World of Warships – Is this a good ship?

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Ppl keep asking me about this ship
“Z-39 or T-61?” Well I say both are solid and here is in action
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. We miss your music selection you used to pick during the game

  2. mah plans mah plans ruined

  3. Lol dude u make this game look so easy 🙂 enjoy ur vids thanks

  4. I hate you with the power of 1000 suns. I watch you play and think to myself, look how easy that was for him. I can do that. Then I load up the game and reality smacks me in the teeth. Thanks once again for showing us mortals how unworthy we are.:P

  5. Nice game how is your friend hentai doing flambass haven’t seen you two play in a long time

  6. Of course the T-61 is a good ship! It was a Dutch design, and nothing bad comes out of the Netherlands!

  7. I want the T-61 really in a bad way, but I’m too greedy. Got a lot of doubloons with the 30% coupon the other day, spectacular exchange rate. Should I wait till they offer it in-game, in hopes of getting it really cheap? Like the Sims yesterday, which they are throwing out for 3,500 doubloons, which is less than 10 Euros in discounted doubloons? There will definitely be more discounts as Christmas draws nearer, but the T-61 may not be among them. If they decide it’s too OP, and pull it, then I’m screwed. _Again._

  8. Hans we need Hans

  9. Did YouTube already buy the Bourgogne, Flambass?

  10. How can I change to the plane view in aircraft carriers?

  11. Flamerbass you ever play the Haida?

  12. Looking at how the German DDs are named, I think the Tier 11 one will be named HK-47 or sumthing.

  13. Flambass only has 25k subscribers? I thought it was way more. Quality channel if you’re into this kind of thing. People don’t know what they’re missing.

  14. lol at the torps at 3:00 “As expected”, and the torps go inactive just as they reach the edge of the smoke screen.

  15. Gawd, the amount of kills you were denied this game….

  16. Flambass, who is coughing in your flat? 😉

  17. the ap didnt seem very effective at 10:00. i dont think i’ve ever used it on the t-61…

  18. Looks like he was smoking up for you, for after the ship close to you was dead maybe?

  19. Bought my Z-39 one week before the T-61 was released. Wish I waited.

  20. I’ve had kinda a fallout with wow. Just can’t stand the grind. But I do like your videos, keep up the good work.

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