World of Warships – I think this is DEFINITELY Youtube material

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So the game kicks off and we talk about some movies and getting warmed-up in the match itself and then…’s…….over?
Wait what?
Enjoy and have a laugh at my expense 😉


  1. Ruined hunter killer for us all 🙁

  2. You made it over 10min. I was wrong lol

  3. When you hear “PAPIEEEEEEREN!!!” from 15km away

  4. Err……. yup…. that just happened …….. and no Det Flags 🙁

  5. “German accuracy” Somebody was complaining about GK guns ? :D:D:D

  6. I’d report that Cleveland for ‘unsupporting behavior’ in an instant if he did that to me. Also, shooting ap at a dd, go delete the game man -.-‘

  7. Haha, your silence says it all, to be honest, I was speechless to, what killed you?

  8. Can you say!! ASS KICKED!!!?

  9. This is porn-hub material
    …and triple BB division, thats insta-quit worthy

  10. “most likely” …..booom…muhahaha, you really need a facecam

  11. Its funny you had the same reaction as me when you got killed


  13. “I’m gonna kill this Amagi most likely…” *kaboom* “……………..” X”D

  14. You’re a good French accent ??

  15. Sailing broadside to a Kurfürst in a Cruiser. In Jingles words “That’s a Paddeling”

    • 1) it was not much of a broadside 2) Kurfurst wasn’t spotted when he shot 3) it was SIXTEEN fuken kilometers away. Sniping camping German T10 BB sitting in spawn all game got rewarded like HELL. 44k dmg salvo from 16km in “a brawler” is not RNG – it is fuken broken. Let’s hope it is not because WG messed with AP vs armor interaction again.

      BTW, this is EXACTLY why German BB keep sitting in the back instead of actually doing their job – they get REWARDED for it.

    • When you take a look at the minimap the kurfürst was spotted when he fired its just that Flambino was aiming at that time and didnt see it comming. after that he sailed behind the island comming from C. Yes it was not 100% broadside, but you dont need a 90° angle to pen a cruiser in any BB. 44k damage with like 3 cit i even did that once to a yamato in a kurfürst, its rare but sometimes RNG loves you in a german BB and more often it says nope not today.

    • Honestly, one just has to love the German Brawlers guns. You have 8 of them, (not you Gneisenau, get away), they’re decent caliber for the tier. So what you get is, You shoot 8 shells at a broadside cruiser, 1 hits-1 citadel. You shoot 8 shells at a Broadsiding BB, 4 hit, 1 citadel, 3 Overpens. I’d say, this was most definitely RNJesus on the Kurfurst’ shoulder.

    • that was just a good RNG otherwise most of the time u just get some god damn over pens.

  16. Merci beaucoup for the good laugh ! C’était très drôle !

  17. This is why I use this ‘long range artillery shot alarm’ captain perk. If the ship I see doesn’t shoot and I see an alarm, I dodge in any direction lol. That 2 for how many ppl aim at you, you don’t know wich, could have been the Zao and that Amagi… well both got their benefits so….

  18. Typical matchmaking for a weekend / monday 😉
    I lost 4 games very quickly yesterday, before getting my 260k dmg / 9 medals match. DDs / cruisers were constantly suiciding.

  19. The sad part is that this is an average match for most of the playerbase….


  20. Saor Campos Oliveira

    That wipe and the awkward silence made me laugh. Thanks RNGJesus.

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