World of Warships – Iowa Neighborhood Battleship

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on Neighbor moves out to try and support the assault for C point. I engage a destroyers at long range in hopes that our will gain a dominate position. The team progresses toward C and a couple enemies are also in the area. I try to take advantage of enemies who show too much side to my ship. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Iowa Replay


  1. Hey Notser, have a nice day!

  2. I appreciated the Boba Fett reference……….

  3. notser how can you hit dd’s? in bb’s as i can hit anything other then other
    bbs and or cruisers, maybe cvs (depending if they know what they are doing

  4. Power creep? Iowa was always meh after they fixed her bugged superstructure
    in beta. Lots of players suffer from Iowa member berries. She’s so squishy.

  5. Colorado driver TheFightingSulivans, “I’m so glad thats over”. @ 10:40

    This is my exact sentiment when playing a CO. There is nothing fun about
    the ship, even when you aren’t bottom of the BB dog pile.

  6. When is the new update with new cpt skills coming?

  7. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Ossas

    the N Carolina is sooooo baadddddd!!!

  8. I really like the Iowa class. I just wish they didn’t have ahistorical
    increased Citadel size. I can understand how her side armor is so weak
    since it relied heavily on metallurgical aspects which the game does not
    model, but the two factors combined make the ship feel about as well
    protected as an Ishizuchi. when the Iowas broadside is showing to any other
    battleship it isn’t a question of will I be Citadel hit, but a question of
    how many times will I be hit in the Citadel by each individual Salvo.

  9. My least favorite map…
    Absolutely loath it!

  10. I tried a secundary build on my Montana, it’s work okey =)

  11. i mean my main ship is the dunkerque xD some people just play the ship they
    have most fun with so play the us ships like you think its most fun for you
    and dont let anyone talk into that xD

  12. I grinding my North Carolina and I love it. I’m almost at the Iowa any tips
    for when I get there

  13. Sorry for my ignorance but how do you save a replay?

  14. Play Izumo!

  15. Love your videos Notser. You taught me from the beginning how to play this
    game and today i am pretty happy with my skill level. Thanks for

  16. Power creep for sure but MAN, she’s still a fun, sexy BB at 34+kts! 10:26
    was about 3 meters under the waterline actually and two of the shells
    landed exactly on the horizontal crosshair. Geez Noter! 😀 I should have
    known when you started the game with 6 hits on a Fletcher at over 15km. I
    love that you’re psychotic about killing DD’s!

  17. What do you think about shooting all BB’s under 10km like you do German
    BB’s? The reason that I ask is that if you aim at the waterline and shells
    disperse low, you’re netting zero. If you aim a 1-2 meters above the
    waterline and disperse a bit low, you still chance to hit the waterline and
    if they disperse a little high, you still accrue damage. The waterline aim
    seems to be more of an all or nothing approach while a slightly above
    waterline hold seems like it would net more damage and credits over time.

  18. The enemy team should get a WW2 Italian campaign medal for their
    performance .

  19. Replay? Is there an option to look at games that you played some time ago?

  20. lee christmasgaming

    Notser can you opload a replay of the Prinz Eugen. My fried got me a 5$ box
    and that’s what i got.Thanks

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