World of Warships is Full Total Madness

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I come back after a break of WoWS and I lose the rest of my sanity in record time.

ItR;s not that I didn’t have good results, quite the opposite…but teams??? Jesus Christ the teams…..and then the CVs xD

Is there any hope for this game?

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  1. 56k dmg within the first 3 minutes. But Spreadsheet says…. srsly WG. Are you blind? Do you think that DM had fun? So pathetic….

    • @MetalBucket That’s exactly the point I made and why CVs are, in fact, broken.

    • @SpartiuS94 See, the misconception that you can dodge a CV attack is pathetic aswell.
      Sure, you can dodge *a* attack. But if a CV wants you dead youll die. No matter how hard you try.
      To be fair though, i became a purple Shimaplayer within the last year, so yeah, you can dodge CV attacks. With a DD. Cause its detectionrange by Air is so small a CV has to loose sight while turning around. Therefore, every attack is a new one. Atleast as long as there are no fighterplanes.
      So, i kind of agree with you: raw dmg doesn’t tell the full story. It’s mostly another number in the top right combined with raw dmg.
      Can we now plz stop the nitpicking and accept the fact we both agree on the basic fact that these ships dont belong to the game in their current state (or at all)

    • @Tearnofear I am not nitpicking at all. Damage numbers are always used to make arguments against CVs and that’s simply not the correct path to speak against them. We are in agreement that the class does not belong in the game, but damage as you replied isn’t what truly matters.

      In tons of flambass streams, some moron will come and look at flambass’s damage in a CV and say “ha not enough damage so they are balanced”.

      So yeah we are in agreement and I just pointed out the correct argument against this shit class.

    • Just dodge in your aa cruiser and stick together and all will be fine.

    • PraetorianGuard2004

      @Tony Herrington lol

  2. da na na na na, da na na na na, BLACK CLOUDS

  3. Feel the guy in the chat 😀

  4. poor Des Moines lost his mind along with Flambass

  5. when ı wake up this morning ı was thinking about give 1 more change to world of warships.thanks for changing my mind !

  6. This is a good thing. As it shows VERY clearly that even if you keep getting bad team after bad team a good player doesn’t go backward. So you are not punished by having bad teams if you play your part and perform well.

  7. i think WG finally broke him

  8. Really Terrible Gamer

    If this is what the game does to you, i’m never coming back.

    • after the new update CA got more nerfed and BB become super long range Snipers, Kremlin has become Slava and Slava has become a Super Accurate Sharp Shooter where your salvo literally converges into a single pixel and allow you to dev strike pretty much anything broadside

    • @Elder Lich and with CV’s new “Ignore Torpedo Protection” skill, I can’t heal on my BB anymore. Well I can but, only for a tiny percent.

    • I’ve quit on mid 2020, the pandemic causes an even bigger influx of potatoes in high Tier, making the game completely unplayable for me. I love the game, but the game doesn’t justify itself as fun anymore.

    • I quit before Christmas after playing a ranked season where I got stuck for like 200 battles between ranks 3 and 5. It was just abysmal. Regular games were 90% potato teams and one sided stomps. Captain rework isn’t making me wanna come back. I watch one of these videos every month to remind me not to reinstall.

      I was a true f2p player, I can only imagine how torturous it must feel for people who have invested thousands of dollars on pixel boats and premium time to watch the game turn into this heap of shit and have to wrestle with their sunk cost.

    • I quit 3/4 years ago with having tons of T10 ships and played since Open Beta. Now I´m having the same experience in WT Naval – Russians…

  9. WG be like: FDR still losing games? not op then!

  10. WG actually put fireworks instead of AA in every ship in the game

  11. Perfect example of why i dont play this anymore.. Stuck in ranked battle, abuse from enemy teams, overpowered carriers picking on players, an insane flambass who has played this waaaayy too much.. and its showing, and a hit song in the making!

    I’m Re-installing now!


  12. I totally understand that Des Moines frustration though.

    • Me too my mass got raped and so did my vlad twice by that stupid cv. Worest ship In game I would say , and If they don’t do some thing everyone Is going to have one…

  13. This used to be entertaining.
    Now it’s on the edge of madness.

  14. My mum: Those damn games you play will rot your brain
    Me: No they won’t, you don’t know what you are talking about
    *Mum points at Flambass*: Then what the f*ck it’s this?

  15. Year later, mental hospital.
    Doctor: Inside this room we have ex streamer, that thinks he is world war two carrier and signs song “black clouds”.

  16. I love when you lose in this game it directly relates to your W/R and everyone faults you for it. Funny in WG live streams they acknowledge the hate for CV’s but do jack shit about it. A total boycott by the entire community would do something, but like sheep we come back to play there broken shit.

    • I mean no shit the whales come back when they wasted so much money into the game and since they’re whales they keep spending. They don’t want to see the bad sides cause that would mean they funded shit so they just ignore them. This game is F2P so the normal playerbase that doesn’t spend more then 10 bucks or so in the year is not at all important to WG and if they quit they don’t get as much hate anymore so it’s win-win for them!

  17. I just reinstalled wows and was about to resub when i saw this in my sub box, hmmm, sign?

  18. this game should be dead in the next few months. Just a complete campfest

  19. Is that some sort of cannibalism? Imagine a tribe just eating their own kids. Thats what WG does with this game. Destroying their own future. Unfortunately they dont seem to realize. Pretty dumb.

  20. Sitting on the table with my parents in law…de de de de black clouds starts screaming out of my pocket cuz i tabbed the vid somehow 😀

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