World of Warships – I will take brawling over sniping any day

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It’s no secret that I hate sniping, camping and playing like a chicken in the back.

I’m here to take lead and charge the enemy and I LOVE ships that provide such opportunities for me. Pommern is a great example of such a ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Ever since I got tirp and mass, I have more fun brawling when I’m on those, maybe bismark or gk. But I seem to make much more fxp and credits when I play a mix, or snipe on thunderer
    That thing is a real nightmare when you have good spotting, even with just ap.

    • @Jake Smith Yeah, where as gk is supposed to have more of the 150’s and less of the …. what are the smaller ones, 105’s? Can’t remember know. Dunno why the console changed the ship, but that’s no skin off my back. Ports to console and ports to pc have historically always suffered in one form or another.

    • @Jake Smith Yeah, tirp has 16 105’s and 12 150’s, where gk has 20 128’s and 8 150’s, all with better reload and range. i.e. all of it’s secondaries will pen 32mm armor, WITHOUT ifhe. Where tirp’s 105’s will not, leaving only the 12 150’s that reload slower.
      4 points in the skilltree saved, and 28 faster reloading guns that all pen 32 mm, while tirp either spends those 4 extra points to (in a way) match gk’s, but still less range and slower reload. (and lower fire chance, that’s what ifhe does after all)
      If that’s not the case on the console, that’s kinda lame.

    • @kaz yeah it’s a shame. The secondaries across all the German BB’s aren’t fantastic but they’re Still the best in the game. GK is around 10-11km range secondaries, Bismarck is around 11km, Tirpitz’s is 8km. Odin and Gneisenau are about 7-8km. All my German BBs are full secondary spec build and my commander is 99% secondary spec but I chose a heal buff (5 heals instead of 3) instead of faster firing secondaries just so I can brawl better and for longer.

    • @kaz yeah it sucks the console is different but I still love playing them and getting up close and personal.

    • @Jake Smith Yeh, I was talking stock numbers, no captain skills or modules, just the base stats. And yeah, having a t10 bb have a shorter range than it’s t8 premium clone is kinda stupid, lol.

  2. I do regret buying the Thunderer. I already have the Conqueror. Took internet advice and instantly regret it. Should’ve gone Georgia.

    • Why? It was only coal. She’s fun to play in doses. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or make you believe you’re doing something wrong for playing her.
      And there is still time to get Georgia (which I love btw) for coal as well.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby I don’t p2w so I don’t think I can grind the coal in time. I actually dislike playing it because I can’t really affect the game as I like. I’d rather tank or push but I’m kinda reliant on my teammates.
      This is from someone who bought a Smolensk so you would’ve thought I’d do better research lol

    • @Thinguns I don’t buy ships but I do have a Premium subscription. I’m not sure how much of a difference that makes with regards to grinding coal.
      Last night I had my best game so far in Thunderer. We lost, but I won my flank and ended up best in the team – and I am a thoroughly average player. She can affect the outcome of a battle but as always, you cannot do it alone. I had two good teammates, but I did close to 200K damage. Her accuracy and rate of fire scare off a lot of people, and I am not one of those who mostly use HE. So used right, she can be very effective and even satisfying. And mind you, I usually prefer to get close as well. But sometimes it is so cool to score big hits from 20km’s away.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby yeah I don’t play loads either. I can usually get a coal ship every few months and only bought Thunderer a month ago.
      You’re right, you can influence games in any ship, but I prefer to be up front.
      As I say, poor move on my part lol. The AP is brilliant as well 👍

  3. Just saw video, they’re dumping Thunderer, Georgia and Smalland. If you have them you can still play them but you won’t be able to obtain them anymore.

  4. Hey, you might definitely think about reaching out to Ahskance, his podcasts/discussions are really good. Would be really great to hear you two discuss this!

  5. The game has been going to hell for the last year or so. The collision penalties are ridiculous. Some rotten players use them against you to get themselves an advantage. It sux.
    Wargaming is avoiding many issues that ruin game play, because their focus is picking your pocket over everything else.

  6. exactly, giving full broadside as a cruiser to the battleship should be instant deletion…and not this crap…one of the reasons why I left.

    • @G Kagara ” it doesn’t take enemy structure into account ”

      How dumb are you?
      I literally explained it doesn’t matter. He said CRUISERS SHOULD DIE WHEN BROADSIDE CLOSE TO A BATTLESHIP.

      Type of cruiser is irrelevant, structure is irrelevant and literally everything you wrote is irrelevant because it dosn’t matter how things ARE, he’s saying how things SHOULD BE.

      And your tiny brain apparently can’t differentiate the two even when literally being explained.

    • @dzello you are the one that obviously have tiny brain to fly complain to me, I am not the one responsible in making this cruiser, IS it Fuckin wrong to explain so people know the reasoning behind it?

      For your information big brain not every people here is Veteran, some are noobs and they deserve to know, if you are no noobs then don’t be toxic about it for me just stating the truth.

    • @G Kagara whilst everyone is talking about apples you are talking about pears. They are saying that cruisers should die broadsided to a bb. Whilst you are are explaining why it isn’t happening. Then guy 1 reiterated that he knows that agir can not be citadelled from that close range but should be cause it’s a cruiser. Then you come back with that he is wrong because agir can’t be citadelled from that range. Then he explains that he knows but thinks it should be citadelled cause it’s a cruiser. Then you come back with the best argument ever. “I am not the one who designed it”. This discussion is stupid

    • @martijn senden Finally someone with braincells. Ive explained it TWICE and dude aint figuring it out. 😂 Its not a hard concept lmao

    • @martijn senden my question is why you complaining to me, I am not the one making Agir as it is lol, if any you should take that complain to WG.

  7. Brawling is wonderful until you’re suddenly alone because your team turned around and ran away in the time it took you to reload, and you’re being slowly murdered by cruisers and sniper BBs outside of your effective range/spotting range, with no possibility of retreating. I love brawling, but with the ships that I currently have, it feels like brawling is more effective at lower tiers, where DDs can’t drop torps from 10km and the cruisers and BBs must get into closer range to be effective

    • @tamas lapsanszki I get it. And it’s a reality.
      I’ve started to pay more attention to my team. What I have as an advantage is that I’m using gneisenau. And I kinda can keep up with cruisers

    • @G- Low yeah, she’s one of the exceptions to my statement. And Georgia, because DD levels of speed :))

    • @tamas lapsanszki and french. almost as fast forward as they are in reverse… or something like that. 😛

    • @tamas lapsanszki what im not getting. is why i find dds on our own spawn… 10 minutes into a game.

    • I have to admit I was extremely frustrated with my team in a random on Friday. I was in a Massa with a pair of Bismarcks. We start to push A cap, and it’s a winnable fight, a North Carolina, Amagi and Kansas. I get stuck in, and take out the Amagi, but then get wasted by the other two. As I’m sinking, I look at the minimap to see that my Bismarck “friends” had both pulled away from the cap and were trying and failing to snipe from long range. The North Carolina had no trouble putting both of them down.

      It’s not the ships, it’s the players.

  8. how many videos has this small gap in these islands been a focal point lol

  9. you know, i did like the old days with CV’s where you could launch and “control” fighters…

    The problem is/was… you could run out of aircraft. now while this was “realistic”. A lot of players “complained” that once their tier 6 carrier had lost all its aircraft to tier 8 ships including destroyers… the carrier was useless.

    • Bring them back to RTS without fighters and improve AA would be no one sided CV play and AA can wipe your squadrons if you don’t play smart

    • @zzirSnipzz1 yep but then you have the problem of a downtiered carrier being useless. As it so quickly loses all of its aircraft, and cant launch anymore. and now is just sitting in the back waiting to die (unless its a german seondary build)

      that was the old problem with carriers kinda. if they were uptiered the aa was to deadly to tier aircraft, and they quickly ran out of all their planes. they often had to just try and scout and have zero damage games.

    • @jennifer stewarts useless RTS CVs were when their drivers couldn’t play properly AKA Potatoes. If they can’t choose ship to attack…

  10. 13:52 yes I can. Carriers take zero risk to accomplish anything. why the hell is there something like that in a game about fighting?

  11. 13:05 click to see an Akizuki doing a MotoGP style turning

  12. “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!”

  13. flambass ” let me come to….”
    fbi: “say what?”

  14. I hope they add British battlecruisers and set them up as brawlers just for the Deternation flags.

  15. Thunderer can brawl in one on one situations she turns well has a fast reload and those 18 inch AP rounds are devastating iv had 80 and 90k savos with them. But she has a easily citideled side and winning comes down to pure skill. Georgia is much the same way the weak armor is something you have to always consider. A lot of players consider secondary armaments to be brawling. Like the gk 2 years ago in her prime could sink a full health DM with just her secondaries in under 90 seconds. She still could today but your never get that fat girl in that position anymore.

    The best battleship in the game would be one that can snipe at 24km plus. And easily hit her victims. She would completely out class ships at mid ranges 15-20 km able to dodge incoming with ease. At close ranges her maneuverability is so good that she could glide in-between several ships deleting the biggest threats first then turning before she could be harmed. She would have great AA and 9.9 secondaries a fantastic concealment in the low 13s she would have a incredible reload and a reload booster and she would be the fastest bb in her tier 38.5 kts. And that ship actually exists her name is Bourgogne.

  16. Carriers?

    I’ll give my opinion, which I have given several times in several different places.

    Carriers are a fundamentally different form of warfare. This means they require fundamentally different mechanics in gameplay, which makes them incompatible with good balance in a game about surface warfare.
    **This means there is no good way to balance them.** You could (as WG has done since day 1) try to force the square peg into the round hole, but doing so does nothing but tire you out and wrecks the hole.

    WG would be far better off removing carriers completely & forgetting about submarines.
    If they **really, really** want to do those, they should make different games around them.

    They could bring them in as things which influence the game and it would work (such as air strikes being called in by players as a very long CD consumable but are AI controlled) or you could have them as part of an AI controlled “director” which works a bit like what “left for dead” had (where the AI director would judge how each team is doing and then throw in random events, adjust enemy spawns, item drops etc).
    In the case of WoWs, a director could throw in random air strikes against the enemy if your team is doing badly, or maybe an NPC submarine pops up. Perhaps a cyclone, or storm front. Whatever.

    Anything to remove submarines & carriers from the playerbase.

  17. Flambass: I don’t hate cvs
    Everyone: 👀
    Flambass: I just don’t like how easy it is to play.

    They had us in the first half ngl

  18. 13:05
    “Get down, Mr. President!”

  19. I’ve been playing for only about a year, so I’m a bit of a newbie, but I’m grinding the Thundy because I’ve been led to believe that its a good ship for grinding, and right now it’s incredibly difficult for me to get credits and free XP. Considering they’re leaving the armory or whatever in a couple months, I’ll probably only have the chance to get Thunderer OR GA 🙁

  20. My reaction upon hearing that WG is getting rid of the Georgia, Massa, and Thunderer. Does WG not like money?

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