World of Warships – I Hate RNG Containers

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Sharing my thoughts on the recent random chance to earn British missions. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I opened nearly as many and got zero missions.

    Faced Notser when he was in his Yammi and I was in my balti. My team won and i finished top on my team ? sorry Notser.

  2. i compleated all the royal navy containers and i got NO dd missions.

    • I just had the one from the event and got the mission for the T5.

    • Spartan, Ive seen 3-5 people in this comment section all excited about the EU cracking down on loot boxes. plenty of people want govt intervention.

      If you arent going to buy lootboxes, then theres nothing for you to worry about.

    • Well shit your britches some more then N00T. I can’t stop you and you’d probably screech something incoherent about big government if I did.?

    • _”Of course that your stance when you haven’t received what you wanted from the lottery event.”_
      I’m not complaining that I didn’t get what I wanted. I’m saying it’s advertised that it is a probabilistic selection, but we have not been provided any information of the range of the probabilities at play. To work out the value of the boxes and the expectation of success, I need to know that. That will also determine that the draw is working as intended. WG probably already know who’s opening what boxes, and how many ships have been claimed, so they _should_ know whether it’s working as intended. They _should_ be able to provide confidence in the system they have built.

      _”WG HAS to prove its not rigged to us in any way. Does innocent until proven guilty not apply here? If you don’t trust their description of the odds or think its too vague dont waste your money on it.”_
      They *haven’t* described the odds. That’s the point.

      _”My favorite example of just stupid consumers are the thousands of people who pre-ordered a literal box of horse shit from Cards against Humanity. They quite literally advertised it as a box of horse defecate and people still bought it, thinking it might be a joke and they’ll get some exclusive CaH cards. There was no legal repercussion for it but i bet there were at least a few unhappy people.”_
      Well, that’s a nice aside, but I don’t think WG are like that any more than you do. I just want something to have confidence in. They have provided no data points for me to have confidence in this system.

      _”I say if the consumer is dumb enough to buy it then have at it. Dont support a product if you dont like how they conduct business.”_
      I support *the game,* not the gambling elements they feel they can’t work around. I don’t have Premium right now, and won’t be getting it because I spent my budget on crates (lol), but I generally run premium if I’m playing often enough and generally support the game through store purchases.

      Here’s a scenario of an unintended consequence from a work flow with poor implementation:
      – assign the RNG for chance to win when crates are purchased or acquired through missions
      – player has a chance to win 1 of 4 missions
      – player opens a crate
      – RNG checks to see if it’s a mission
      – if it is a mission, RNG checks whether they already have it
      – IF YES, player receives standard reward
      – IF NO, player receives mission

      That flow right there divides the chances of getting the last ship if you have 3 and buy (achieve) more crates by 4, so a 1% chance becomes a 0.25% chance.

      Of course, we could test whether there is an unintended consequence by having a large enough sample size report their results. One of the flaws with chance draws like this, as you rightly intimated, is that you are most likely to think it is fair if you get what you want, and most likely to think it is unfair if you don’t, and we mostly hear when people are *not* happy, rather than when they are. That can be controlled for with a sufficient sample size reporting their results as they get them from the same starting point, controlling for number of crates bought or acquired through missions.

      There’s also the question of protecting vulnerable groups: kids, gambling addicts, people with OCD, etc.

    • Ha me to bro, and it says you have a higher chance of getting missions via containers. Higher chance my ass…….

  3. Strange. Didn’t flamu get all the missions opening containers. Some say fixed….

    • Same here. Got T5-7 from free boxes but it’s all RNG (dear lord unlocking them via mission felt like forever too — T7 was 14k base XP???? Ouch). It’s like when people were trying to get a specific ship drop from the Santa boxes. No, it doesn’t work that way. Random is random.

    • Ship Jesus Flamu got them all in first 4 crates. All hail the RN Jesus!

    • flamu’s containers are rigged, supercontainers, and other containers as well, its not luck, its VERY EASY to rig this kind of containers via programming (maybe he has a direct contact to developers)

    • Yeah it is not rigged. Best marketing. Let your company contributors get all the missions from 20 containers. Everybody will then start to buy them like hell and get none to buy even more.

    • He bought premium containers, not normal ones

  4. 2 clannies did all of the first stage of the directives and got all of the DD missions.

    They must have my luck cos I’ve got no luck left.

  5. I’ve done every single goddamn mission that doesn’t need britsh dds to get as many of the containers as I can without paying and have not seen a single bloody dd mission. This is feeling dangerously close to EA levels of bs

  6. In Hearthstone, there is a “pity timer.” After opening a Legendary card in a pack (within the same expansion), you start with the base chance of 1 in 20 to open a pack with a Legendary card. The chance increases with each pack opened without a Legendary, and if you don’t open a Legendary card within 40 packs, you are guaranteed to open a Legendary card in the next pack. Perhaps WarGaming should consider a similar implementation.

    • +N00T ah the good old “if you dont like it dont play it” club.. when arguments fail, this is always there. A 100% reliable asset to the keyboard warrior. How about people care about the game and enjoy it and naturally that includes all aspects of the game. And when you have CCs like Flamu opening 3 in the first 4 containers on stream, you can’t tell me that you don’t understand why people get frustrated. Is anyone entitled to get a mission? Ofc not Would it be more enjoyable for everyone to get a guaranteed reward at 100 containers? Ofc it would. So please stop tbis “hurr durr, you dont like? dont play”..its really getting old

    • No, whats getting old, is people feeling so entitled that they deserve to be given something for free with little to no work or input. Especially when they only reward they’re bitching about are ships that are gonna be in the game for everyone in a month. Im not a CC and I got the acasta, icarus, and jervis already. I bought 5 containers. If i hadn’t gotten any DD’s from that so what? I wouldn’t go buy another 60 containers and then blame WG for taking my money. Especially when theres another 3 weeks of free containers to earn. In the end i just wait a month and play the ships without spending a penny if i wanted. No, its much easier to cry about it on YT then to realize you are entitled to everything for free from a F2P game.

    • +N00T Well obviously you didn’t read my comment, i literally said no one is entitled and pointed out that its not fun. What really stinks is the fact that you can buy containers for real money without a chance of getting anything. I have not done that and i dont see the point as like you say they will be released soon anyway. But having the system completely random is lottery and unnecessarily frustrating, it won’t hurt wargaming to give guaranteed missions if someone bought let’s say 20 or 30 or even 100 i dont know how much they are, containers..

    • +MoaBassInDaRiddim I would support that concept too. Lots of other dev’s have done it and they still get flack from people saying they “always” have to hit the guaranteed number to win. At the end of the day it’s your choice whether or not you think it’s worth buying, and obviously it’s working pretty well for wg since they keep selling containers and the prices seem to be going up.

    • +MoaBassInDaRiddim wargaming gives flamu those containers.

    • Yep didnt get any either

    • Yep! I’ve done all of the first set of missions and bagged all the crates with nothing. Okay, fair enough. I went on to spend the in-game currency from the RN crates on more RN crates and got nothing. Again … fair enough, I have no ‘right’ to a crate, but WG do you think without a new shiny bauble of a ship with a new Commander to grind skills for that I will be coming back for more? Nope! The first rule of gaming is, “IS IT FUN?” The answer is “No!”, so bye bye.

    • I cant even do the missions for the Brit DDs because I didnt any of the RN DDs from the containers and Im not going to buy a mehboat just to get more crates. Its BS.

  7. yep. same for me. On the American cruiser release containers. I NEVER got a mission. It took me 40 to get the Bretagne for french BBs. its stupid.

  8. Best thing to do,… Dont buy loot boxes,…. I dont buy them anymore since i quittet rappelz 7 years ago,… in case you dont know,.. that was an mmorpg… The gaming industrie is milking their community for long enough and with some luck, soon the goverments world wide will protect the consumers from this shit.

  9. Does anyone doubt that the WG container “drop rate” is actively controlled? Look how the Christmas containers worked – the drop rate for premium ships was extremely high in the first 48hrs or so, then (once the buying frenzy got underway) it dropped right off over subsequent days. I imagine that, in the RN case, the required “quota” of in-game Lightnings was reached with the first few hours of the promotion, and thus the drop rate “RNG” was adjusted to cut supply to a tiny percentage. Probably its now far too late to gamble on getting a Lightning.

    • For all we know WG can alter drop rates dynamically, based on any number of factors including identity, spending habits, frequency of play, or anything else. Hell, even posters who are viewed as habitually critical of WG and it’s business tactics could be placed in a different bucket. We already know that WG will entice you if you stop playing for a period of time.

    • the key point here is “you dont know”. Keep making assumptions because they’re worth as much as the dribble that comes out your ass.

      If you’re so convinced that WG likes to game the system then stop playing their games and consuming their product?

      “oh boy i sure hate the feeling of a carrot up my ass”, *he says as he sits down on a vertical carrot again and again*

    • I got my Lightning mission with the first three boxes from the event. Bought five for the sovereigns so I could get Bert Dunkirk and got the Acasta and Icarus missions. Played the entire event hoping for Jervis and bought five more with no luck. Quit while I was ahead.

    • And why would I give a fuck what a boar such as yourself has to say about the matter, you have just about as much people skills as a jack wagon like Donald Trump. Keep sucking corporate cock.

  10. Plus some missions requires T7-T8 dds. Why? All luck again.

  11. I am SO happy that law from countries are being made to counter lootboxes (containers fall in this category) if the law passes they will either have to remove them as they should fall in the gambling section of the law, and must be removed and blocked for all under 18 years old players plus the game before being “purchased” MUST tell you that there are gambling elements inside and stop you from buying it if you are not old enough.

    • +Jim Rinkenberger I get it. I’ve often overspent on video games to the point that I can’t afford to get groceries that week. Or I’ve had to sell something to make a bill payment. I’m terrible with my money but I own that flaw that I have and don’t look to blame others for a fault of my own. My lack of self control isn’t wg’s problem.

    • +N00T The point is, the law must be passed should the lootboxes be pointed out as gambling. So the masses will know and to inform that you are in one. It is to clear off the shadiness of an industry. Not because of self-control.

    • What is shady about it? They openly advertise them as random loot with a chance to get X items. Theres nothing shady about it.

    • The reason why loot boxes and our containers are different is loot boxes from other games can be sold/the items in them can be sold on steam marketplace. Unless the steam marketplace opens up for WOWS containers and their contents then it’s not the same thing.

    • And I agree with @N00T it’s not the company’s fault you wanna waste your money on something that doesn’t have a potential return value(gambling)

  12. I feel your pain, after opening 20 plus containers I got the lousy T5 mission. So yeah I stopped investing in crap containers

    • thats the appropriate response if you arent happy with the results of containers. Dont spend money. If enough people stop WG will have to further incentivize their purchase if they want the sales.

  13. Notser, you should share this with Jingles. He’s talked several times about this kind of stuff in other games.

  14. You nailed it Notser, i will go further and suggest that once those first few video’s are out on Youtube showing the rewards from crates are out of this world good then WG nerf them, massively reducing the chance to hit anything good. I point to the xmas crates in WoT last year, QB and several other CC’s had “phenomenal luck” getting every available tank. Within hours of the event starting, and yet within days there was not a single new video showing more than 1 T8 dropping. Why do they do this, simple, because they want people to buy the crate packs over and over desperately hoping they get the same “luck”. It’s a shady business tool.

    It’s like the hoopla at the fair, you watch the stall owner throw the hoop over the fish bowl winning a giant bear “if it wasn’t his stall of course”. You think that looks easy and pay the man. You throw the hoops and none drop cleanly over the bowl, bad luck you think and try again, and again and again. In reality the stall owner has given you hoops (crates) smaller than the ones he used and with little chance of snagging that bear. Meanwhile you and others pay over and over just “knowing” your luck will change. You have been scammed.

    Your idea about putting a cap on these things is a good one to protect people from themselves and exploitation from WG, one already in the game and in the premium shop, Arsenal and Navy events right now. Bert Dunkirk is greyed out and unavailable once you purchased him, same with the other captains and “available for you” offers in the premium shop, once purchased they are greyed out and you can not buy more. This should be put on these crates. Do i think it’s RNG based, not in the slightest, the crate system win chance can be changed up or down at any time and i’m sure changed by WG during these events. My advice is just don’t fall for it. If you do try only once, if you get that bear hooked then good luck but if you don’t hit your bear on the first try don’t get suckered in and do it over and over, chances are you not gonna get it.

  15. It’s gambling. No different than EA with FIFA or loot boxes. It’s a money grab. And people fall into it.

    • For all I know you could be shilling for them like EA’s infamous damage control parties. At any rate, these very (absurdly) high success rates for some CCs have been observed multiple times. There comes a point where it is less likely to be struck by lightning and an asteroid at the same time than these containers not being fixed.

      Calling for proof (beyond the above) is also bullshit. Do you think either we should either raid WGs offices or you win the argument?

    • +Dickie Debbil that’s kind of the point I’m making. You’re not going to be happy with any response from war gaming on the subject because you’ve already co Vince’s yourself on shoddy inconsequential evidence that they must be rigged.

      “everyone who gets anything in life must be a shill to X company”

    • +Jim Rinkenberger and they have a whole bunch of other more “legitimate” methods available as well. Turns out the majority of consumers will buy the crates instead.

    • +N00T majority? Where do you get that info from? It is ridiculously expensive to get them. Better off play randoms and get one.

    • The crates sell better than prem ships thats why most of their store additions and missions have been around crates

  16. Same thing happened to me during the French Battleships. I don’t buy any containers anymore. By the way, I haven’t received a mission for any of the DD’s yet. Go Figure..

  17. WG: “You’re not flagged” _as a CC_ [cackles in Russian]

    Basically, your experience is the rule rather than the exception, everything is working as intended. Other CCs that might pull in higher viewership likely get something that guarantees a better RNG chance, like, instead of a D20 that goes from 1 to 20, it goes from 15 to 20.

  18. Gambling is bad, m’kay? I hope more and more countries make loot boxes illegal. WG needs some of the attention that EA is getting.

  19. Russian game devs don’t care about the players, they just want money for their oligarchs.

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