World of Warships- How To Be An Effective Battleship Player

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Hey guys! Today we have a guide video for you guys, let me know if you guys would want to see more of this! Enjoy!

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  1. Early to the video. Thank you for posting this, I needed reassurance on how I play. I push in, I love to brawl. But the issue is nobody else likes to push with me. So, I just sit in the back and lose because my team doesn’t push.

  2. How to bb
    WW2: Do escort duties near cv and support ur ships
    Wows: Lol rush guns go brrr
    (That kaga and teammates tho pretty supportive players)

  3. All Gas no brakes, always, and it works 50% of the time, because otherwise is boring

  4. LOVE IT! thx 🙂

  5. Dont Know. I would rather Go after more valuable Targets than a constellation in a Monty. But yea maybe He was radaring your mates

  6. You: tanking for damage.
    Average teammates: hiding behind islands and too coward to fire.

    • the same situatuion happens in all battles . u have to stay middle and push or die and all others except one or two will always stay behind like noobs

  7. “It would be impossible to do without my temmates here” – So the lesson is practically “Be sure to have luck on your side”

  8. After several years of player, I noticed that whenever a random dd or ca on your flank decides to throw, the bbs are the ones usually being punished the most

  9. Just based on how hard you bullied that constellation, I think it should get a slight amour change. It’s just too big a target to get such poor armour at tier 8.

  10. Option 3: play Thunderer at close range with AP equipped

  11. Option 4 : play to be good bb player, and then rng screwed you up by moving away your shells from the enemy

  12. Guides are great! Keep it up! Thanks for all your work!

  13. Yes well played Sea Lord.

  14. “Had a really good team this match.” Well, there’s the problem. First sign of resistance on the Asia server your team either books it to the back of the map or just yolo’s in and dies in 2.5 seconds. You could be tanking like you were in this match and your team will be too scared to fire or just run away. I haven’t not seen a blow out match on the Asia server in like a year.

  15. I needed this! Thank you.

  16. Getting a Deadnought should be your objective every match as a BB. Making the most of your health pool is key to good BB play.

  17. Kinda have to agree with some others here, it would be cool if you did a similar video that covers how you play a BB at mid tiers (say T5 & T6).

  18. This is the best BB gameplay. Very nice guide for struggling BB Enthusiasts like me.
    Thanks bro.

  19. A Resonant Soul

    People like me need a new guide every day 😛

  20. Emil Andrei Ciobanu

    Great guide, thank you.

  21. Nathaniel Duncan

    will you be making a guide to italian battleships? love your content btw

  22. I follow him on Twitch. I love his Video’s. I hate his name of course LOL (Look at my last name. I play Irelands_32. Do you understand why? LOL)

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