World of Warships – If this happens, it’s malfunctioning xD

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I used to like this ship but now it’s just super meh at best.
There is speed and good AA, but nothing else is really good about this ship anymore. But thanks to one of the campaigns where I needed to grind A LOT of credits with it, I decided to stack all the bonuses I have and play it for few games to get the missions done. Game after game I was doing around 50-60k dmg and complaining how it doesn’t work.
Then THIS match happened which was a total shock. NO I did not change my opinion on this ship because of this game because it’s in a minority…not to mention that it’s probably never gonna happen again because I won’t play it again xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Love mondays, Hans uploads moar videos.

  2. I quit the grind for this because the Bayern is basically so much better. Like seriously I was easily defeating that ship in my tier 5 battleships the Kongo and Texas. Keep shipping on Flambass.

    • I agree but I want to complete the Prinz campaign for all the free ships… which means I have to earn this turd.

    • I actually like the PEF better than Bayern. Bayern was slow, no AA and couldnt hit the broadside of a barn. At least with the PEF, I can hit the barn, not worry as much about planes and actually make it to the battle before its over.

    • Silentwolf Sherman Compared to Bayern, PEF definitely has better AA and speed (although still nothing compared to some of your competition), but I actually think Bayern is a better ship. In the few games I played in it to complete the German credit mission, I was able to avoid a good number of the torpedo drops on me (although that could have also been due to the enemy cv’s skill level), and the guns felt more accurate and definitely hit harder when they made contact. I had some good salvos in PEF (including nuking a maneuvering Konigsberg at max range in my first game out), but many of them feel like they’re more dangerous to the ships around what I’m shooting at than my actual target. Bayern wouldn’t consistently get 95k+ battles mostly uptiered, but it would pretty consistently average 65-75k even with its poor accuracy and slower speed. Compared to that, my best PEF game was less than 2/3 my Bayern average this weekend with similar teams.

  3. locomotiveAlex1996

    Got this thing through the missions, its okay but im glad i didnt buy it instead

  4. Man you ar so funny ???…that gingis khan horses ??. I unlock this ship and play it in ranked ..90% winrate whit seconday build 19 points kurfurst captain. I love it

    • my experience exactly, 19 point secondary spec captain, ranked out in the sprint in 21 games if I remember correctly.

    • Haven’t done the ranked thing all that much, just not into it, BUT, that was what I was thinking of doing as well..secondary build at Tier 6 might be kinda fun and since I can’t just swap a captain into the Bayern..this might be the next best thing..

    • I do/did exactly the same with my P.E. and its fun as hell. 🙂

  5. WoWS in a nutshell. Nothing makes sense anymore.

  6. But it seems, that they made a good amount of money with that ship. I played about 10 to 15 games yesterday and in every game at minimum one Friedrich take part. Sometimes it looks like that wargaming made a new premium ship “OP” on the test servers, where it is tested by several youtubers and shown to there viewers, and after release they change it, after several players have bought it.

    But maybe i’m wrong

    • Because you can get the Friedrich for free pretty easily lol.

    • The reason you saw so many of these ships yesterday is that plenty of people already completed the missions and received it for free (and now they play it to get steel). And there will be more and more of them in the game every day now.

      So, it is not necessarily because WG sold plenty of them.

    • +Marcin Gajek sorry, haven’t notice that. I rarely take a look in the missions. 🙂

  7. I’ve gotten deleted by PEFs quite a bit in the last days…

    • Me too!

    • I’ve been deleted plenty of times by PEFs, but also had plenty of games where I sit broadside to them pumping out HE and only take a few thousand damage a salvo. The closest comparison I’ve seen to PEF’s gun performance is Roma, but without Roma’s pen against thicker armor. Don’t have Roma, but I’ve seen it enough in videos and games to know it’s extremely trolly.

  8. How are you surprised? Every ship you play turns from shit to gold. Love your reaction ????

  9. Does MrConway sit and watch your streams and suddenly gives you extra RNG?
    Does this mean that he is RNGesus? O.o

  10. this ship is absolutely horrendous

  11. Deleting other german ship… didnt they have their Papieren?! ^^

  12. Citadel to a BOW IN GERMAN BB?! WHAT IS THIS GAME?!

  13. This is how my FdG works; 9 out of 10 battles shooting like lock-on isn’t a thing, then some magical bullshit happens and I citadel GK, devstrike a Zao and nail the Khaba @ 15km. RNG fiesta is real with KM BBs…

  14. “This ship was ok too”
    >Actually does… wait how many citadels that was again? xD
    Seriously though, PEF is basically a Pandora’s box when it comes to whether you can have an amazing game or basically have a game of dissapointment (Also keep up the amazing streams)

  15. i am laughing so hard on your what what what what whattttttttttttt ?????????????????????

  16. I stopped firing waterline in mine and instantly my average damage went up

    • Mister Crossfyre aim just below the deck on German battleships and you get a lot of penetration damage. Flamu’s video. Is that where you go for?

    • +Mickey Holding with the pen on these 350s of frederick I aim as if everything has a turtleback

  17. I think at tier 6, she’s kind of made to be within 8-10km of other BB’s and firing in that manner. She’s fast enough to disengage, and chunky enough to tank when needed.

  18. say what again, i dare you mother trucker ;’)

  19. It is a pretty good ship….did 150k as bottom tier and carried the shit out of my team…mostly hiding t8 baBBers….so not suprising to me if you know a little about aiming

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