World of Warships – It’s beautiful when it happens

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You know those games when teams are actually pushing, teammates are supporting and fighting by your side and not running away?

You don’t know what I’m talking about?

I don’t blame you, it happens once every 4 years and it you were not ready, you could miss it.

Enjoy watching 😉

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  1. I haven’t seen the video yet, but I am guessing he means when shells hit?

  2. Droid Motorola 388

    The is how it looks from the red team when your team starts to fall apart

  3. 8:22 sneezed himself down to 360p for a while , impressive .

  4. I know it’s subjective, but in my opinion, the Iowas are the best looking ships.

  5. Damn watching you have an actually enjoyable match in this game, makes me happier than I thought it would.

  6. 8:28 negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full

  7. You feel good after a match like this because it is a very rare example of positive teaming. Team members share the risk but end up with a greater reward, more damage per minute and a shared experience.

    For the enemy team (on your flank) the experience was te opposite. Even though they were equal in number, the stood alone, because they were unwilling to commit. Think of the intimidation factor that you accomplished. All that the enemy players could think was is stand and die or gtfo.

    And I wish WG did something, tried something or said something about making this 1/500 ish experience more common.

  8. “It’s beautiful when it happens” doesn’t watched the vid so far but it only can be Teamwork, maybe another ship tanking for you while you are low HP, something like that.

  9. ~@4:20 “…the team is pushing…look at this, the team is pushing…I have zero fear…” Now that title makes perfect sense. 🙂

  10. I had a similar game but reversed. I was on a side with 3 (dd,cruiser & bb) against 7 and we all fell back at the same pace and covering each other until the other flank won and re-enforced us. No one got left behind and no one died. Its how the game is supposed to go.

    • This is my favorite experience in the game. It’s a skill, and it truly is beautiful when you pull it off and get saved. Also very frustrating when you play rear guard for ten minutes…and your other flank also dies to a man. Lol

  11. that’s how it should be played the game, one reason I stopped was some ppl were selfish and didn’t push, best match was when I pushed in a Bismarck and had 2 dds and a cruiser and we pushed the enemy and won and we supported each other

  12. Thanks to WG’s spectacularly simplistic and generally crappy experience system, however, that Jean Bart came 4th last in your team. Might in part be because of WG’s equally BS ‘mechanic’ that just makes up the idea that armour that differs by a few mm in thickness can defeat a 15″ projectile but not a 16″ or greater, so they didn’t do much damage. Their presence, on the other hand, was important as you said, not only to provide another target and thus health pool and to make presenting an angle to you alone a more dangerous idea, but also for the sheer psychological impact on the enemy AND on you.
    I’ve heard WG’s bullshit excuses as to why their system is so crude, including in Q&A’s Flamu posted. Typical WG.

  13. I’ve had moments like that before. It’s rare, but it’s oh so beautiful indeed when it does happen.

  14. That was a pleasure to watch. That there is what wargaming should be trying to achieve!

  15. Reminds me of a time I tried to push the outside edge of a cap in Bismarck, only to find at least two BB’s and a cruiser or two as I came around the island. Usual over extension die-in-first-five-minutes scenario. I slam on the brakes and start reversing to try and get back behind the island away from the onslaught. I reverse to hide myself from the worst of the fire, but not before losing half or more of my HP with at least two ships pursuing around the bend. Then, a friendly BB (Fuso maybe. A Tier or two below me anyway), appears out of nowhere to my starboard and charges full steam ahead like a goddamn hero. He’d seen my plight and redeployed from behind cover further back. I join his assault just as quickly as my engines can get up to speed again. We proceed to not only blunt the attack, but completely wipe the enemy team on that flank and win the match comfortably. If I could have given that Fuso more than one Karma I would have. One of my favorite moments ever and I’m crushed that I didn’t upload the replay before the game updated.

  16. Props on that sneaky twitch comment to make Flambi play Montana:
    “Will you reset the US BB-Line” =D

  17. I’ve actually had several matches like this recently, much to my surprise. We’ve all pushed together and steamrolled the enemy and then continue to push all the way to the other flank. Two of the matches, we lost absolutely zero ships and sank every enemy ship. But yesterday when I played, nobody wanted to push and they pretty much turned away, leaving me to die as I’m the slowest and biggest target. Im an aggressive player anyway (I always try to push) and I do sometimes get nuked early in the match when my team turns away and runs to one side of the map. But when you do get matches like this, it makes you feel like a hero, and it is most enjoyable.

  18. Flambass :”I love it when a plan comes together.”

  19. Beautiful. Also the best looking ship are the Bismarck classes in my opinions but the Iowa’s look quite nice too, but it isn’t the best setup relative to its armour

  20. Rarely happens. But as you say, when it does, it is brilliant.

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