World of Warships: Iowa – Teamwork – 163k Damage

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Teamwork in an Iowa with my division. In this match our team and division plays well and we try to coordinate and use teamspeak to our advantage. It’s a pretty nice match and was really fun to play.


  1. Hey Aerroon. I’m a recent sub and am enjoying your content a lot. Can you
    tell me how your Iowa reloads in 27 seconds? I’m currently on the North
    Carolina and working towards the Iowa. The port screen says 2 rounds/min
    for Iowa. :|

  2. #iowarebalanced

  3. Try to do this in the new patch lel… Wargaming went full retard with AP
    and dispersion changes.

  4. BBs are broken now though

  5. can you reply to this with the link of the mod you use please? :)

  6. RIP BB with new patch

    actually pointless playing BB now

  7. What do you think about the new weird BB’s guns penetration of 0.5.1 ? I
    feel there is no longer citadels, just bounce or overpenetration against
    CA. Now cruisers can solo nearly solo a BB -> WTF (forgive my bad
    English,greeting from France)

  8. 5.1 Seems to really have fucked Up the amor or penetration of ap:/ one
    Match i get a 40k non citadel salvo on a yamato and next one i bounce off a
    new Orleans at 12km…

  9. How did you get so much experience ?

  10. You have beaten Strangers!

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