : ships spotted by CV’s will only be visibly spotted to ships within their firing range.

      This makes it still a worthwile task for a CV to help one’s team

  17. A) Well, I recall quite a few raging infernos across CVs, quite often being the true reason for it to be either damaged beyond repair when coming to port or sunk in-situ as beyond salvation – but often after protracted battle against the inferno. But I do not recall single catastrophic magazine detonation. Do not forget that it was propellant that was behind ship losses – especially rather unprotected propellant in bags than explosive fillings. And in CVs the propellant is either in cases of the AA ammunition that is not that big as BBs’ major guns, or some is inside rockets – against inside metal shell while bombs are rather thick-wall steel vessels filled with insensitive explosive. Thus “not exploding” is in accordance what they are. At the same time, they should be sort of vulnerable against fires – especially Japanese ones …
    B) you as I see control just your ship. For CV you control ship + planes so you are at 2 distant places. Thus that automatic ASW makes sort of sense
    I am not quareling just trying to make a little bit of sense into some mechanics.

  18. Non surface spotting should activate the gun bloom and only spot on the minimap.
    Except for spotting planes , and a squadron should have spotting consumable (like fighters) to make ships targetable for x amount of seconds . A sub should be on the surface to spot a ship .

  19. A Malta detonated our 3/4 health T10 BB with 40 seconds left in the game, we had just for the 1st time in the match got a head on points…
    That was sooo enjoyable, I logged out for a week.

  20. Two solutions. 1. The CV player gets the option to turn on hard mode. This turns off automatic damage control and automatic ASW and turns on the risk of fires preventing take off but also activates a large XP bonus if they survive and a smaller XP bonus if he’s lost or died. Giving the CV more vulnerable planes in exchange for more XP would work too.
    2. Its turned off but a player that has lost his or her ship gets to option to go damage control on the CV and some other ship in place of spectator mode. You have two players controlling different aspects of the ship. The ‘rescued’ player gets his point of view locked to the ship and can look around. They get only two or three keys: Damage control, ASW and perhaps plane maintenance. Which means The CV commander can continue doing what he’s doing. Plane maintenance gives you a few more ready planes. This means the CV is more vulnerable early game but because its rare for him to be the first to die he gets someone to share the work. He can turn this off if needed.
    Both of these are win win for both CV players and those that hate them. Both should be easy to program since WG had to toggle these thigs on. That switch must be there somewhere. And because spectator mode is already effectively doing the two player thing.
    I can see how to do this in both world of tanks and world of aircraft where it would be a much bigger help in the air. Player tail gunners.

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