World of Warships- Is This Replacing DeadEye?

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Hey guys, today we’re talking about the newly announced Adjustment of Fire mechanic, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. the only way something happens
    ccs: this is a bad idea
    wg: then it’s settled! we’re doing it!

    • @Zakotrosity Ch. You forgot them ‘forgetting’ to add it.

    • More like: WG the spreadsheet says this will increase player enjoyment by 4.6%. Adjustments can be made later…..1 Year later… we changed the parameters by either a insignificant or vast amount, and its now working as intended…..please stop asking us to look at it.

  2. Jacob Nordstroem Hansen

    Maybe also something like “main firecontrol module disabled” and less fire damage.

  3. LOL, this sounds pretty much exactly like my suggestion. like.. 100% my suggestion.

    Edit: That was me that said it SLMB.

  4. What really pisses me of, is that we have been donright nerfed.
    A very hard-to-grind 21-point captain is barely equivalent to an old 19-pointer…

    • some of the new skills make it overall feel like a buff, but yes some of my old favorites just feel worse in every way, and I’ve even foregone skills like priority target to just get a little more power.

  5. The problem with “lock on” is that automatic targeting isn’t always working correctly, and neither is RMB-looking around.

  6. I like the idea of this in a similar way to ranging shots as in WT

  7. I started a thread about it on NA last week.

  8. This reminds me of some of the skills in AzurLane where a ship may get a skill like hit 5 times with main guns and get 5% to AA or reload increase by 5% or something like that and often these skills can get stacked multiple times but resets in the next engagement this could be interesting.

  9. So its a Bingo bonus when you get multiple in a row..

  10. Its all about the “New green deal” Too funny.

  11. yeesh. can you imagine vermont or colombo using something like this?

  12. With deadeye going in 10.4, would Italian BBs get a much needed accuracy buff in the near future?

  13. I think if this became a mechanic they’d have to nerf every ship’s base dispersion to make sense. As a replacement for dead eye, with a dispersion buff instead, sounds good to me

    edit: I could also see them having intended that skill as written for high dpm cruisers and destroyers to make farming easier…

  14. Imagine if this skill worked on Secondaries. German BBs would actually be worth playing xD

    • now that’s a good idea for manual secondaries … kinda like sector reinforcement for secondaries … you click the manual target and for some time the secondary fire gets progressively more accurate with the duration of the effected boosted by mansec skill …

  15. Ah yes, buffing my Harugumo while nerfing my Shimakaze. 😀 :’D :””’D

  16. Well, at least Wargaming isn’t going to throw this out without some testing. It would really be a good idea if this also applied to secondaries, so secondary builds could be fun again.

  17. Sounds like a potential discouragement for spamming multiple fires on as many different ships as possible, by swapping targets multiple times (whether intentional or not). Secondly, damn boy… It’s been there for days Mount xD

  18. I love your content – you should be a CC – really look forward to hearing your posts after I get out of school – dead eye made me stop playing CVs

  19. Yamamoto with this skill + Yamato

    We dont know how fast you can reload with it BUT hence Yamamoto able to make Yamato reload drops to 15 seconds… imagine it drops to 13 or 12

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