World of Warships – Well That Escalated Slowly

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a battle with such a slow start have such a tense ending.

This would be the part where you all say “Challenge accepted!”

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  1. Battlecruisers: Even chewier than Barrow in Furness bus depot….

  2. Haven’t heard a red dwarf reference from Jingles in a minute!! worryingly it took me a second to remember where it was from. and No Jingles, it’s a Banana, a yellow fruit you unzip and eat the white bits!!

  3. Happy wife, Happy life.
    Nothing rhymes with husband….
    Mornin Admiral ☕

  4. The Izmail got burned down by the AL Cheshire, not the Baltimore…. Never change Jingles.😂

  5. *Drachinifel:* goes on for 53 minutes to say the Alaskas are large cruisers.
    *Jingles in under 10s:* Battlecruiser it is deal with it 😛

    • @EngineeredInsanity648

      What I thought immediately. Though I doubt Jingles would change his mind

    • honestly considering admiral King love for Royal Navy Jingles reasoning might be valid….

    • You can follow Drach’s argument – i.e. that the Alaskas are a development of cruisers. But as history didn’t play out that way and the job of the Alaksa’s was exactly that of a Battlecruiser – they’re battlecruisers.
      I’ve in the past argued that the Iowas are actually battlecruisers in many ways (sacrafice armour for speed, not armoured against their own guns. Had the Montanas, H Class, Lions, Soyuz etc all be built they I think that’s how they’d have been looked at – but they weren’t so they’re battleships….

    • Its an interesting discussion actually as for what defines a Battlecruiser is the country fielding it.

    • @liberalsockpuppet4772

      He’s going to summon the Dark Lord of Naval History if he’s not careful.

  6. @TheTequilaLeftenant

    Thank you Mr jingles ( mr charlton ) you always make amazing videos! Keep up the great work!

  7. The Cherbourg made multiple poor decisions in this battle. Multiple times he held his fire when he should have fired (like at the start, not shooting the cruiser coming out broadside from behind an island cover even though he had a shot before the guy went stealth) and then shooting the Scharnhorst when he himself was so low on health that a sneeze in his general direction would have sunk him. Good carrier deletion though, that’s always very much appreciated 😀

    • @Jeffschmidt1984

      It was frustration to watch all those not fired shots.

    • @Nighthunter6666

      He has no idea how to play that ship. I’d even go as far as saying he is a noob. Just looking at his gameplay it’s evident. Constantly showing broadside, trying to kite away in the middle of the map even tho all his guns are in the front, poor targeting, poor positioning, shooting at an enemy BB on 2.5k HP. It’s a miracle he wasn’t deleted at some point in the game. He is trying to play that ship as if it was a standard long range HE spammer heavy cruiser instead of sailing up to an island and locking down a part of the map for the enemy.

    • Going into the 3rd cap also probably cost them the game. Getting spotted and then hit, reset the progress that the Akatsuki had on the cap. If he had stayed out of the cap circle, it was likely that the cap would have happened sooner and so a few extra points and enough to win the game.

    • He doesn’t even have expert loader, for whatever reason. Can see it at 9:33 when he is switching from HE to AP and then uses a reload booster to finish the shell type switch.

    • @tobiasreinhold7642

      I’d also like to point at 11:30 in the video, where he pressed almost all the buttons in a panic, thus wasting his last reload booster.

  8. That was damn close.

    Some rather interesting choices by this player. Not great gameplay but some decisions the average potato wouldnt do correctly. Looks like someone on the path to improving 🙂

  9. I love your laugh, Paul. I feel like lately I’ve been living Jingles video to Jingles video. Thanks for keeping me laughing 🙂

  10. That Yudachi was MVP for the winning team. His hits on the Cherbourg kept him reset enough to win with that 1 point! Damn that was close

  11. My best morning coffee is with Jingles videos

  12. At first sighting of a Jingles World of Warships video, I naturally click to watch. That’s my style, sir!

  13. @johnnyenglish583

    Oh, lovely, it’s a small off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden game!

  14. A red dwarf reference and perfectly injected meows? A top tier video this is

  15. 1:42 “His team have a Sanzang, I have no idea what that is”
    Oh Mighty Rear Admiral Jingles. It’s in the Pan-Asian tech line, but is a re-skin of the USS Saipan. It’s from the “Journey to the West” Chinese folk tale which we would know better as the basis for the “Monkey!” TV show, shown on BBC2 back in the late 70’s early 80’s. The Sanzang is one of four ships which are the representation of the four characters, Trippitaka (Sanzang), the Buddist Monk in the show, along with Sandy (Wujing), Pigsy (Bajie) and of course Monkey (Wukong) himself.

    • @brextonridgdell8564

      Came here to say this. Was my very first set of purchases and I got 3 of the 4 ships in 5 containers. Never had any luck sense 🤣🤣

  16. @lordderpington8021

    crazy ive been watching you for nearly 12 years, love your work jingles

  17. Nice to hear our favourite cat in the back halfway through the vid

  18. @Jingles — thanks for featuring this game and the commiserations at the end. It was a real heart breaker game, but that’s how it goes sometimes; watching it back again, i really enjoyed it. So close right to the end.

  19. @phoenixomicron4591

    Jingles: “What’s this?” *points at Cherbourg*
    Me: “It’s a Banana…”

  20. When the game is interesting, you barely care about the final result. Great vids Mr. Jingles.

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