World of Warships- Italian Battleships Are Finally Here!

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Hey guys! Today we go over the patch notes for 10.1 and the Italian BB event, enjoy!


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  1. Finally my favorite ships in game!!! Just unlocked paolo so i have all italian ships again!

  2. Yeah, WG continues to introduce new ships into the game while refusing to deal with basic playability issues people have been complaining about for years. That is, when they aren’t creating new playability issues with their constant reworking of basic game mechanics. Very exciting.

    • @The Bradford If you knew how the crew skills worked in WoT then you would understand my thoughts on using the same system in WoWS. WT is completely different game. For example in WoT as you train your commander, gunner, driver, loader, and radio man it increases repair times, fire fighting, view ranges, reloading, accuracy, driving/mobility, ect. Because your crew is trained the increase in permanent. Not a temporary buff, or situational buff, crews are always active.

      I disagree with cruisers. There is no skills to deal with fires. There is no secondary builds. The play style of cruisers did not change other than secondary brawler builds. But now it is do you want to be spotted all the time DPS build, or do you want to go with concealment. That is your build choices. Being reduced to basically 2 builds is not giving more choices.

      As to COOP and scenarios. I never asked for changes to the bot system or the to scenarios. Now I do wished WG would bring back all the scenarios that were removed. Not sure why they removed them. It was nice having a bigger rotation. If you had experience with the PvE in the game then you would understand what I am talking about. Many of the commander skills that have been added, WG did not just come up with this. It has been apart of their bot system. The difference is the bots have these buffs active at all times. The bot system is basically a cheat system. The broken hit boxes I think are tied to the bot system and I think the reason WG does not acknowledge this problem is because they can not fix one without effecting the other. And for people that do not play any PvE or watch their own replays probably never notice this or ever will. WG has broken hit boxes in WoT as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have been shot in my view port on top of the turret and it kills my driver.

      As to player base. I player PvP and PvE and that is why I said that. It was clear you did not know how many players play PvE in this game and it is a large amount of people. I do not know the exact % but it is more than 5%.

    • @The Bradford I do think the CV rework went too far. It may have increased the number of CV players but pissed off a large number of other players, so the net effect is not necessarily positive

    • @heridfel To be completely honest though, any change that WG makes pisses of most players, even though sometimes it was a necessary change for the game to develop. Kind of human nature, we all dont like change lol. At the start the CV rework was hell but over times with constant changes, CVs are fine as they are right now apart from Enterprise and FDR but hey Thundender and smolesk are hated too by fire spitters themselves haha

    • @Yahto TV Yes my WoT knowledge is about an hours worth lol, so yes i dont have really any understanding on how the system works, so i would have to go and learn to WoT system before making a judgment on how this would work in WOW.

      Well at least we can both agree cruisers got the worst out of the rework. As yes there builds are basically limited to DPS, Concealment, and then a mix of hybrids between AA, Consumables and last stand builds. However i would still argue cruisers are better of with builds than before they have just been overshadowed but i do think they could have been done a lot better that what they have done. As for fire, i mean im not one who likes to camp behind an island, when i play cruisers i tend to be constantly on the move so fire is never an issue for me but i can see how to des moine, stalin and petros this can be an issue.

      As for Bots, i cant really say anything more than i have said, to me and all clans i play with this has never been an issue, even in the operations. Never experienced the issues you are describing so i cant say anything on that. While yes the figure of 95% was plucked from thin air i do admit, i will still bet my bottom dollar that the overwhelming number of players will play random battles a lot more than they play CO-OP battles, i mean just going into battle i sometimes have to wait to go in CO-OP battles and get bots on my own team whereas i never have to wait longer than 20 seconds to get into a random battle. For that reason i believe WG should not concentrate their efforts on fixing issues with Bots or CO-OP issues right now

    • @heridfel As Swailes mentioned, implanting change is always difficult and there will always be a blacklash but the rework was over 2 years ago and CVs are in a better positioned now than they were back then. The rework just had a terrible development and launching phase that translating to hate for the class that carry’s on. In the end people are coming round to CVs and getting bored of the CV hate train some youtuber go on about. Just a shame WG have to screw it up with releases like the FDR which most CV players dont like.

  3. 3:58 – You can see on the right hand side that all 3 rounds from this rear turret shot ended up full penning, but then you keep track of the damage counter before and after and those point blank 3 AP rounds that all penned only netted him 7k damage total!? None of those getting a citadel at point blank range right into the sweet spot is the first issue, but even beyond that how the hell did 3 point blank full penning battleship AP rounds only do an average of about 2,350 damage each right here?

    • Cit is lower

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Magic Soviet space magic armor. Shoulda seen my face when that happened, the reason I didn’t fire on the FDG was that I was sure I could delete the cruiser, yet Soviet armor wins again. I thought I overpenned his citadel at first, but apparently I penned and just did minimal damage

    • ​@Sea Lord Mountbatten ​ That RNG was suuuuuper suspect, I hate when bullsh*t like this happens in WoWS just because of some arbitrary decision that RNG feels like making at that moment for or against you. If you put 3 battleship sized AP rounds into the belly of any ship that’s only mere feet away from you (and the game registers them all as pens), then whatever ship that was should be devastated if not outright killed by a blow like that period… So stupid that it’s even possible for those 3 shells to pen that close and only average out to just over 2,000 damage per shell…

      A f*cking cruiser probably could have shot that same enemy ship’s super structure at range with its tiny 6″ HE rounds and averaged more than the petty 2k damage you got per shell shooting BB sized AP rounds into their midship from only 5′ away.. BS, how much sway RNG holds sometimes in what should otherwise be clear cut instances.

      It’s like this one match that I’ll never forget in which we were barely half way through the match and I had already racked up like 3 kills and was most likely the top performer on the team right then, while my entire team happened to be doing well too so we were steamrolling the enemy team badly. Suddenly the game made a BS “RNG” decision to take me out of the match early, and what do you know my basically full HP top performing Yamato getting instantly deleted via a “random” detonation from a single torpedo, just so happened to even up the vast power imbalance of the match and therefore allowed the enemy team a fighting chance for the second half of the match now.

      Before I had been taken out like that I had noticed that we we’re up by probably 4-5 ships already and had 1-2 more BBs than they did. So I was pushing in doing work and fairly relaxed as I still had something like 80%+ HP left in my Yami, when all of a sudden I catch a single Udaloi torp and the server seemingly hitched up and paused for a split second like it was thinking. Then a fraction of a second later that little glitch suddenly ended as I watch my HP drain all the way down to 0 and hear the death explosion sound go off… 1 f*cking Udaloi torp to the bow detonated my nearly full HP Yamato at that crucial moment in that particular match, when in hundreds of my previous matches in Yamato I’d never been detonated once by torpedo even while absorbing insane numbers of Shimakaze torps which are the hardest hitting torps the game has to offer….

      So after dying like that I had stuck around in shock still basically just to spectate the rest of the round while I tried to absorb wtf had just happened, and wouldn’t you know it, suddenly with my near full health Yamato out of the way the enemy team had much more of a fighting chance now and they actually began to stage a small come back after that… That’s when I realized clear as day that me being detonated like that at that moment in that particular match was not so much a “random” RNG event, as it was the game monitoring how each match is playing out in real time and apparently occasionally making impromptu decisions for or against certain players or teams in a not so subtle attempt to steer the direction of given matches when needed.

      Once I began to see RNG in this light suspecting that it might at times be making less than “random” decisions in order to try and artificially level the playing field between teams during a match, I started noticing many of these convenient RNG outcomes which more times than not always seem to have a leveling effect on a given match. Example, when you’re in a match that’s turning out to be a steamroll of one team crushing another, if a detonation happens in a steamroll type match like that have you ever noticed that 9 times out of 10 it always seems to happen to a ship that’s on the winning team? Right!? When’s the last time any of us have seen a ship from the losing team detonate during a match where one team is being utterly crushed by the other? If events like detonations are truly “Random” then why can’t I seem to recall any matches where a team who’s already being crushed experiences a detonation and gets an extra little kick to the teeth? Instead, if a detonation does occur during these matches it’s almost always to take a ship away from the winning team as if to help the underdogs, which is the exact opposite of a “random” occurrence like the term RNG would seem to indicate. I notice this effect everywhere, like also have you ever noticed when you’re in a squishy cruiser and you’re 1/3 of the way through a match being very careful about preserving your HP, suddenly a single BB shell from 20km away will seemingly end up being this perfect high damage hit on you taking away a lot of your HP out of seemingly nowhere and normally that same errant shot if it even connected at all would usually only do a few thousand in damage to you, if that? Again, these instances seem to be the game saying, “Hey, we’re approaching 1/2 way through this match and this player is still at nearly full health on the winning team. The average cruiser player will typically be at 4/5 or less of their HP at this point in a match so it’s about time to knock this ship’s health down a little harder than normal on this next incoming BB round”.

      I know this might sound paranoid but I have examples for days including having once watched a slow motion replay on YouTube of a CV player completely overshooting a cruiser with his rocket planes, yet despite his locked in aim point being way off target his rockets seemingly deviated from the aimpoint and somehow perfectly connected still with the enemy ship’s broadside. You could see the aim point clearly well above the cruiser and out in the open water, yet you watch as that entire rocket cluster was seemingly guided downward much further than normal and actually ended up connecting perfectly into the enemy ship’s broadside with not a single rocket landing anywhere within the actual crosshair itself. Now I’m just rambling at this point, but I’m bored atm and got nothing better to do than b*tch about BS aspects of WoWS in YouTube comment sections : ) Sh*t’s true tho, you know it is.

  4. My favorite ship in game is not even a ship its a submarine.

  5. Hyuuga is read Heyuuuu-ga, lol.

  6. “Not the greatest accuracy”
    Gives vibes like how they described the new US BB as “moderately slow”

  7. I only have the Roma at the moment on the Italian side, but looking forward to this and your reviews.

  8. The pain of watching you fail to damage the BBs coming up the slot OMFG

  9. Dear Mountbatten, as an Italian guy, let me help with the pronunciation of these:
    -t4: Dante Alighieri= “ghieri” is pronunce as gear-i
    -t5: Conte di Cavour= Cavour is a french noun so “Cavoor”
    -t6 Andrea Doria= as you pronunce is ok
    -t7 Francesco Caracciolo: the C in “ce” and “ccio” sounds like “ch” in “Che Guevara” so: Franchesko Karàccholo (accent is on the A)
    -t8 Vittorio Veneto: pronunciation is good, the accent is Vittòrio Vèneto on O and E
    -t9 Lepanto: pronunciation is good, the accent is Lèpanto
    -t10 Cristoforo Colombo: pronunciation is good, the accent is Cristòforo Colòmbo
    Hope I’ve been helpful and have a nice day:)

    • #mecojoni! complimenti per la spiegazione.

    • @Sardauker Legion non è facile, spero che abbia capito perché non se poteva sentire:)

    • @heridfel Honestly, what does it matter if you pronounce something wrong if you’re still understood? It is extremely nitpicky to demand someone to invest time on something they will never necessarily need multiple times. Example, imagine you yourself go to a restaurant and order food. After you’re done eating, you want to express your gratitude by trying to say “thank you for really good meal” in their language and when staff hear that, they tell you to invest time to learn how to pronounce it right. Would you ever go to that restaurant again?

    • @Zero_Vector It‘s a global game with a global audience. How does it matter if you invest time in getting the pronunciation somewhat right? It matters because it shows respect to the non-american part of the audience. You argue as if no one should expect Americans to bother trying to get foreign names right, even in an international setting, everybody should just accept that Americans won‘t bother getting things right. Again, we are not talking in a purely US environment here, this is the global internet, this is a globally played game, and Community Contributors have a global audience. That is the relevant context – not Hicksville, TX.

    • @ZeroBlackfire I admit I phrased it in an exasperated tone. Point taken. However, you argue as if the relevant context was the USA. It is not. In no conceivable way are we in a US setting here. Community Contributors speak to a global audience, because this is a globally played game with ships from all over the world. In such a setting the polite thing to do is to make a bit of an effort to do justice to the different names, not just say „I am American, don‘t bother me with foreign names, I won‘t try to pronounce them right, and if you don‘t like it take a hike“.

  10. I’m sick to death of bundles, loot boxes, and fake worthless currency.

  11. david and martine albon

    Damn, with the new os requirements for the new update I can’t play with the new Italian BBs…
    They look awesome though

  12. Cruickshank Outdoors

    And my PC stuff is in boxes because I haven’t unpacked from my move yet 🙁

  13. Just so ya know the double “cc” in Italian is pronounced like the English “ch” unless the “cc” is followed by an h “cch” which is pronounced like a “k”.

  14. Didn’t know Hakuryu was pronounced “Hakuru” lmao

  15. I love the Legion Camouflage, but no chance I spend so many euros for that.

  16. Now I’m going to wait for a Greek ship so that I can troll Italian ships

  17. A modal window is just a sub window inside the main page or application. Pronounced mōdl. It is a common term in web and UI design.

  18. This was great but I’m looking forward to Ise and Tone the most lol and Ise as well as Agincourt are already in the blitz version of wows and have been for a while and did I hear you say hyūga so are they adding both Ise class? And I’m excited for the new game modes as I’ve never been good at the super competitive modes and don’t really have many ships that are usable and I’m bad with finding clans and when I do every one has quite the game except for the guy who lets me in lol so these changes like being able to go solo and not needed t10 as much is awesome but I would love a competitive mode at t5 or t6 and t7 though as their my favourite tiers lol

  19. What gets me about ranked is that one has to do a ‘qualifying round’ just to get into the next league…I mean, isn’t that what battling thru the subsequent league & ranking up is for?

  20. I only watch Mountbatten “for the articles!”

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