World of Warships – How to Russian DD

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Someone sent in a great Khabarovsk replay, figured it would make a great replay to teach How To Russian DD 😀 So here it is, enjoy everybody!

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. +iChaseGaming since American battleships got their models changed somehow,
    are you going to do a video on it, or is that unnecessary?

  2. So, question is, what do you do to counter them if you’re in a BB? Little
    buggers tear apart my Yamato and I feel helpless.


  4. the game is absolutely unplayable on the europe servers – players get worse
    and worse up to tier 10 and yes… im salty and frustrated lol

  5. dont get me wrong he did an awesome amount of damage but…. saying that he
    didnt had any support from his team? That dude didnt played the objective
    at all.. just went solo and only focusing on doing damage… he was in a
    division but no actual teamplay with them… just sad.. kinda had an early
    feeling that was gonna be a lost game and yeah it was

  6. That. Was beautiful.

  7. Dirty napkin fantasy design very stronk comrade, even soviet tissue
    outperform ALL american and japanese dd, as it would have been.

  8. Guillermo Fischer

    ichase, can I send you the 4th max damage on the Khabarovsk? i used most of
    AP in that game so you can show the differences in playstyle.

  9. Warner Moczulski

    Good thing this is a Video Game his ship’s guns would have melted XD among
    other realities

  10. Hay Chase, Good to see you, how the back?

  11. Greetings Chase! Curious, how do you get the aerial detect range circle to
    show on your minimap? I can’t seem to find anything in settings that allows
    you to change what displays on your minimap aside from the alt interface.
    Are you running a UI mod? Mahalo and aloha from the 50th state!

  12. Good stuff…I know about playing these ships like a sniping harrier (I
    have a Kiev) but I particularly like playing the Kiev as a DD hunter.

  13. Gareth Fairclough

    Fubukiwuki approves. Happy birthday to those two twelve year olds from my 5
    year old cousin (She of Fubukiwuki infamy).

  14. Now we need a video about Brawling and Ramming. That is the epic meme we
    need in our time

  15. +iChasegaming Senpai, you noticed me! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to tell
    them, they got a shoutout on Youtube. Hurray. Again, thank you
    iChasegaming. Keep up the good work. What is your next video going to be
    on? The new patch?

  16. Chase can you give me advice on the captain skills for the American DDs and
    modules for the Gearing because soon i will have it and i have no idea what
    to take. Anyway keep up the great work and have a nice week! :D

  17. if you’re in a question answering mood, Khaba on Khaba – I am trying AP vs
    HE and haven’t decided what’s best, be interested if u have opinion yet.

  18. Nick Pappagiorgio

    300k damage and still a loss – I’d be salty.

  19. What would you have as a recommended build for RU DDs? I’m still wondering
    if SE or AFT would be better, especially after the HP nerf to Kiev.

  20. Starting to like the russian dd’s. It is nice to need to play in a
    different way then the other dd’s. Really nice that you did this video.
    Thank and good luck as you close on 50,000 brilliant people who sub to your
    channel. Clearly to best people watch this channel. hehe

  21. Play Russian DD without AFT is painful..

  22. Advanced firing training or demolition expert?

  23. Can you make a video about how to play tier 8 9 and 10 US BB, no i’m not

  24. says a lot about how you view your fans that you’re happy to do a 12th
    birthday shoutout :)

  25. he is very lucky that his team capped for him……that’s where I get in
    trouble with my udaloi,, capping is very risky for RU DD’s.

  26. NuclearWinter2110

    So ichase, are you going to play the new German bbs?

    I really want to but then everyone does so it will be boring. Too many
    German battleships! Anyway your view?

  27. How can you tell thats its the second highest damage game on the NA server?
    Is there a website? Tell me your secrets Chase!!!

  28. I wish you had taken over the camera control on that replay Chase. That was
    uncomfortable viewing!! Good video otherwise. :)

  29. Ok, I sold my tier 5 Russian cruiser and dd cuz I hated them…. All
    because I was playing them wrong. I’m excited for new ships again lol

  30. nice video, I am not much of a DD player though I recently started
    investing a bit into the US DD line… for now… I love BB’s more so when
    these brand new german BB’s come I will have to play those ofcourse.

  31. Awesome performance! If I could do a fraction as good in my Udaloi…
    Now I have a goal to strive for.
    Thanks for posting.

  32. #HEisForScrubs

  33. Forget the russian anthem … put this on while you play Russian ship:

  34. god now I want a khaba even more… but need freeXP for Ze Jerman
    Battlewursts… gah

  35. 16:16 He was dealing FAR more damage per salvo against the Lexington with
    HE than he ever did with AP!

    The Lexington has REALLY good deck armor, and IIRC it’s citadel is Armored
    with about 180mm odd armor, the deck is around 100mm, but probably a LARGE
    amount more counting the flight deck.

    At least that is how it seems… I REALLY cannot wait for WG to implement
    that Armor X-ray view in port!

    So many questions about armor layouts; One of if not my BIGGEST question
    would probably be – HOW is the Molotov so much stronger than the Budyonny
    and even Schorchs when bow in?

    My guess would have to be that, when the Molotov was built, it was upgraded
    with “20mm of uniform armor” basically ALL over the ship! Furthermore all
    the bulkheads were changed from 50mm to 70mm as well.

    So if I had to guess, I would say the Molotov PROBABLY has some large
    amount of bow armor for a cruiser, probably about 35mm IF the bow got that
    extra 20mm as well. Then there are the 70mm bulkheads, of which there are
    probably AT LEAST 3 before a shell could make it from the bow to the
    citadel zone.

    And again if I had to GUESS, I would bet that the Budyonny has very weak
    bulkheads, as does the Schorchs. As I have seen both get multiple citadel
    hits through the bow with 14″ guns, where the Molotov bow in, while it WILL
    take a good deal of damage from 14″ guns bow in, it seems to NEVER get
    citadel damage!

    Hell in one match – one of like 3 where I actually got to use the 4km
    torpedoes, I rounded an island to 6km away from a Warspite with her 381mm
    guns. She was broadside so I was putting 8 to 12k salvos of AP into her
    water line, and when she shot me, all 4 front guns hit, and I took JUST 5k
    damage! Of course I was bow in. About 30 seconds later, I dumped torpedoes
    and then proceeded to kill him with my guns!

    That whole exchange cost me not more than 9k HP, it cost the Warspite
    something like 48k!

  36. Gameplay is almost like mini Atlanta without citadel.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks that WG needs to do something for BB and CV
    players? Those classes that were historically the most powerfull ships have
    a pretty bad reputation in WoWs. I know the basic arguments that people say
    against my point.
    1.Carriers have a lot of problems with the AA buffs on Cruisers and
    Battleships. WG could reduce the time taken to service aircraft or increase
    their health. Or better, at least for IJN medium and high tier introduce a
    special ability or skill for bomber, KAMIKAZE :). In the end it would be
    historically accurate.
    2. BBs, well, too dependent on RNG. Yes, you can nuke a ship once or twice
    per week, but you also get your HP pool melted down pretty fast by fires
    and HE spam. What I mean by ‘doing something’ is reducing the amount of RNG
    it involves. Like a buff in the disperssion of shells(still have no ideea
    how that thing works-practically, not in theory- for WoWs. You can
    completly miss a cruiser in less than 9 km, and destroyers even harder) and
    rework the way HE works. I mean you are telling me a Yamato or Montana
    built to withstand fights against the most powerfull guns in the world are
    going to fail in front of small calibre gun fire because they launch shots
    that could barely dent the steel armour? Or sucumb to masive deck fires? If
    they are not incendiary rounds, what should burn there to take away half of
    the ship? Cigarettes, uniforms, people, porn magazines? Not talking about
    bombs. Yes, a bomb with enough kinetic energy and a good angle may pierce
    through the armour and cause a fire on the inside that can damage the
    internal structure, but out in the open? i don’t think so. Or another
    solution, rework how AP and penetration works. Above tier 6(7+), where
    things start to become ridiculous, the main caliber of guns is 402
    mm(Exception Tirpitz with 380? and Yamato with 460) Right now damage is
    split like this: Overpenetration, 1260 HP per shell, penetration, I get
    values between 4800 and 5600 and of course, the magic citadels with 12600
    HP per shell. And if you bought enough premium and gold, you might even get
    detonations. What I want to say, is that 3 classes of damage is simply
    unrealistic and not enough. Yes, overpenetrations might have a logic when
    it comes to other BBs and some bigger cruisers, but on light crusiers and
    destroyers? A shell that leaves a hole at least half of the height of the
    ship does less damage then a small caliber HE? Or even better, hits the
    engine and penetrates, does not take a destroyer out? Or one that
    penetrates the ship from the front or lands in the middle of it? Not to
    mention something more fragile than the superstructure of BBs has
    absolutely no citadel !?! So getting full damage with your big ass AP shell
    is never actually possible

  38. They lost cus none of the DDs on their team really bothered with capping.

  39. So which ship would you recommend more? The gearing or the khabarovsk

  40. +iChaseGaming i really like your videos and i would just like to know what
    program do you use for recording and editing your videos? Also do you use
    microfone to record your sound?

  41. What a team. Just under 300k on a defeat just… Uggh. So many potatoes.

  42. how to be a majestic Dolphin? :V

  43. Franciszek Szkop

    Very nice video Chase. Do you maybe know which mods is he using? I recently
    seen this mod in few other films and really want to use it.

  44. Not really into the RU DDs, like the USN and IJN more (thats why I started
    playing). But I like Derzki too much, so I never advance in tier ;D

  45. which skills to use? i consider using 3 tier 4 skills

  46. brick eentweeacht

    Nice, but now my dilemma.
    I don’t have a crew with all the skills(extra fire chance and further
    reduced detecion range). What I have is a brand new Kiev with only upgraded
    With the 4 km torps no enemy ever fears you. Cant even erea denail with
    these shitty torps dependingly.
    After the first volley, you are spotted and still they ignore you as long
    as there are other ships in your team in range.
    Enemy DD’s turn tail when they see you before you have spotted them, so no
    chance there either.

    All nice with a high tier USSR DD with good crew skills, and a skilled
    player like you. And posting a good game for youtube not reminding people
    randoms need luck to perform well in the mid tier USSR DD’s.
    But they are hard to play if not frustratingly for average Joe.

  47. Really interesting Video Chase ^^ Thanks for all the information on this
    Ship Class

    I would love to see Videos like this for more of the different ship classes
    and maybe even “odd ships” that have rather unique gameplay (like the
    Atlanta for example)

  48. hey can you please make a video on japanese cruisers?

  49. was hoping to see captain perks and upgrades to see if they differ from
    what I chose. ty iChase

  50. +ichasegaming
    Would love to see a video about captains kills and upgrades for the Russian
    I realy love playing them.

  51. need recommendation for commander skills….after AFT should I go for CE or

  52. How to play with Shimakaze good consistently next video plz

  53. outside the blackout the sun tactic with your shells
    it is also fun to hunt enemy destroyers
    sail at the beginning of the game behind a allied destroyer (use his
    stealth) to a cap
    if a enemy destroyer is spotted open fire
    later use the mini map if you see one, go that way
    most DDs have more stealth but that’s only a few kilometers
    if they sail in the opposite direction, that is not enough
    they can not out run you if you want a gun fight

  54. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    HE and Fire mechanics are such a pain in this game. An awesome achievement
    to besure, but the mechanics really need a rehashing.

  55. Nice game and fair commentary though the one issue I would add (which I
    also fell into the trap of when first getting into the Khab) is that he
    ignored the strategic side of the game and didn’t support taking caps and
    nullifying the enemy DDs. Had he done that he would have helped win the
    game for his team.

  56. Is there a match where people get over 1000 target hits medal? xD

  57. They are also great DD hunters. I don’t have high tier Russian destroyers,
    but I fight them all the time, they can easily overpower a same tier US DD
    in a gun duel.

  58. Do a tutorial on how to use Atlanta on the map ocean

  59. Just because you’re in a Russian DD, doesn’t mean you ignore the caps. You
    ignore the caps, you loose. He probably would’ve had a higher XP game if
    had capped just one circle earlier and won than simply farm damage at range
    and loose. This vid is pretty painful to watch because of that.

  60. the airbornepotato

    Last time I was this early, no-one else will not and will never care

  61. Khabarovsk, making a mess and being a pest.

  62. Guillermo Fischer

    i’ve the 4th place in max damage with the Khabarovsk on NA with 265k, and
    while i concur with many of the things you advice about the ship, in others
    don’t. The kbob is a light cruiser yes, but you shouldn’t play at max
    range. Your main task is to kill the others dds and use AP against BBs in
    flanking positions. The AP is just incredible, doesn’t do 2k, thats the
    minimun damage per salvo. Every 3.7s can do 3.5k-4k and literally melt an
    Iowa or Yamato. You shouldn’t use your torpedos on every single oportunity,
    those are your main defense when you are pummeling BBs or CAs inside
    smokescreens or when you retreat from a flank. And you can push caps, your
    bad detection isn’t a bad thing because, when you are detected, you know
    that a ship is just 1km away from been detected by you and in a gunfight
    you should win.

    Ps: sry about the english, isn’t my main language

  63. Eating Flashbang

    How to ruski:
    1) Turn on ruski national anthem
    2) Get comrade dog mosin
    3) Get vodka
    4) Start giem
    5) Go battle
    6) Defend motherland from bad capitalists with bottle vodka and mosin

  64. SO chase, how comfortable would you be to play with random people in a
    squad in WOW’s (Hint I am asking to play with you)

  65. Didn’t understand why he was using HE on the iowa at the start all my
    russian dd’s especially the 9 and 10 have AP that will eat through any
    battleship in the game unless moderately angled

  66. is your back feeling better chase?

  67. How to Russian DD: go another line.

  68. nice video about RU DDs, but how about the things on the Gremyashchy? Its
    speed is not so fast compare to the higher tire RU DD and it has better
    torps, and I struggle with my commander about the choice of 4-1 or 4-2.
    Often I confused about whether I should top those battleships or I use my
    guns to shoot them

  69. What captain skills would you recommend for the soviet DD line?

  70. Love the RU DDs. So much fun. They are like mini pissed off cruisers.

  71. Burkhard Bickmann

    Nice Vid! But you had extremly dumb enemy BB!

  72. I dislike the video their only one atsf

  73. “by weaving in and out of your large ships…”. I prefer not to play my
    DDs from the A1 corner every single map, thanks :(

  74. Very good video…

    I play WOWS regularly now iChase, and your videos have drastically reduced
    the learning curve.

    Keep up the hard work, and I’ll see you out there on the battlefield.

  75. Great video Chase. Very informative even though I have zero interest in
    playing the Russian/Soviet ships. Also, on the notes of birthdays, (happy
    birthday to Natalie and Nicholas as well) my birthday was last Friday :D

  76. Makise Kuristina

    Timely video chase… I’m restarting on the RU DD line again

  77. Marty H (Vellarain)

    Wow, 300k damage…

  78. I have tried russian DDs on the PTR server, after mastering the US DD
    line… And yes, the Russian DDs are incredibly fast and their guns hit
    hard, BUT I really miss the flexibility of high-ish tier US DDs. Once you
    deal with enemy DDs or take too much beating you can switch into a IJN DD
    playstyle – harrasing, enemy BBs, area denial and never getting spotted….
    You can take more risks in the early game, with a fallback plan.

  79. An answer to my prayers!

  80. i never been the first view??

  81. 6th comment. Hi chase?

  82. Now I know how I can better utilize my Gremyaschy in battle.

  83. TOO LATE ???

  84. Will watch this when I’m home. At the Udaloi now. RU DD line is definitely
    my favourite line when it comes to fun :D

  85. Love the vid!

  86. 29 views…

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