World of Warships- Is This A Desperate Cash Grab By Wargaming??

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Hey guys! Today we look over a couple of recent announcements by EG with regards to the latest batch of newly announced ships. Finally after years of being asked for, we are getting the Rodney, Wisconsin, and Johnston. All surprisingly close to one another, leading some to believe that WG is cashing in before checking out, enjoy!


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  1. I have also noticed Wargaming has been offering ZERO REWARDS and ZERO COMMON MISSIONS for some time now, months? No free flags, credits, coal, Captains, camos, God forbid ships.

    • Bruh game is inflated af i have shit ton of flags and coal is standard as always and they did give scharnhorst 43. Wg is dumb almostl all the time but you seem dumber.

    • Didn’t even give the free Hololive vtuber – Fubuki or Moona to choose, after a free grind they promised, but pretend they forgot about.

    • What are you guys on about? We just had the Java Sea missions with Kurita or Doorman at the end. Pretty sure there were other common missions along with that.
      And we did get the free Vtuber missions — It’s why I have 6 point Fubuki.

    • @@malakaman9468 On which server? Cuz i didn’t see them missions, or anything in the Armory either. Also what about the Java Sea missions – gives a Perth, which just ticks off one crappy premium we could get from supercontainer.

    • NA. Hololive event ended quite a while ago and the mission was only up during that time, as usual.

      It’s a ship (a good one at that) and a captain, stop moving the goal posts. OP said zero rewards for months, which is false.

  2. It’s 80years from two of the ships claim to fame, Johnston and Rodney.

  3. Hope all goes well for tonight SL.

  4. @nobodyuknow4911

    “I’m not great at math, 80 years ago was 1994…”
    Fact Check: True ^_^

  5. “80 years ago was 1994” 🤣

  6. @alanwilliams4443

    Still waiting on AU cruiser and DD lined

  7. I mean there is always a chance that this is the last cash out. But ppl also need to bear in mind that WG can always withdraw popular ships and reintroduce them to make cash. Just think how many ppl whaled on the Musashi the last auction. Plus, they haven’t run out of historical ships to sell us. There is the rest of the Kidu Butai (Hiryu, Soryu, Akagi, etc.), the HMS Illustrious, USS Washington & Wasp etc.

  8. I cant wait for the Commonwealth cruisers

  9. Two patches after the Rodney and others released the frist guided missile destroyers in public test

  10. @j915winterking9

    I went to Nauticus, and I saw the Wisconsin. It was INCREDIBLE!

  11. “World of Warplanes is still running” that was literally my first thought too. Feel like it’s safe to say if money actually starts getting tight for Wargaming, that’s going to be the first to go. Wouldn’t be surprised if that game’s servers are kept alive only because of the money Wargaming makes from their other titles.

    • Doesn’t make the game any less crappy just cuz they still profit – it has premium ammunition, and the Tiers are so unbalanced you cant even put up a fight. Also they wouldn’t be shoving planes down our throat in the “ship game” if the plane game was any good – CV’s in their current state are WG’s revenge for nobody liking World of warplanes.

  12. I guarantee you the first week that Wargaming started work on this project somebody made a list of all the world’s famous warships from this era which collectors would want, and they developed a general plan of when those would be released to maximize the profit they could make from them — a good number up front, but lots would be saved and spread out a few at a time every year. The plan has been more-or-less followed, but it’s possible someone noticed the 80th anniversary of Samar and said, “Hey, let’s move Johnston up a year to take advantage of this anniversary and make a big event to go with it.”

  13. Yeah the museum for Wisconsin is Nauticus. I live in Va. Beach….city next to Norfolk where Wisconsin is. They have opened up a lot more of the ship for ppl to go through. Its a great visit.

  14. Sounds pretty good tbh. A T10 premium for under 4k dubs?
    The best part is asymetrics coming back.

  15. @NuclearDystopia

    god i’m older than i thought. born in 1990 which was 84 years ago

  16. @jackcrawford6078

    I recently finished ‘Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors’ on your recommend. Excellent book!

  17. I have never gotten to sniffing distance of a dockyard ship. I think my best has been halfway. I rather it be a resource ship so I can obtain it one day.

  18. @shatteredstar2149

    I need Washington in the game with Willis Lee

  19. To be fair, most of these ships were already in the blitz version of the game for well over a year. Blitz has way more ships than the PC version and they give away a lot more stuff for free or cheaper in that version. I really wish some of the game modes from that version would come to PC, like the epicenter game mode. It is great for brawling.

  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this thought. But even if it is indeed the beginning of the end, I’m definitely getting Rodney.

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