World of Warships // “I for one welcome our new lootbox overlords”

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My most totally serious video to date.


World of Warships is a lootbox gambling game – you can sign up through:


  1. Mmmmm bundles, … … so many signal flags. Those were the days

  2. 6:20 Not at all unrealistic development in the game, basically transforming the game into a looter-shooter, with a mix of drops and bought loot crates. Ships, upgrades, flags, everything in loot crates.

  3. why brain hurts so much for that replay playing backwards, or is it in fact that i can’t comprehend WG’s logic once again?

  4. Honestly I think that wargamming sees the writing on the wall with the new laws that they are pushing thanks to EA and are trying to grab as much of the pie as they possibly can before it’s shut down.

    • In my most cynical moments I’ve had that thought too.

    • @PointyHairedJedi At least I know I’m not the only one with that bit of tinfoil. It is really frustrating to because it’s one of the very few online games that someone with slower reaction times like I donno a guy getting older can play with others. Not even adding the ‘I like boats’ part of it.

  5. CatLover JerryGarcia

    Good to hear your opinion. Standing by for more.

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