World of Warships – Wolf in Sheeps’ Clothing

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When is a destroyer not a destroyer? When it’s a cruiser? Well obviously, yes. Although in the case of the Elbing, that’s not being sarcastic.

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  1. Mr. Jingles, there’s nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can’t prolong.

  2. Upon first sighting a Jingles vid, I naturally go to watch. That’s my style, sir!

  3. Paul!!! Bless you, from Canada.

  4. Just got home from the night shift and 2 mins ago Jingles has uploaded! Glorious!!! Also my new dog is awesome!!!

    • Make sure you give your doggo lots of love! Dogs are a reflection of their owners, so give him lots of love and not much anger. They understand boundaries very well so being stern but fair is a must when a new doggo is around.

      Hope you get the forever friend you were looking for.
      I’m a service dog handler and i have one of the few Siberian Husky service dogs.
      Lemme know if you need any advice. Good luck!

  5. @braedonmurray8847

    Jingles never change “6 guns in three triple turrets”😂😂😂😂😂

  6. @myopicautisticmetal9035

    Three triple turrets? Those look like twin turrets to me.

  7. “In 3 triple turrets”….. Jingles the replay is right in front of you…. its 6 guns 3 Duel Turrets. Never Change Old Man.

    Edit: Anyway its pretty safe to say their are ALOT of Light Cruisers in this game that WISH their AP shells did the sort of damage the German Gunboat Line can do. Also for anyone wondering, according to google 50mms of armor is 2 inchs, so this thing has 1 whole inch of armor amid ships.

  8. @sardaukerlegion

    That torp shot on the Montana….. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. ‘He is the only non premium in the division’, continues to list the T10 tech tree gdansk and the sicilia who ‘isn’ t technically a premium’. Never change, Jingles.

  10. Is the Sicilia gonna be the new “tri-division concentrates fire and deletes anything in one salvo” ship?

  11. I got that the Elbings tops were a touch pedestrian, early on in the video, when the Commodore launched a couple of spreads at the Shimakaze, then sailed alongside them! I assume he wanted to introduce the Shimas Captain to his torps personally just as they arrived! lol

  12. Lord Jingles, you sound so much more relaxed in this video. It is good to see and hear. Makes me wonder if the world would be a better, less angry place if more people adjusted their diet away from sugar and meat.

  13. @tobiasreinhold7642

    I feel like there’s one specific aspect to the torpedoes on the Elbing that gets overlooked often, even by Jingles here: They are incredibly stealthy.
    Yes, they are among the slowest torps in the game. But that only really becomes a problem if your opponent has hydro. Outside of that, they leave very little time for reactions, not because they’re so quick, but because they’re incredibly close to you before you even see them.
    That doesn’t make them better than fast torpedoes, but it means they’re not as bad as one might think. (Looking at the Shimakaze 20km noob tubes here, which are also realtively slow but have a massive detection range.)

  14. Sailing broadside in front of a… *checks notes* destroyer?
    That’s… a paddlin’ I guess?

  15. I fell in love with the Elbing when Trenlass in one of his first games with it smacked a Smolensk into oblivion. Thanks for this video Jingles, all the best to you!

  16. @lumpilumpinski9951

    When i hear your wicked citadel laughter, i almost cry. Keep it up, all the best.

  17. “The Elbing has six 150mm guns in three triple turrets.”
    Jingles Moment

  18. “BONKS” You’ll see them in Jingles episodes, but winning KOTS is another story!!

  19. I have always dismisseed this ship as ‘oh its just another DD’ – after watching this I will never EVER underestimate this ship again especially if Im sailing a cruiser.

  20. @michaelgirard4445

    Cover your eyes children – cruelty to light cruisers – proceeded by jingles laugh … damn that was funny

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